Two years ago when Gianina Maradona and Sergio Agüero had their first child, the first thing that was said was that this kid has to be a footballer.   With the gene pool at his disposal, there is no doubt that this kid is going to be special.

Since the moment that little Benjamin Agüero came out of the womb he knew what football was all about. He stepped onto the pitch at El Monumental when Argentina and Venezuela were facing off in World Cup qualifying play.  Benjamin was part of the media frenzy surrounding the first public appearance of Diego Maradona’s grandson.

Fast forward two years and we now see Benjamin now playing ball with his dad and he is starting to show off his skills.  At two years of age he is now showing a wicked right-footed shot as Kun would serve him up some rather difficult passes.

Benjamin also is stepping on the ball and his trapping skills.  He also has learned all of those little intricacies of gamesmanship when he approaches his dad and tells him that he “pulled something”.

This is one of the most touching videos you will see of a father and son bonding.  It is also one of the most popular videos on You Tube in all of Argentina.  In just two days on the internet it has generated well over 200,000 hits, most of them coming from the South American nation.

Hey Quique, just in case Diego Forlán can’t play in the coming weeks, you might have a replacement

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