30+ Simple and Beautiful Bedroom Decorating Ideas

Bedroom decorating ideas | Bedroom is such a private room where you can rest from the amidst of hustle bustle of your daily work. Bedroom always provides you with a peace and a calm. Having a beautiful and simple decoration for your favorite room will make your life will be more peaceful.

As many styles and trends always develop, you can have many alternative themes to consider, and you can choose any different kinds of ideas that fit your personality, mood, and your budget. The designs that emphasize the colors and the mixture of many elements will create the new atmosphere to your bedroom.

Bedroom Decorating Ideas

Pink Teen Bedroom Decorating
Pink Teen Bedroom Decorating Ideas | Shutterstock

If you have daughters, you can apply the girls’ bedroom with the combination of soft colors such as the light blue, pink, pastel, and white. You can put some blue accessory on the wall and flower pots near the window to add the more feminine look. The room will look more spacious by putting on the pink rug on the floor.

1. Yellow Girl’s Bedroom with Twin Beds

Yellow Girl’s Bedroom with Twin Beds
Yelow bedroom decor ideas | Shutterstock

Looking for an elegant inspiration for the bedroom theme with the twin beds? Yellow girl’s bedroom with a twin bed is such a good theme for your private room. You can put the yellow bed covers on both beds. To make the room look roomy you can put the white drawer between the beds. You can also have the combination of yellow and pastel painted wall to create the good lighting in the room.

2. Minimalist Small Bedroom

Minimalist Small Bedroom
Minimalist bedroom decor ideas | Shutterstock

Having a small room can be tricky. One of the tips for this type of room is by applying for the minimalist small bedroom theme. Paint the wall with white color to create the natural lighting so the room will look more spacious. The white small drawer and desk will offer the roomy feeling. You can place the green rug under the bed to complete the minimalist look.

3. Blue and White Small Bedroom

Blue bedroom decor ideas
Blue bedroom decor ideas | Shutterstock

The combination of blue and white will appear more picturesque and roomy if you use it to the small room. Both colors create the better lighting, and the room looks larger. Paint the wall with the light blue and the ceiling with the white. You can choose the white bed with queen size. Put the dark blue mat and white curtain to sweeten the look of the room.

4. Simple Paint Colors Bedroom

bedroom decor ideas
simple two color bedroom decor ideas | Shutterstock

The combination of the light blue and pink on each wall will create the cozy but simple paint colors bedroom. The white drawers on both sides of the bed complete the simple look of the room. You can put the ornaments on the wall like two framed sketches on the pink wall and other ornaments on the blue wall. Add the rug on the floor to accentuate this decoration.

5. Green Paint Color Bedroom

Green Paint bedroom decor ideas
Green Paint bedroom decor | shutterstock

Bring the feeling of peace and coziness with green paint color bedroom to your private sanctuary. The nuances of green can be applied in the wall. You can paint the wall with two different colors of green to perfect the green look. Add the drawer and place it in the corner of the wall. You can add painting and a poster to the wall.

6. Chic Teenage Girl Bedroom

Teenage bedroom decorating ideas
Teenage bedroom decorating ideas | shutterstock

Surprise your daughter with changing the look of her room into the chic teenage bedroom. To create the feeling of chic, you can have the wall painted in cream. You can cover up the floor with the cream rug. The wall wardrobe, drawer, and wall shelf appear to complete the chic look. You can also add the wall sticker as the accessory to beautify the room.

7. Cool Teenage Girl Bedroom with Twin Beds

Green bedroom decorating ideas
Green bedroom decorating ideas | shutterstock

You can trick the long narrow bedroom to look cool and large. Put the wooden twin beds in the same line close to the wall. Add two desks and place the desk face to another side of the wall. Paint the wall with green color and the ceiling with white to create the larger appearance of the room. Put the floating shelves with cute ornaments on the wall.

8. Boy’s Bedroom with Cheerful Vibe

The perfect decoration will bring the creativity of the boy. To create the cheerful vibe, put the single bed close to the wall. Add the simple desk with green drawer next to the desk. You can hang the minimalist shelves on the wall and other colorful accessories. Paint the light green and white to create the better lighting in the room.

9. Boy’s Bedroom with Playful Vibe

Create the comfortable yet playful vibe room with the bright color painted wall and cloud wallpaper stickers. Add the sophisticated wooden frame bunk bed with the slide attached to the bed. Add the wooden horse to complete the young and lively look. Consider placing the bookshelves on the corner to make the room more attractive. Place it in the reachable height.

10. Simple Kid’s Bedroom

If you are on the budget, you can work on the simple design for your kid’s bedroom. Bring the effect of the simple vibe with the nude color wall. Consider placing the nude color rug to create the sense of large space to the room. You can incorporate the car theme bed cover and place some toys in the room.

11. Kid’s Bedroom with Double Decker Bed

The Double-decker bed can be such the best way if you have more than one kid. Create the comfortable feeling and togetherness with this style. Add the wooden type bed with the stair attached to the bed and the wooden drawers. To create the youth look, you can add the tree sticker wallpaper where the leaves reach to the ceiling. Add the nude rug to make the room look bigger.

12. Minimalist Modern Master Bedroom

If you are interested in changing the style of the master room decoration, you can try to have the minimalist modern touch. Create the balance of the colors and the foundation of the minimalist modern. Accentuate the minimalist look in the bed, the floor, and the standing light by using wood. For the modern look, you can have gray and white painted wall and ceiling.

13. Modern Master Bedroom

Bedroom is not only for sleeping but more as a private sanctuary. Bring the effect of the modern style to set up the decoration in your room. Place the king size bed close to the wall, the metal racks, and single sofa next to the bed. Add the hanging lamps to the right and left side and other ornaments to accentuate the modern vibe.

14. Romantic Bedroom with Headboards

Bring the perfection of the romantic feeling into your bedroom decoration. The made in velvet furniture such as sofa and large mirror become the main foundation to this theme. You can put the bed with the dark blue large headboards and place the round bathtub next to it to strengthen the romantic effect in the room. You can complete the appearance by adding the hanging lamp.

15. Dark Romantic Bedroom

Black, gray, gold, and silver are mostly the saturated dominant colors in the dark romantic decoration. To create the dramatic dark, you can have your wall painted in gray. Another way to bring the image of dark and sexy is by adding the gray bed and the live plants. As the setting for the effect of romantic, you can add the flickering candle bottle lights.

Blue Bedroom with the Quilt Touch

The effect of the dark blue on the bedroom appear to show the strong personality. The selection of the dark blue as the color of the wall will create the unique touch. You can mix and match the rattan ornaments, unique wooden floor lamp, and the rug to sweeten the decoration. Put the quilt as the cover of the bed as the last touch.

16. Elegant Blue Bedroom

Blue may not appear to be anyone’s favorite color to decorate the room. In other hands, blue can be the perfect color to create the elegant decoration. Put the bed with blue bed cover next to the wall. To put the contrast blue vibe, you can use the white color on the wall. Hang on some blue paintings and the swing to create the mood.

17. Classic Black and White Bedroom

Black and white are the best classic neutral combination to be the inspiration for your bedroom. Pay in detail the of the wall color. Paint some walls with the black color and others with white. Choose the dark color bed with a black bed cover. Add the hanging lamps and black floor lamp as the decorations. Put a chair next to a bed and some live plants above the headboard.

18. Modern Black and White Bedroom

Try to have an eye-catching modern black and white design for your bedroom. Create the stylish design with the wall, floor, and the furniture. Paint the wall with white near your bed and choose the dark color for your bed. Add the black metal shelves, floor lamp, and other ornaments to create the contrast. Your room will appear to be chic and comfortable.

19. Simple White and Purple Bedroom

Purple can be the inspiration for your room theme. Combining the purple and white color to create the simple and cozy room. Set up the ceiling, wall, drawer, bed, and desk with the white color. Put the purple flower pattern rug and the purple drawer as the ornaments. Add other accessories like live plants and a framed picture to complete the decoration.

20. Chic White and Purple Bedroom

Show your personality in your chic white and purple bedroom theme. The idea of this theme is applying all white furniture like bookshelves, desk, chair, the blind, bed, and the wall. Put the bed on the corner of the wall and two white bookshelves on the different side where the desk faces to the window. Add the purple accessories to create the contrast.

21. Beautiful Yellow Bedroom

Lack of idea for decorating your small room? You can try the beautiful yellow bedroom concept. Use the yellow lines wallpaper on all parts of the wall. You can also put the wallpaper stickers on the wallpaper. Put the bed with the tassel touch and cute little table next to your bed to accentuate the beauty. The drawer or other accessories can be put near the window.

22. Yellow Bedroom with L -Shaped Bunk Beds

To maximize the small room, you can use the L -shaped bunk beds with a yellow theme. This type of bed has the attached drawer and desk where the beds look chic but have many functions. You can use the yellow cover for the bed and have the drawer painted in yellow. Add another functional bookshelf near the bed. The room appears to look spacious.

23. Calming and Relaxing Bedroom Paint Color

Bedroom offers the feeling of comfortable after working. To add the effect of calming and relaxing to your room, you can decorate it with the neutral tones like pastel, green, and cream. Pick and set the lights that can put you in a calmed and relaxed mind. Pick the neutral color drawer and other ornaments to accentuate the convenience of the room.

24. Relaxing Bedroom with Blue Paint Color

Blue brings the calming and soothing effect. Blue is one of the best colors to be the inspiration for your relaxing bedroom. Paint the wall with blue. Put the bed in the middle of the wall. You can also put the blue drawer next to the bed. Use the desk lamp and hanging lamp as the points of the lighting at night.

25. Two Blue Color Combination for Bedroom Walls

Two different blue colors in the bedroom wall can create the decent appearance. Combine the light and navy blue in two different sides of the wall. You can also have the line pattern in the dark blue wall. Place the bed in the middle of both blues and some toys. Add the table and chairs to complete the details of this theme.

26. Combination of Pink and Yellow for Simple Bedroom Walls

Twins can have a different idea of decorating their room. You can use the combination of pink and yellow for the bedroom walls for your twin daughters. Place each of bed near the pink and yellow wall with the position of beds across each other. Add the cream rug and the ornaments to create the minimalist and simple look.

27. Rustic Vintage Bedroom

The rustic style can create the vintage look. You can mix and match the decoration to accentuate the style and the function. Use the woods to divide the sides of the wall. Place the bed with the brown cover bed near the wall. Add more tables to both sides and a sofa with the same color as the bed. The rug can be used to complete the style.

28. Rustic Bohemian Bedroom

The mix and match of rustic and bohemian style can create the exclusivity and uniqueness of the bedroom. Use the wood as one side of the wall and another side wall painted in white. Place the bed near the white wall and add the bohemian bedding. You can hang the traditional weapon or the painting on the wall to accentuate this decoration.

Hopefully, 30 simple and beautiful bedroom decorating ideas can inspire you to mix and match your bedroom theme. Furthermore, try these tips to decorate your house:

  • Choose the neutral colors to create the minimalist theme.
  • Accentuate the walls to create the better look.
  • Combine the different colors to bring the unique but comfortable decoration.

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