Atlético Nacional under Sachi Escobar has become a dynamic tandem on offense after struggling to get started in the first few weeks of the league.  Now their big signings for the most part are starting to catch fire while there are some youngsters that began to assert themselves in the starting lineup.   It would be a great matchup to have as the Atanasio Girardot will be playing day games for the next two months as they get the lighting fixtures ready for the upcoming U-20 World Cup.

Panamanian Román Torres will be the only change in Escobar’s lineup.  He will take the place of Stephen Medina who was called up for U-20 duy with Colombia.  Torres will be the only player that will go on international duty as well as Panama will play both Bolivia and Cuba as they prepare for their participation in the upcoming Gold Cup.

Cúcuta in the meantime have been able to muster up three wins both in the league as well as the cup and their team is looking good after a slow start as well.

The big inclusion into the list by Juan Carlos Díaz is Luis Vélez who will accompany Mauricio Arquez as well as Jorge Bolaño in the middle of the pitch as their big responsibility is to neutralize MacNelly Torres as well as shutdown Victor Ibarbo as well as Dorlan Pabón.  That blockade in the middle will allow Federico Barrionuevo as well as Dayron Pérez to try and open up the Nacional backline and test both young outside backs Victor Giraldo as well as Juan Duque.

The focus would be obviously on Duque to see if they can win some space behind his back when he goes on the attack.

NACIONAL:  Pezzuti, Giraldo, Torres, Medina, Duque; Palomino, Valencia, Pabón. Torres, Ibarbo; Renteria

CUCUTA: Buenaños, Palacio, Díaz, Peralta, García; Vélez, Arquez, Bolaño, Barrionuevo, Pérez; Arias


W @ Huila 1-3
D Envigado 0-0 Copa Postobon
W Junior 4-1
D @ Santa Fe 0-0
W Once Caldas 3-0 Copa Postobon


CUCUTA 3-1-1
W Pereira 4-0
W Real Santander 4-0 Copa Postobon
W @ Quindío 0-1
L Tolima 2-3
D @ Alianza Petrolera 1-1 Copa Postobon


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