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BATHROOM REMODEL IDEAS – A small bathroom remodel could be all that you need to make your home a lot comfortable, but carrying out this task can be a very tiring and expensive one, you have to go through as many bathroom photos and ideas as possible, after which you will have to determine the features you wish to see in your bathroom it is after this that you can determine the design you want to go with by guiding your decision with your budget for the project.

Before you decide whether to continue to endure the current situation of your bathroom and the challenges you face every time use it or to remodel and transform it into something relaxing, I need you to know that you don’t need to spend much before you transform it into something relaxing. There are so many ways you can remodel and renovate it without having to spend much.

Bathroom Remodel Ideas

Bathroom Remodel Ideas

Remodeling or updating your home’s bathroom will not only introduce creativity into its architecture, but it also regarded as a home improvement project that increases the value of your home by a tremendous amount should you wish to sell. You will agree with me that the only kind of remodeling that surpasses bathroom remodeling in time of cost, pain unmet-timetables is kitchen remodeling. Given how much it takes to remodel a bathroom, it is very important that you be cautious with what you replace and what you repair. On the conclusion of this article, you will be open to fantastic ideas on how to remodel your bathroom into something worthwhile without having too much.

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Bathroom Layout

small Bathroom Layout

The layout of a small bathroom can be very tricky, and as such, when you think of remodeling or redesigning, you have to put a lot of things into considerations before you get items that will consume much space, for instance, you don’t necessarily need to get a bathtub if you are not from a family that enjoys a lot of bath time but instead, you can go for a vanity or a bigger cabinet. Also, if you have a slightly large family, you might want to work on separating the toilet and the bathroom so that more than one person can get ready at once.

Material to be used

Material to be used

Selecting interesting materials and finishes is the primary key to making your small bathroom remodel project an outstanding one. When selecting the tile to use in your bathroom, color, pattern, and style should be put into consideration as a colorful tile will make your bathroom look stylish. You should consider granite and stones as your choice of bathroom materials. Also your choice of cabinet pulls and shower heads should be done with care as there are various varieties available. To crown it all, when going for any material, ensure it suits your personality and design.

Inexpensive Small Bathroom Remodeling Ideas

If you intend to carry out your bathroom remodeling on a budget, there is no cause for alarm. Below are some ideas on how to go about it

Limit the Quantity of Tiles Used

Limit the Quantity of Tiles Used

The cost of laying tiles is very high and it gets even higher when you hire a contractor to lay them for you. For you to reduce the cost of remodeling your bathroom by a tremendous amount, reduce the quantity of tiles used, you could tile the floor and instead of tiling the wall, you can decide to paint it. Or another thing you can do is to use some artistic and expensive tiles with some cheaper ones, though this will not save you as much money as when you stick to tiling the floor alone, it will still save you some cash all the same.

Re-Surface Instead of Replace

Re-Surface Instead of Replace


This is the principle behind every level surface renovation. Many a time you find yourself throwing stuff away simply because they are spoilt.

bathroom remodel


Personally relining your old tub will definitely save you more money than throwing it away and getting another one. Therefore, if any of your bathroom items still works, why get a new one because it looks old and rusty, shines it up, fixes it up and continue using it. Also, if you have any old or vintage bathroom item made of cast iron, fiberglass or porcelain that you don’t want to get rid of, you can always refinish them yourself and save yourself some extra expenditure, all you need to do this is a refinishing kit, a spray gun, a paint brush and some other stuff.

Though some equipment is much more expensive to refinish than to replace, for such items, you can get a new one else, re-surface and refinish them.

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Go for low-cost substitute


Gone are those days when every slightly cheaper product is a fake and substandard version of the original, nowadays, slightly cheaper alternatives now look and works almost as good as the originals, when buying items for your bathroom remodeling, consider this alternatives because they are cheap and as amazing as the originals

Install Your Toilet Yourself

Install Your Toilet Yourself

You don’t have to get a plumber to change your toilet, all you need do is to install it yourself and save a couple of dollars by installing it yourself. Installing a toilet is a lot easier than what you imagine. The hardest part of the toilet installation process if the process of carrying it from the store to the toilet, this can be done either by employing the services of cheap hand truck or by asking from a friend.

Bathroom vanity

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Another way you can cut cost in the remodeling of your small bathroom is by installing your vanity yourself. Doing this is so simple and fast because this vanity set comes almost as good as fully assembles such that within an hour or two, you are done arranging

Other things you can do to make your small bathroom less expensive includes

Doing your plumbing yourself, do the painting of some sections yourself, buying used items instead of completely new ones

More Picture Ideas

Also, employ a person you could quadrate since they will be working in your residence for days or perhaps weeks relying on exactly how considerable the job is. Consulting more than one is additionally an advantage due to the fact that you can compare propositions and also obtain the most effective offer.

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