Here at SimplyFutbol we consider ourselves generous. We know it’s better to give than to recieve and accordingly we’ve created a list of gifts we’ll be giving to the continents top players.

Edin Dzeko – An Atlas. With Mr Dzeko touting himself round Europe’s Elite clubs in a bid to move on from the underperforming Wolfsburg we thought it might be useful when he eventually has to settle for a move to Russia, and needs to know where Rubin Kaznan is.

Carlos Tevez – A satellite dish. Missing home? No problems Carlos with this little dish you can get everything from ESPN Deportes, to your beloved TeleNovellas and it’ll be like being back in Buenos Aires in no time.

Antonio Cassano – Stress balls. As much as we are happy to see Antonio seal the move to Milan and form arguably the deadliest and lazyest strike force in Serie A history, we think that with these little trinkets he should manage to stay at Milan longer than his first invite to an awards dinner.

Sam Alladyce – Italian for beginners. Remember when Sam Alladyce said if he managed a top side he could win the league with relative ease? Well now’s his chance. With Rafa Benitez having departed the blue side of Milan we think it’s about time it’s fans were treated to Alladyce’s complex, centre back hits it to strikers chest style of play.

Avram Grant – A win. We heard he couldn’t even buy one at the minute, so we thought we’d try for him. A lot’s changed since West Ham’s Israeli boss took Chelsea to the Champions League final in Moscow. At least he still has Scott Parker….

The fans of Dortmund- A pair of tweezers. Why you ask? Because we would imagine most of their fans want to pinch themselves when they look at the Bundesliga table, sitting top Bayern in 5th, this is easily their greatest day since the Champions League win of the 90’s.

Ronaldinho – Wii Fit. With his move to Gremio now official, we think it might be useful to help make sure Gaúcho stays in shape when he heads back to the party capital of South America.

Ezequiel Garay & Mahamadou Diarra- Fifa Football 2011. Because let’s be honest, playing XBox is the only chance either will have of playing for Madrid’s first team anytime soon.

Kenny Miller – A photo frame. That way Kenny can always remember the day he was linked with a move to AC Milan to replace Filipo Inzaghi, and forever prove it really did happen.

Andy Gray and Robbie Savage – Humble pie. Amongst other things the pair both said Newcastle would not only struggle in the league but wouldn’t score goals. Sitting in the top half with Nolan and Carroll high in the scoring charts, it couldn’t be further from the truth.

Neil Lennon – A maid, so that nex time he throws his toys out of the pram someone can put them all back for him.

Thought of one better? We’d love to hear it, just leave a comment at the bottom!

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