PUMA’s evoSPEED boots

PUMA continues to outdo itself with each pair of boots they release.

After having the opportunity to be able to try several boots by the German outfitter, I am truly impressed with the EVOSpeed that are currently being used by Argentine international and Manchester City title-winner Sergio Agüero. The synthetic version of the boot looks a bit more aesthetically sharp compared to the leather ones that I had seen prior.

My personal favorites have been the PWRCat, but these boots are the ones that really are able to offer a great amount of speed for anyone that is looking to generate it from a complete standstill.  For me that is not the case as my speed is not very much.  I am looking more for a boot that is going to offer control and the ability to move around well on the pitch.  The soleplate’s flexibility in the top portion of the makes it much easier to run on the pitch.  The shape of the soleplate would make it seem as if  there would be a certain amount of rigidity that would limit the movement and ability for the foot to move around.  Yet the technology that is offered in this boot presents itself in this soleplate.  The “upper” has the flexibilty to allow

It is a very comfortable boot to wear but it is extremely light with the new synthetic that PUMA are using compared to previous models. If you were to hold it side by side by some of Nike’s (of course we are talking about almost atom-splitting type of fractions when determining the weight of one over the other.

The fit of the shoe is very good.  My foot molded very well with this synthetic boot compared to the ones that I had used previously.  If there was a fear that I had when I first received these boots, I thought I was going to endure the Mercurial Vapor experience when I had blisters develop.  Boy, was I wrong.  First of all the boot has the flexibility and support to be able to endure the rigors that any player would place them on when they play on the pitch.  Second of all, there is a great insole inside the boot that really offers added comfort and control.

PUMA again did a great job of creating footwear for an athlete that can really make a big difference in their overall performance on the pitch.


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