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Cape Cod House Style Ideas and Floor Plans

CAPE COD HOUSE – Are they primitive and vintage? Yes. However, as simple as they may appear, the Cape Cod house style has stood the test of time. The scarcity of building materials and cruel weather conditions led to the development of these unique structures. Today, though with significant modifications, the Cape Cod houses remain to be one of the loved architectural designs in history.

The Cape Cod house is old-fashioned, and compared to the modern day designs, the houses are a little bit outdated. But, with a few touches here and there you can create unique and elegant designs.

Pay attention to the entrance

The façade of the house is what gives your home a personality. Therefore, you need to focus your attention on the exterior part more precisely the entrance. Adding a bit of covering on the entrance of the house will not only create a welcoming tone but also protect the area from harsh weather. Covered patios and porches create appeal to the home. Pay close attention to the house design as it determines the size of the porch.

Install a dormer

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Dormers are distinct and unique features that create add a touch of class to the house. Installing dormers is costly; however, the benefits far outweigh the cons. Not only will you be adding natural lights to the house, but you will also utilize the available space on the roof.

Light up the porch

Adding light on the porch will reduce the monotony that comes with the Cape Cod houses. You can opt for the lantern designs that are retro but still elegant. The lanterns are available in a range of designs. Consider your porch design and style when you are choosing the lantern.

Update the door

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Do you know changing your front door can make all the difference in these colonial houses? Wooden doors are the best option. However, you can choose to use a door that incorporates both the wood and glass. Take your time to search for a door that matches your design.

Plant that arbor

Create charm and elegance by planting an arbor at the gate. Mix the plants with roses or other flowers. You can also choose to add lighting on the gate to enhance the appearance.

Improving the driveway

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The driveway plays an important role when it comes to the general appearance of the house. Redoing the driveway will significantly improve the house’s appeal. Using durable materials like marble, concrete or bricks will increase the lifespan of your driveway.

Change your garage doors

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You can’t change the overall design of the garage, however, changing the doors will play a huge role in enhancing the look. Pay attention to your general theme and architecture when you are changing the doors. The fiberglass doors are the best option if you are looking for easy maintenance. The garage doors come in various styles.

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Wooden garage doors are also a great addition. It is essential for you to ensure that the doors are coated with polyurethane.

Update the roof with a touch of blue

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The Cape Cod houses have a unique roof design that stands out from the majority of designs. However, as unique as the roof might be, it is crucial for you to buy roof designs that showcase your house theme. Many colors and designs are available, but blue roofs have been known to stand out. You can choose any shade of blue, just makes sure that it rhymes with the rest of the house design.

The color combination

Take your time to choose suitable colors scheme for your house as it determines the general mood of the house.

Slate blue, grey and white have proven to be a great option. The colors will highlight the house features and create a sense of symmetry to the house. There is no specific order of placing the colors, however by cautiously applying the blue color at the front part will brighten up the area.

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Off-white and Cocoa color shades are silently elegant. You can add a touch of dark olive as it combines well with both cocoa and off-white.

Cape Cod House Style green


You can also choose to go for the basic colors, white, black and grey. The simplicity of these colors makes them houses to stand out. You can apply white on the side of the house, railings, and trims, while black look great on the gable thatched roof. Grey will stand out if applied on the metal part of the roof.

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Yellow, white and black is a rare combination, but one that creates a warm appearance. Paint the house yellow and complement the color with white accents and black roofs. You can also choose to paint the windows and door panes white, which will make them appear larger.

yellow and complement the color cape cod house style

Red-brown and white with a touch of green will create a luxurious look.

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The starter house of its day, the half Cape usually progressed through subsequent enhancements right into a three-quarter Cape and on to a complete Cape as its occupants’ households and ton of moneys expanded. Nonetheless, instances continue to be throughout New England.

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