I really didn’t know what to expect after getting the this new pair of boots and right off the bat I felt a difference from the previous ones I reviewed.  If there was one thing that came to mind it was that the new Puma King Finale i FG bring new technology as well as a feel for the old school.

This boot has been designed with the  1986 Mexico Finale boot as its muse but this mix of the classic look from the past colliding with some of the most modern nuances that could be found in the market.

This pair of boots, at least on the personal end was a perfect fit.  As I have mentioned in previous reviews, I always complain about my feet being too wide.  I thought the V1.10 was the one that felt the most comfortable to me.

The Kangaroo leather gives the player all the feel that the newer boots give without losing the shape even after extensive use.

The redesigned Puma King Finale tongue provides a cleaner kicking area and improves pressure distribution upon impact with the ball. Constructed from a thinner, softer K- leather, the tongue is secured firmly in place courtesy of an integrated velcro fastening.

Reinforced tight-row vamp stitching on the King Finale helps avoid excessive stretching of the K-leather for improved longevity and better overall shape retention. This is especially vital because the more you use the shoe, the better it molds to your foot.  I was mighty surprised of that special feature on the boot.  

Constructed from a high-density silicon, the new heel counter provides more protection and stability while the soft leather heel tap increases comfort and reduces pressure on the achilles tendon. So for people like myself who feel like our Achilles are about to burst after lots of running back and forth, this boot offers the comfort that helps you prevent the foot fatigue that hampers your game.

Increased cushioning under the heel, via a memory foam insert in the anatomically shaped sockliner, improves shock absorption, working in unison with the redesigned heel counter for enhanced comfort.

A lightweight high performance thermoplastic elastomer injected outsole with conical stud configuration ensures optimal stability, pressure distribution and manoeuvrability on firm natural surfaces.

October’s release of the Maradona commemorative boots gave us an idea of how the look was going to looking like with the exception of the white color.  This black and flourescent yellow along with the old school black give us lovers of the black boot a reason to get a pair that clamor for the days when everyone wore the same color boot.

What is most amazing about this boot is that it has been marketed to all comers.  It is not one that is aiming at a certain group of players that have speed or are tremendously skillful players. In a way, Puma is talking to Joe or José Average as we are the ones that make this game continue as strong as ever.  With this Puma boot you are getting the best of both worlds, so it would be a great long term investment.

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