Want to Create a Dedicated Gaming Area in Your Home? Here are Some Tips to Follow

Since the global pandemic and all the stay-at-home orders that followed, more of us than ever have gotten into playing games at home. Since restrictions have eased, many of us have also taken to starting up regular games night with friends or going back to the nights we used to enjoy.

If you’re a fan of playing board, card, and other games at home but don’t yet have a dedicated space for this entertainment, you might like to change that in 2023. If so, here are some tips you can follow when setting up a designated spot for playing games in your abode.

Think About How You’ll Use the Space

For starters, stop and think about exactly how you want to use your gaming space. This can differ from person to person. For instance, you may want room for a billiards or ping pong table or both, or to put some pinball machines and other arcade games in the playing zone.

You may want to set up an area for your computer gaming time, have a large table for card and board games to be set up, or have part of the space set aside for relaxing on the couch and watching sports or other entertainment. You might have plenty of other ideas about how to use the gaming area, too.

Once you’re sure about the uses of the space, you can create zones for it. Set aside enough areas to cover all your needs, or at least to fit in the ones that are priorities for you and your family or housemates.

Measure and Plan Out the Space

It’s important to measure out the room you have designated for gaming so that you know precisely how much space you have to play with. You don’t want to fit so many things in that it all looks cluttered and isn’t user-friendly. You also don’t want to outlay a lot of money on game tables or other machines or furniture only to discover that they won’t clear the doorway or the roof or simply take up too much room once they’re positioned.

Measuring up will enable you to devise a plan that lays out what will go where in the space and ensure everything will work before you spend too much money. When looking for pieces, it pays to try and find multifunctional products that can do double duty so you can fit more in. For instance, you could buy a table that works for pool and table tennis, or pick out or have made some hollow bench seating for group gaming nights so you can also store gaming items within the furniture.

Determine a Budget for the Set Up

Another tip before you get too far along in your gaming area setup is to determine what your total budget is that you can spend on this project. It’s best to decide a number upfront before purchasing any items or renovating the room, so you don’t let your spending get out of control when you’re excited by what you find to put in the room.

Pick a final amount you feel comfortable investing in the gaming space and then work back from there to allocate amounts to different expenditures. This may include contractor fees for renovation tasks, furniture, delivery fees, games, and more.

Don’t Forget Practical Matters

Lastly, ensure you pay enough attention to various practical matters when decorating your gaming zone. For instance, consider lighting. You’ll need decent illumination when you need to read gaming instructions or want to play board games and the like with your friends and family. The right lighting can create ambiance, too.

Plus, you’ll likely want to add some drapery to the room to block out light if you need to shield computer screens or television screens from glare or otherwise keep the room darker. Install curtains or blinds that you can open and close depending on what you’re doing in the space and what the weather’s like outside.

Making the room comfortable temperature-wise is also critical. You may want to install ceiling fans in the room to help keep it cooler or add a reverse-cycle air conditioner to keep you cooler in summer and warmer in winter. Many people also like to have a mini kitchenette or at least a small sink, some bench space, and a tiny fridge. You can use these things to create your own “concession stand” set up at home.

Furthermore, consider how much sound might travel from the room. You may want some soundproofing if you’re worried about this side of things. Plus, add plenty of comfortable seating options and pillows for times when people need to sit on the floor, and choose durable fabrics throughout the space. Add enough storage space for all your gaming and entertainment needs, too.

A dedicated gaming zone may be something you’ve been dreaming of for years. If so, follow these tips to help you create a part of your property that you and your loved ones can use for hours weekly.

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