How would you feel if you had the possibility of being able to just cruise around in any city in the world and look for one of your favorite artists? Yeah, that does sound like a great deal of fun. Imagine being able to go around some of the most important landmarks in cities like New York, Miami, Milan, Paris or any other that you might want to do so in a Kia Rio.

For any fan of driving or even the most novice of driver, the Kia Rio offers this type of pleasure. The implementation of UVO Technology makes this car an amazing drive.  Some of us would do so throughout the concrete jungle that is the City of Angels.

A few lucky winners were able to do exactly that in Los Angeles as they searched around for singer Christian Milian. During this scavenger hunt they had to visit some of the most historic sights in LA. They stopped in places like the Griffith Park Merry-Go-Round. A fixture for any Los Angelino as they well know that this was the place that helped inspire what we all know as Disneyland. There the contestants had to answer questions about Los Angeles while riding on that iconic ride that Walt Disney himself took his kids to.

Being a technology nut myself, what I really liked was to see such a top quality rear display camera that allowed you to see a wider view of what was behind the car. Of course, that as well as many of the other great features the car has were on full display throughout several challenges that both teams had to take part in prior to meeting Christina Milian.

But few were ask complicated as trying to find a Christina Milian CD inside the musical institution that is Amoeba Records. This place is a must-go for any fan of music. There you will find all types of musical memorabilia ranging from tapes to CDs to vinyls and even the occasional artist performing on a scheduled or impromptu visit. Its rawness is an appeal to many and the mission was a complicated one but also a great trip through some of the best music that has been created.

They also got a chance to look for their star in the lap of luxury. Yes, Rodeo Drive was one of the stops that the participants had to make. Of course, they weren’t there to go shopping and their mission was just as complicated. They were there to count palm trees.

The Kia Rio after this challenge also had a safety feature that many of us would take for granted in these modern times- hands free dialing. The Bluetooth feature is part of the UVO Technology experience. More importantly, the sound being received from the call is second to none. Here they received the instructions on their next challenge- Pink’s Hot Dogs.

There they received a message from Christina in order to meet them at the penthouse level of the Hollywood party scene institution that is the Roosevelt Hotel. All the information the had at their disposal was accessed with the greatest of ease with the USB jack that comes already installed in the Kia Rio.

In the end it was Gina and Leonard that won the contest, but it was everyone that had a great time being able to experience the great drive that the new Kia Rio as well as all of the new technological implementations that it also brings.

Check out the Rio Explorer Page for this campaign being held by Kia. Let us know what you think.

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