Malaga CFMálaga CF have taken Nike’s innovative polyester to new heights with the implementation of social media. The Andalusian side have been able to take their marketing to the next level and with some great technology to boot.

Despite all the controversy and all of the signings that Málaga have been able to make in the past year, they are well aware that without the marketing aspect involved, they are not relevant outside of their own fanbase and of Spain.

They have thus become the first team in football to implement the use of a BIDI code on their jersey where fans can scan an access their website as well as obtain the team’s app. The code found on the lower left- hand side of the jersey is where fans can scan with their smartphones and be notified of promotions as well as upcoming matches. They can also access the team’s official page. For them it is a groundbreaking season as they will be looking to qualify into the Champions League group stage.

In addition to the BIDI code, Málaga will also have their jersey coming with the Champions League logo on their sleeve.

That as well as the other attributes that come with the Nike brand of jerseys are what make

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