25 Best Basement Ceiling Ideas

Basement Ceiling ideas | Do you have a basement in your house and planning to build an enjoyable area?

Basement can be so scary sometimes since it is the least owner’s favourite when they are not done. There are so many ideas to use the basement as the favourite area for you such as recreational area, home gym area, office, or bedrooms.

Before you start planning the concept for the basement, you might want to check these 25 ideas of basement ceiling out! This list is made to inspire you to get a comfortable area for you and your loved ones, take a look at this list below.

1. Stars Ceiling for Basement

Blue LED basement ceiling ideas
Blue LED basement ceiling ideas : ceilingsolutions.biz

To have a really cool ceiling do not need to spend so much money too! If you love galaxy or stars, you might want to have this really cool ceiling. The effect with stars on the ceiling like this is using fiber optic or you can just get a galaxy wallpaper. A ceiling like this is very suitable for a theatre room!

To make a cool ceiling like this using fiber optic is actually easy, you can install them by yourself. The materials that you need are fibre optic, foam insulation board, black felt, spray adhesive, white glue, paint marker, fire retardant, black screws, toenail clippers.

2. 3D Tiles Ceiling for Basement

3D Tile Basement Ceiling Ideas
3D Tile Basement Ceiling Ideas : eboss.co.nz

Another unique idea for your ceiling is using this 3D tiles for your basement ceiling. The effect of 3D ceiling adds a different atmosphere to your basement area which brings the joyful vibe that enhances your mood. A ceiling like this is suitable for you who wants to transfer your basement into a home gym or recreational area.

3. Wooden Ceiling in The Basement

Wood Basement Ceiling Ideas
Wood Basement Ceiling Ideas : inwebexperts.com

If you love classic rustic looks for your basement ceiling, you may love this design. The unique style about this ceiling is the way they arrange the wood pallet, instead of all straight you can just steal this style with that arrangement way. A ceiling like this is looking gorgeous with the hanging lamp, it gives a good minimalist modern look to your basement area.

4. Cool Shape Ceiling for Basement

Cool Shape Basement Ceiling Ideas
Cool Shape Basement Ceiling Ideas : pizzarusticachicago.com

A plain ceiling is a kind of bothering sometimes or maybe it is just going to waste a lot of money to decorate whole walls. Well, the solution for this problem you just need to decorate the ceiling with a little bit of touch to get an accent to the room. A shape like this helps the room to feel more comfortable and enjoyable. Just a little touch to the ceiling gives a huge difference, the contemporary stylish look is finally in your basement!

5. Basement Ceiling with Storage

Storage Basement Ceiling Ideas
Storage Basement Ceiling Ideas : advantagegroupuk.com

Do you have so many stuff that you want to keep but there is no other place to put them?

Actually, this is a brilliant idea, you can just take advantage of your ceiling in the basement. You can install this ceiling storage, do not worry there is a good quality of this metal and they have durability and very strong to keep the boxes away from the floor.

6. All Black Ceiling for Basement

Black Basement Ceiling
Black Basement Ceiling | finefurnished.com

It is not only your main area to get a really cool style, the basement might be your least favourite area but why not try to decorate it into your favourite? The sitting area in the basement can be a really private intimate space for a small meeting with your group. Turn your basement area to a minimalist black and white sitting area with this really cool all black ceiling. To achieve this really cool looks, all you need is just to paint your ceiling black, that’s it!

7. Ceiling with Copper Pipes

Wood Basement Ceiling
Wood Basement Ceiling | writeamerica.us

You may have a traditional woods ceiling of your ceiling, the only thing you need to do is just decorate it to achieve an eye-catching to your basement. Cooper pipes with lights like this give the industrial with a modern touch vibe to your basement. A ceiling style like this is suitable for your bar kitchen area in the basement, cool ceiling like this gives cosy atmosphere while enjoying your glass of wine.

8. Basement Ceiling with Fabric

Fabric Basement Ceiling
Fabric Basement Ceiling : dairyfreetraveler.com

Another cool ceiling that does not need to spend so much money and also you can do it by yourself. All you need is a fabric! However, pick a light fabric to hang in your ceiling. To make it looks more mesmerizing, you can add some lights on top of the fabric to gives the cool effects to your ceiling.

9. Ceiling with Neon Lights

Neon Lights Basement Ceiling
Neon Lights Basement Ceiling | dekorsaati.com

For you who love really unique cool effects to your ceiling, this brilliant idea is the answer for you. Use neon lights with geometric shapes to create an impressive and contrast looks to your basement area.

10. Basement Ceiling with Pattern

Pattern Basement Ceiling
Pattern Basement Ceiling : likeli.co

Your basement may have a plain and traditional style, however, you can always make your basement to look more interesting. Give attention to the top of your head, your ceiling. The ceiling with decoration helps to improve the atmosphere to your room. A good choice with a minimalize touch to your ceiling is to give a pattern. Just add pattern in the one centre square of your ceiling gives a huge difference to the style!

11. Basement Ceiling with Colourful Pipes

Pipes Basement Ceiling ideas
Pipes Basement Ceiling ideas

To decorate your basement you do not need to give a big effort to make it looks so much better. If your basement has pipes on the ceiling you can just make it looks a little art, paint them with different colours to gives a fun looks to your basement space.

12. Basement Ceiling with Murals

Murals Basement Ceiling
Murals Basement Ceiling

Basement can be very dark without any big windows, why not make a sky effect on the ceiling? All you need to do to make a cool ceiling like this is to get a wallpaper or mural. Use light effects on the mural to gives the real looks of your sky murals. The idea like this gives an eye-catching to your basement, it also gives fresh looks that can enhance your mood whenever you enter the area. Such a great idea!

13. Colourful Ceiling for Basement

Colourful Ceiling for Basement
Colourful Basement Ceiling

Colourful ceiling? Why not! It gives a really strong atmosphere to your basement. Play with bright colours and combine them to gives a good personality to your basement space. A colourful ceiling like this is suitable for your basement recreational area since recreational room design to have fun then the ceiling can also give you a good fun vibe as well, right?

14. Peeling Ceiling for Basement Ceiling

Peeling Ceiling for Basement Ceiling
Peeling Ceiling for Basement Ceiling | adlatitude.com

If you consider to have a unique style for your basement ceiling and do not know what to choose, you can just steal this design for your basement ceiling. The cool design like this gives impressive looks that kinds of unbelievable but real!

15. Led Light for The basement Ceiling

Led Light Basement Ceiling
Led Light Basement Ceiling

Led lights for your ceiling? It is a great choice to have a cool ceiling effect to your basement area. This style is really suitable for your home theatre ceiling in the basement. In contrasts the area and also improve the atmosphere while watching a movie with your family or it also suitable for your sitting area in the basement.

16. Morrocan Ceiling Design for Basement Ceiling


Morrocan is a popular style in an interior design that involve patterns and vibrant colour. If you love Morrocan style, why not consider to have a ceiling that still related to that? A ceiling like this is only needed wallpaper or you can ask to get a pattern shape murals. The look of this pattern is very simple yet it gives a lot personality to your basement. Playing with patterns over your plain walls also a great choice to have instead of decorating the whole walls.

17. Corrugated metal


Corrugated used for various kinds of designs. Including this basement ceiling design. Not only the material is cheap but also the corrugated metal like this gives the pattern effects to your basement area that gives a personality to it. Consider to arrange it in a creative way instead of straight lines, this way gives the modern looks to your ceiling.

18. Joyful Sitting Area for Basement Ceiling


The basement area transforming into a good sitting area can be the best choice for you. However, if you consider getting a style for your sitting room. You may love to get this sitting area with blue and yellow accents. Gives the ceiling touch instead of the wall. The shape of the ceiling with a colours makes the sitting area looks very cosy and modern even when you do not try to have great furniture you still can get the vibe of having a good conversation with your family or friends in an intimate way.

19. Wood Circled Shaped for Basement Ceiling

basement ceiling ideas
Wood Circled basement ceiling ideas | pinterest.com

It is great to have a unique space in your basement that filled with impressive looks for the sitting area. A creative wooden with circle shape helps the basement to be your favourite area. To have a nice area to speak with everyone is absolutely the best thing you can have with this unique design of floor to ceiling. Gives a little accent like green to make it looks fresh and enhance your mood!

20 Office Basement Ceiling Design

Office basement ceiling ideas
Office basement ceiling ideas

Instead of spending money to buy a place for your office, why not take advantage of your empty basement and transform them into a home office? A home office may need a big space since you may need staff to help your business. To decorate your ceiling, it needs good lighting to help enhance the mood and working, it also good to have a bright meeting area. The idea of using lighting for the ceiling like this makes the area looks modern and professional!

21. Another Shape Ideas for Basement Ceiling


Your basement can have a rustic style but you can also get a stylish look too at the same time! How?

Well, the wall of your rustic style in the basement like bricks gives a good pattern, however, you can also have a good modern style too! All you need is to decorate the ceiling with shapes like this. It gives an accent and also gives a nice and relaxing atmosphere to your sitting area in the basement.

22. Traditional Ceiling for Basement


Traditional may sound boring but the all-white design is suitable with a traditional style for the ceiling since you can get a fresh clean one! If you are planning to get a kitchen bar area in the basement, you can just choose this beautiful clean all white ceiling. Don’t forget to give a little accent like bright grey to stands out the looks even more.

23. Luxury Basement Ceiling

Luxury Basement Ceiling ideas
Luxury Basement Ceiling ideas

If you would like to have a family area for sitting area or watching a movie, maybe you can consider your basement into this beautiful hidden area in your house. Take advantage of your empty basement into luxury looks!

You may have a traditional style of your ceiling but you can transform it to looks gorgeous using LED lights with chandelier. The simple ideas like this help to bring the luxury feels to your basement. May need an effort to get this beautifully done, however, it definitely looks worth it!

24. Concrete Basement Ceiling

basement ceiling ideas
Concrete basement ceiling ideas

Well, to achieve a good looking area for basement can be hard sometimes since you may have to spend a lot of money just to decorate it. However, you do not have to be a worry. Just let the concrete ceiling in the basement area like that! Gives a good touch like lighting with led or chandelier to make it looks modern and simple at the same time.

25. Contemporay All Black Basement Ceiling


A contemporary look for your basement can be amazing to have but you also need to pay attention to the ceiling! All black wood ceiling like this gives more personality to your basement.

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