27 DIY Cool Cork Board Ideas, Instalation & Photos

Cork Board Ideas – If you have ever been in a hospital or school or company offices, you have noticed the large board at the reception ‘notice board.’ That board is known as a corkboard and is used to hang or stick stuff for everyone to see.

Even though corkboards were designed for big offices, they can make great creations at home. These simple designs can save on space and help you avoid clutter at home.

Most of the corkboards can be bought from stores. However, if you are looking to add a touch of your personality, you can make your own.

There are numerous ways that you can effectively use the corkboards at home.

Corkboards as headboards

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Add a touch of uniqueness to your bedroom with classic corkboards. With these boards, you can add artwork or unique pieces to your bedroom. It can also be a great way to appreciate your children’s art drawing.
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Corkboard as jewelry holder

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There is nothing as frustrating as losing one piece of earring. For that reason, using the corkboards to store your jewelry will not only keep your jewelry safe, but you will also de-clutter your bedroom. The board is so easy to make; all you need is funky and cute push pins.

Your travel map

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Use your corkboard as a vision board, precisely a travel board. Cut out your travel destinations and pin them on the board. Alternatively, you can take a map and use colorful push pins to highlight your dreams. Travel to your dream holiday one pushpin at a time.

Corkboard as measuring cups holder

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One classy way of reorganizing your kitchen is to install corkboard on your cabinet doors. With a few pins, you can hang and organize your measuring cups. The design not only saves you on space but also makes them easily accessible.

Bag holder and chore corkboard

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As a mom, your number one priority is organizing your kids. Using individual cork holder for each child will help you keep the house organized. You will also use the board to pin every child chore and score. Don’t limit yourself to the traditional corkboards you can make fun and colorful boards to match your house.
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A piece of art corkboard

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Instead of using the traditional corkboards, you can simply use wine corks. Save the wine corks and once you have enough make a classy bulletin. You can use them in their original design or color them to match the theme of your home office or living room.

Corkboard scrapbook

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Capture the special moment in an untraditional away; with the corkboards. The memory boards will make it easy for you to remember and appreciate all the things that have happened to you. The beauty of using the corkboard is that you can remove all the pieces and redecorate. The memory board can be a great piece of art in your living room or bedroom.

The scrapbook can also be an inspirational board that you can use to write down your goals and aspirations.

A welcoming corkboard

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You can design a corkboard with your family photos and hang it in the hallway. Alternatively, pinning one of your favorite quotes will remind visitors what your family is all about. You can make it interesting by adding a shelf to hang a mason jar with fresh flowers. You can also add key holders on the board for safe keeping.

A corkboard calendar

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The most useful factor of the corkboard is that it allows you to plan your month. Designing a corkboard calendar will help you to pin a task for each day. You can pin down your goals or things that you are looking forward to in the following month. Color coding each task will make it easy for you to see what you have achieved so far and what needs to be done.

The corkboard can also be transformed into a family calendar where you pin posts and also plan for different family vacations.

A corkboard darts board

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Decorate the man-cave with these vintage darts boards. Instead of throwing the wine corks away, save them and design a simple board. There are different styles that you can adopt for this design.

A corkboard mail holder

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Keep your office organized with a simple corkboard. Separating the corkboard into compartments will help store different post mails according to content.

The corkboard wall

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If you are an artist, you will appreciate having a corkboard wall. It will help you organize your thoughts.

Different designs

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It is important to note that the corkboards don’t have to be square or rectangle. You can design circle corkboards. Using fabrics can significantly transform a simple corkboard. Choose a piece of fabric that is colorful and unique to design the board. Using fancy and vintage pins can also bring out the uniqueness of every board.

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