Closet Door Ideas

Closet Door Ideas | The existence of the closet is important for every house. The small space plays significant roles for items storage and ensure the tidiness of a house. A closet doesn’t only help as a place to put your clothes or belonging, it also give effect on your house through the door that displayed as a part of house interior.

Therefore, make sure that your closet door properly designed. These closet door ideas can be applied to your closet, cabinet or even wardrobe, consider your budget availability and the function that you need from the closet.

Closet Door Ideas

Usually, closet door area made from wood, as well as other doors in a house. But you can look up other alternatives to make your closet door outstands. As an idea, you can choose to use mirror to be closet door. This unusual choice of material can give perspective illusion that make your room looks wider.

Alternative Closet Door Ideas
Alternative Closet Door Ideas |

Whenever you took clothes out of your closet, you can directly check your style through the mirror. The mirror door for closet installation need proper technique to make sure that the mirror attached properly and safe.

1. Unique Closet Door Ideas

Unique Closet Door Ideas
Unique Closet Door Ideas |

Think out of the box and erase any usual concept of closet door out of your mind. A unique choice for closet door can attract visually and make your room special. This idea use curtain than can be curled when you want to open your closet.

So, by making use of your closet door uniqueness, you also represent character and specialty to your home design. Although the unique door option might not available in store, you still can make it on your own.

2. Cheap Closet Door Ideas

Cheap Closet Door Ideas
Cheap Closet Door Ideas |

A closet door doesn’t need to be expensive, you can use the cheap materials that available. Make sure that you already designed the closet that matched your room design. For example, you can choose frosted glass sliding door for your closet.

Also, the frosted glass usually applied as bath room door, but with proper installation it can also functioned as any door in your house. The frosted looks give modern vibes and still keep privacy for items in your closet. The most important benefit, it doesn’t cost much, compared to any other materials.

3. Closet Door Ideas for Bedrooms

Closet Door Ideas for Bedrooms
Closet Door Ideas for Bedrooms |

To choose closet door for bedroom, you need to take a look first at the bedroom style. Make sure that the choice for the closet door will suit the room atmosphere. It will not match if you choose door that represents different style since it will visually strange.

It becomes more important, especialy in a minimalist bedroom, you must chose minimalist-styled closet door. Or in a rustic bedroom, you need to find wooden doors option to enhance the rustic vibes. For example, in this minimalist bedroom, the plain-black doors chosen as the closet door to give the bold minimalist touch for the room.

The matte finish would make the door looks simply elegance.

4. Small Closet Door Ideas

Small Closet Door Ideas
Small Closet Door Ideas |

Big or small, you still need to pick best option for your closet door. Foldable small doors with vertical slim leaf can be your choice. This door style can make you maximally access all corners of your small closet compared to the conventional one. It’s good to make your small closet have much shelves to make you have more room inside.

5. Sliding Closet Door Ideas

Sliding Closet Door Ideas
Sliding Closet Door Ideas |

A sliding door are getting attentions lately in the world of home design. This concept of horizontally sliding doors are inspired from Japanese traditional home design. For your closet, it also can be a great option for the door. The quality of the installation will really effect on the sliding door.

If the door frame doesn’t installed properly, it can be hard to operate. You also need to make sure that the materials is antirust that could last longer.

6. Walk-in-closet Door Style

Walk-in-closet Door Style
Walk-in-closet Door Style |

A walk-in-closet is a room with small size that functioned as a closet in a house. Usually as a place to store wardrobe. It allows you to choose various option of your fashion items while changing the outfit in the room.

That’s why you must choose the suitable door style, that can make the wardrobe room visually pleasant from the outside and can easily accessible to walk in.

7. Modern Closet Door Ideas

Modern Closet Door Ideas
Modern Closet Door Ideas |

There always a reason to back to nature for materials option – even for getting a modern look. This closet door using metal sliding barns that give strong modern vibes to your bedroom. The room design that combine various materials make this modern styled room alluring.

8. Compact Cheap Closet Door Ideas

Compact Cheap Closet Door Ideas
Compact Cheap Closet Door Ideas |

With limited budget you still can get high quality and beautiful closet door option. This closet idea using convention wooden door that won’t cost much. Some materials indeed will cost a lot on the budget and installation.

For example, glass door that multiple times more expensive and cost a lot on the installation. Avoid these door option if you have limited budget availability.

9. Minimalist Closet Door Design

Minimalist Closet Door Design

Minimalist design is an everlasting trend that become people choices. The minimalist concept eliminate the complexity of the home styling and rebrand it to be simpler, with the slogan ‘less is more’.

To get minimalist-styled design though the closet door, choose single material, for example wooden door with simple and mono-colour. Stick with the monochrome option in the range of white, grey and black.

10. Shabby Chic Closet Door Ideas

Shabby chic design usually represented through color and style combination, with soft, cottage-style décor that emphasize the antique feelings. A patterned wooden closet door can help you to get the shabby chic style in your bedroom.

The door color must be in the same tone with the wall and surroundings, avoid small detailed pattern to make the design stay chic.

11. Closet Door DIY Ideas

Closet Door DIY Ideas
Closet Door DIY Ideas |

Always consider to make your closet door by your own with all benefit that you might get. Making your own closet door allows you to make the door based on your own design that can be matched with room style.

Also, you don’t need to worry about the size since you are the one who measure everything. The budget will be more effective since you can choose the best material options for your closet door.

12. Luxurious Closet Door Design

Luxurious Closet Door Design
Luxurious Closet Door Design |

This closet door idea is really simple, to use vertical 8-barn folding doors as the closet door. But the simplicity make this closet brings luxurious atmosphere.

Without much effort, the design looks pretty and can be used in any room style. Especially for you who want modern and minimalist touch to your closet, this closet-door option can be your choice.

13. Simply Cheap Closet Door DIY

Simply Cheap Closet Door DIY idea that can inspire you to make your own cheap closet door, is using unusual material that not only cheap, but can be better than the usual one. For example, a fabric curtain can be closet door that only requires small amount of money to make.

It’s also great choice to your wardrobe closet since the curtain is easily curled and more convenience to use. Unlike the wooden door that need to be repainted, curtain can be washed in laundry machine easily.

14. Modern Bedroom Closet Door Ideas

Modern bedroom can be difficult to deal with, especially on choosing the interior details, it applies on choosing the closet door. The materials need to be matched with the existing materials used in the room, and the style should be designed properly.

This modern closet door idea using a stone-texture frame on the door with glass in the centre. The glasses give the elegance look on the room and stone texture emphasize the modern and high-design style of the room.

15. Closet Door Painting Ideas

Closet Door Painting Ideas
Closet Door Painting Ideas |

Your closet door can be a medium to express your ideas or even as your canvas. This closet door design use flowery painting to cover the 8-doors cabinet with sliding door. It matches with the abstract-patterned wall underneath behind the cabinet. If you consider to paint on the cabinet door, chose the same style with the room design.

16. Glass & Mirror Closet Door Ideas

Glass & Mirror Closet Door Ideas
Glass & Mirror Closet Door Ideas |

There are some reason why glass and mirror always come up as the top option if we talk about the closet door. First these materials need less maintenance than other materials. The wooden doors must be properly maintained to make sure the woods are still in the best quality while other materials need to be repainted regularly. For glass and door, you can easily wipe it routinely to remove dust and stains.

Second, the mirror reflects the room and make the room looks bigger than the reality. The visual illusion can make small room tends to be bigger in the eyesight. But in another hand, glass and mirror need to be installed by the professional and might cost more. You also need to carefully choose glasses due to it’s vulnerability.

17. Bifold Closet Door Ideas

Closet Door Ideas

Bifold door is the double-leafed door that usually moving in parallel way, for example sliding to the left – and to the right for the opposite leaf.

As the result, the door can make you open the cabinet easier, and if the worst case happened, when you aren’t able to open a side of the door, you can have a back-up option through the other side of the door.

It works as well for the closet, you can use bi-fold door for any closet style or any materials.

18. Hollywood Closet Door Ideas

Hollywood Closet Door Ideas
Hollywood Closet Door Ideas |

The room-height walk-in-wardrobe is a signature in every Hollywood house. This cabinet concept is luxurious and can be adopted to your house. Use semi-frosted glasses with thin metal frame to get expensive looks. Be careful to install the high-door that made from the glasses since the materials are vulnerable.

19. Japanese Style Closet Door Ideas

Japanese Style Closet Door Ideas
Japanese Style Closet Door Ideas |

The infamous Japanese room style offers minimalist room design that use room efficiency. Vertical storage such as cabinet is really popular in Japanese houses. The cabinet door usually using sliding door that made from wood.

Sometimes, the wood combined with glass as an option. You can adopt this style to your room and make your cabinet styled like Japanese house.

20. Rustic Closet Door Ideas

Rustic Closet Door Ideas
Rustic Closet Door Ideas |

Wood has broad option to choose and can be used in any room style. From the modern designed room until the rustic concept. For closet door, wood still become the favourite one since it’s affordable and light enough to be applied as doors.

Pick the wood material that match with your budget and style preferences. The wooden door can left unpainted so you can get the natural wood texture exposed. Varnished the wood properly so it can last longer. Wood also works best combined with other materials, such as metal and glass.

21. Wardrobe Door Design for Bedroom

Wardrobe Door Design for Bedroom
Wardrobe Door Design for Bedroom |

When choosing door for wardrobe, make the clothes safety as the priority. The door should be able to protect your fashion collection from dust. In other hand, the materials shouldn’t make the closet humid or your clothes can be mouldy.

One of the best option is to use glass door. The transparency give you a direct sight to the inside of the cabinet and it still allows light to get in and avoid mould growing inside. In the same time, glass can avoid dust to get in and easy to be cleaned.

22. Black and White Closet Door

Black and White Closet Door
Black and White Closet Door |

Monochromatic colour express the high-level design concept that not only luxurious but also bold and sharp. This closet door for walk-in cabinet using black-screen glass filming to make the sliding door semi-transparent. The cabinet also equipped with black cupboard and small boxed chair to help you wearing your shoes. The closet-door reaching the room height and give you elegance and modernity.

23. Zen Closet Door Ideas

Zen Closet Door Ideas
Zen Closet Door Ideas |

A Zen-styled room characterize through it’s concept of emphasizing the balance of the design. Closet door idea for the Zen room is using vertical-mirror barn that combined with the wood. A wood accent also added as the door-handle on the mirror. This concept using folded-door perfectly suitable for your room with Zen style.


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