Corinthians youth player Vincent BikanaOnce a month, we will be offering you this column in order to give you the latest regarding some of the young players that are slowly flourishing in South America. This is a chance for you to probably hear of them for the first time before they start to shine in in some of the biggest clubs and leagues around the world.

This first installment is quite a paradox.

When you think of countries that export players, the first one that definitely comes to mind is Brazil. How could you not? Player transfers are one of the top ten industries in the GDP of the eighth biggest economic power in on the planet.

Add to that the fact that he will be playing for one of the biggest clubs in Brazil and you would have to imagine that the youngster has to be Cameroonian. Well, if you didn’t… well that was the surprise.

Bikana was initially accused of being a Gato, a player that alters his documents for the sake of playing at a younger level, he underwent tests that confirmed that he was the appropriate age. Although his corpulent body would give you the impression that he was a man playing amongst boys or he’s Freddy Rincón’s long-lost lovechild.

Bikana is just 18 years of age and still learning the game.

He was very mistake prone in the back, committing fouls and conceding penalties early on.

He is one of the players that will have the spotlight shine on them in the upcoming Copa São Paulo Junior, one of the most important youth tournaments in all of Brazil. For him, this is a big jump as he was playing with a Olé Brasil.  During this time he was being accused of tampering with documents, but once he was cleared, he made the move to Parque São Jorge.

Although it has been tough road for him to adapt to playing within a scheme, he adjusted quickly and is now poised to become one of the stars of the future for O Timão.  Expect him to have some sporadic starts and appearances in the Paulistão as Corinthians will be in Copa Libertadores. Bikana has been able to crack the lineup of the big team lineup at Corinthians on a couple of occasions last year, but this could be his coming out party.

But watch out for this young Cameroonian as the Copinha will be his time.  We, in turn, will keep our eyes on him.


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