25+ DIY Coffee Bar Ideas for Your Home (Stunning Pictures)

Coffee Bar Ideas | No need to go to a cafe to get a cup of coffee, if you can have it in your own house, while enjoying a little chit chat with your spouse or your dearest one. All you need is a cozy coffee bar, filled with your favorite coffee.

Home coffee bar is something a coffee addict should never miss. Especially if they want to relax in their own house, without spending much money buying a cup of capuccino in a cafe. Design your coffee bar in a stylish look, and make it your treasure.

Need inspiration in designing your coffee bar? Worry not. We have 20 homey coffee bar ideas you can try in your house. You can choose the right coffee bar idea depends on your personality, taste, and of course your room space.

So, what are you waiting for? Let’s scroll down and see, if any of these ideas can be a good match to your personality.


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Coffee Bar Ideas

Coffee Bar Ideas
Coffee Bar Ideas

(Image by Pinterest, link to https://id.pinterest.com/pin/113293746862692957/)

Black always matches to any color. If it is combined with red, you will get a fabulous look, like you can see in the picture. Set a wall storage to store your coffee cups. Hang the coffee cup sets on it and don’t forget to put a wall decoration, defining your addiction to coffee. Place your water heater and coffee brewer on the table, along with the sugar and creamer. Inside the drawer, you can store your favorite arabica or any coffee you like.

Do you like this idea? Or do you prefer something more cheerful?

19. The Farmhouse Look

(Image by Pinterest, link to https://id.pinterest.com/pin/377669118740443052/)

Farmhouse style always brings the vintage look. Choosing a white rack can be a great idea if you want to place your coffee bar in a painted-in-white room. You can define your love to coffee by decorate the rack with framed coffee quotes. Some green plants will be a nice idea too. You can put the sugar, creamer, or coffee can on the table, near the water heater or coffee brewer.

How do you think about this coffee bar idea?

18. A Tiny Coffee Bar in the Kitchen

(Image by Pinterest, link to https://id.pinterest.com/pin/Abt1O6o6s9knVMexYjZBr9Xo0pDX66jyRXh5srHgGRmA7ZT8MxsZq1w/)

Don’t have an extra space in your home does not mean you can not have a stylish coffee bar. You can store your coffee, creamer, and sugar in this tiny coffee bar in the kitchen. It looks so simple, but stylish at the same time, right? Put it in the corner of the wall and voila! Your stylish tiny coffee bar is ready.

So, wanna try this tiny coffee bar idea?

17. Small Space for Your Lil Coffee Bar

(Image by Pinterest, link to https://id.pinterest.com/pin/739012620081166949/)

If you have a little space in your kitchen or dining room, you can use it to store your coffee by setting a rack. To make it more stylish, you can also add a decoration lamp, set the coffee cup in certain order, and cover the floor with a little carpet. Looks so simple yet so stylish, isn’t it?

Do you like this coffee bar idea?

16. The Simple Coffee Bar Idea

(Image by Pinterest, link to https://id.pinterest.com/pin/245727723404234756/)

Want a comfy place to think while it is raining outside? Just set a coffee bar near a window. All you need is just a tiny rack to store your coffee and place your water heater or coffee brewer. You can set a wall storage to store the creamer, sugar, and also your coffee cups. A simple wall decoration can be perfect too.

So, will you enjoy the rain pouring outside and drink your hot americano?

15. Coffee on the Wall

(Image by Pinterest, link to https://id.pinterest.com/pin/AQoa3rBlwUIbWEoHWVbIdvBj3KpjV3T5TIvYwbWySIKspGMjLMPOS-w/)

Living in a studio apartment does not allow you to have a coffee bar since it’s so narrow? Don’t worry, you can store your coffee on the wall by using wall storage. Store your coffee set in certain order to make it classier. A little cactus plant can be a perfect decoration too. This coffee bar idea is perfect for your kitchen. Or you can also set it near the apartment window, so you can enjoy your coffee while enjoying the view from your apartment in the end of the day.

Wanna try this idea?

14. Bar below Your Stairs

(Image by Pinterest, link to https://id.pinterest.com/pin/564990715737444499/)

Do you have a little space below your stairs which is unused? Why don’t transform it into a coffee bar? You can store your coffee, wine, and chocolate inside the cupboard. You can make your coffee anytime and enjoy it with your spouse, having a warm conversation in the dining room.

Looks like a good idea, isn’t it? Unfortunately this idea does not work in every house, since it requires some spaces.

13. Green Coffee Bar

(Image by Pinterest, link to https://id.pinterest.com/pin/328692472798120767/)

A fan of farmhouse style will definitely like this coffee bar style. Get a rustic storage to store your coffee. Hang your coffee cups on the wall. Place the sugar can, creamer can, and the other on the table. You can decorate the wall with plants too to make your coffee bar greener.

So, wanna try this coffee bar idea?

12. Cofee Bar in the Corner

(Image by Pinterest, link to https://id.pinterest.com/pin/630574385303803092/)

If you don’t have enough space to build a coffee bar, why don’t set it in the corner of the room? You can store your coffee inside the cupboard, and set some wall racks, setting your coffee cups in certain order. Don’t forget to place your water heater on the cupboard too, along with the sugar can and creamer can.

A simple style for a simple personality. Do you like this coffee bar idea?

11. Small Coffee Bar

(Image by Pinterest, link to https://id.pinterest.com/pin/492370171746277284/)

This is probably the simplest coffee bar ever. You just need to set a wall rack to place your coffee brewer or water heater. Don’t forget to install a wall storage to store your coffee and coffee cups. A couple of chairs can be perfect too, so you can have a nice conversation with your dearest one while drinking your favorite coffee.

Do you like this coffee bar idea?

10. The Classic Look

(Image by Pinterest, link to https://id.pinterest.com/pin/426786502169060640/)

If you are a fan of classic look, you are probably going to love this idea. A wooden cupboard to store your coffee, with an old wall rack to store your cups can be a perfect combination. What makes this coffee bar looks more classic is the lamp decoration, which enhance the look of your coffee bar. Set your coffee brewer or water heater on the cupboard and decorate the bar with your favorite quotes. Looks great, isn’t it?

Wanna try this homey coffee bar idea?

9. Stylish Coffee Bar

(Image by Pinterest, link to https://id.pinterest.com/pin/516084438545324512/)

Wooden cupboard always fit in any room with any style. Set your coffee bar near the window, in the dining room, so you can have a nice talk with your dearest person while enjoying the outside view. Put some decorations like plants, painting, or framed quotes. With this stylish coffee bar, your dining room will be the most comfortable place in your house.

So, do you think you should try this coffee bar idea?

8. The Black and White Style

(Image by Pinterest, link to https://id.pinterest.com/pin/291115563404666386/)

Black and white is never boring. Instead of letting your wall plaint or decorate it too much with wall decorations, why don’t set a coffee bar inside the room? Get the white cupboard to match it with the white shiplap wall. Set a black wall storage to store your coffee cups, and don’t forget to place your coffee brewer and water heater on the cupboard. A green plant in white pot can be a nice decoration too.

Do you think you are going to like this coffee bar idea?

7. Simple is Beautiful

(Image by Pinterest, link to https://id.pinterest.com/pin/8373949292140773/)

A simple white rack can be a perfect coffee bar for you. You can store your coffee and wine on it. Decorate it with flower and candles to make it more romantic. You can add a twin decoration lamp too. The idea is so simple, yet you can find beauty in the simplicity.

If you prefer simple things without too much eye striking colors, this homey coffee bar will be a perfect idea for you.

6. Coffee and Wine Bar Idea

(Image by Pinterest, link to https://id.pinterest.com/pin/AbNXpSFMGyY_Z58X8-VEdYthXbeWAM9mxFvNqLgypaNXYaIEDAXWhxw/)

This black and white bar can be a perfect bar to define the masculinity in your room. You can store your coffee and wine inside the cupboard, and store your wine glasses inside the wall storage. It does not need too much decoration, but you can see elegance in this style, right?

Do you wnat to try this coffee bar idea?

5. Tiny Coffee Bar

(Image by Pinterest, link to https://id.pinterest.com/pin/132434045277424370/)

Can not afford buying an expensive cupboard to store your coffee? That doesn’t stop you from having a nice coffee bar. All you need is just a tiny rack to store your coffee and put your coffee brewer. Set it near the window, and green plants to make it more stylish.

Voila! Your stylish tiny coffee bar is ready. It’s cheap, and so simple. Wanna try this coffee bar idea?

4. Everybody’s Paradise in Your Coffee Bar

(Image by Pinterest, link to https://id.pinterest.com/pin/416864509254877333/)

Who says a coffee bar can not be a storage for your snack? You can set a built-in cupboard as your coffee bar. Put your coffee brewer, microwave, and toaster on the same place. It’s going to be the second paradise in your home. The first will be your refrigerator. To make your coffee bar more stylish, you can install a rustic rack in contrast to the white wall and white furniture in the room.

Looks great, isn’t it? Do you think it is going to work for your kitchen?

3. Little in Size, Big in Style

(Image by Pinterest, link to https://id.pinterest.com/pin/26529085290737007/)

An old table and drawer can be a perfect coffee bar if you design them in the right way. It would not look old if you set it in a room with white shiplap wall. Don’t forget to define your coffee bar with some quotes and set a wall storage to store the sugar and creamer. Some decorations like green plant can be great too.

So, do you like this coffee bar idea?

2. All White

(Image by Pinterest, link to https://id.pinterest.com/pin/379709812318383711/)

White can never be boring. Get a little white dresser to store your coffee and put your water heater on it. You can also decorate the bar with a tiny table lamp too. To maximize the wall space, you can set a wall storage to store your coffee cups and put some decorations. This coffee bar will look good if you set it in the corner of the room, so it won’t take up too much space.

So, wanna try this white coffee bar idea?

1. The Wooden Coffee Bar

(Image by Pinterest, link to https://id.pinterest.com/pin/221028294197150042/)

Who says you can not have a luxury coffee bar in your home? You can design it like your favorite cafe if you want to. You just need to install a wooden table, with a pair of chairs. Place your coffee brewer and water heater on the table, and store your coffee and coffee cup above the table using wall storage. It looks so elegant, isn’t it?

Do you think this idea will be a great idea for your home?

That was the list of 20 homey coffee bar ideas you can have in your house. You can have a tiny coffee bar if you live in a studio apartment, or get a super comfy coffee bar with chairs if you have enough space in your house. The choice belongs to you. So, which idea do you like the most? Do share your answer with us in the comment section.

Small Coffee Bar Ideas

Have you ever found yourself running to a coffee shop while it is raining; as the temperature drops and the day grows shorter, when this happens, the only thing that comes to my mind is “why can’t I just avoid this unnecessary journey and create for myself my own personal bar” or if just like a very good friend of mine, you love coffee and you will rather have a good home brewed coffee than to go to one of the nearby cafés to savor a cup, you can set up your own coffee bar in one corner of your kitchen and create yours with your various accessories for making coffee.

With your coffee bar, you can levitate your mornings by taking a cup of coffee to go along with a toast. Your coffee bar will go a long way in ensuring that you have faster and enjoyable cups of coffee in your mornings and impress your friends and guests as well. Here are some ideas for creating your coffee bar

A vintage cart coffee bar

One of the finest ways of using a vintage cart at home is to convert it into a coffee bar. It enables you to confine your coffee stand to an area. A vintage cart makes it possible for you to turn your kitchen into a rolling coffee bar. As previously mentioned, having this makes your kitchen fantastic as you can entertain your guests and can display your all your coffee accessories that you use in making your cup of coffee.
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Customize the bar

Customize the bar

You can customize your coffee bar by making a special cabinet where you can keep all your coffee accessories. Having a customized bar is a great idea, and the bar can be closed when it is not being put to use. This makes your kitchen less huddled. There are a number of things you can do to customize your bar in your kitchen. You can build shelves and cabinets, you can also build for a door a swing door or some type of opaque roller blind, lights can be fitted at the top of the nook so that it can serve as a lamp.

Wine Rack Coffee Bar

Wine Rack Coffee Bar

This is a very stylish design of a coffee bar, no one would have imagined that a coffee bar can be made out of a wine rack. The arrangement of the beautiful arrangement or style of the mug rack makes it even more attractive; also you can make it even more tasteful by hanging a nice piece of artwork

Rolling coffee cart

coffee bar ideas Rolling coffee cart

You can decide to make your coffee bar a simple and mobile one, all you need is a cart on wheels. A mobile bar like this can be positioned anywhere in the room, you don’t have to carry your coffee about when serving your guests or customers and the best of all, you get to show off your beautifully decorated bar while going about your business in your bar. There are so much beauty and goodness in using a rolling cart as your bar.

Vintage Coffee Bar

coffee bar ideas Rolling coffee cart

Having your coffee bar decorated with vintage décor details can be very pleasing not just because of the pop it brings to your bar in this modern décor style but it brings this classic style that you don’t get to see everywhere to your bar. So if you intend to introduce variety into the décor of your bar, be sure to make it look far-reaching and well thought, in other words, make it vintage. This is a good example of a vintage bar.

Bookshelves Turn Coffee bar

coffee bar ideas Rolling coffee cart

You can make a coffee bar out of an unused bookshelf and the best of all is that you have enough space to keep all your accessories. This coffee bar can be seen as a vignette. You can create a corner in your home that makes you happy, fun to look at and still serve as your coffee bar.

Old window frame turn Coffee bar

Old window frame turn Coffee bar

Another repurposing way of making a coffee bar is to make it out of an old window frame. It is an absolutely brilliant idea as you get to introduce an old window frame into your coffee bar. This will always bring back memories whenever you look at the coffee bar. Your mug can hang on the frame as it can serve as mug rack. If you feel like the window is too old, you could decide to paint it to give it an authentic look.
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Tired Tray Coffee bar

Tired Tray Coffee bar

A tired tray coffee very good mobile coffee bar and it takes a very small space. If you don’t have more than a small space on your countertop or table in your kitchen for your coffee bar, you can still very much set up your coffee bar by employing this coffee bar idea.

You can also choose to use a wooden tray and a mug rack as your small coffee bar. Sometimes these simple ideas make the most sense more so when you are faced with the problem of small space.

Other things you can also include in your coffee bar

  • Mini chalkboard for putting down the menu for your coffee bar
  • Spotlight colour and pattern: this makes your coffee containers shines as bright as the stars
  • Storage space: you need all the space you can get in your DIY coffee bar so you could use the space under your coffee table to maximize space. But if you are going to do this, you will need a basket to keep everything clean and well arranged.
  • Paints and artwork: You can arrange your artwork piece and decorative plates around your machine and bar to make it look stylish.
  • Black and white décor: decorating your bar with some black and white printed photos will bring out class and style in your coffee bar.

Coffee Bar Ideas

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