DIY Bed Frame (Cheap, Easy and Simple)

DIY Bed Frame | There are many beautiful and nice frame design with various size, forms, and material that help you sleep better at night. These designs vary from minimalist to classical. Moreover, the frame of your bed will determine whether you sleep well or not. The most important things when choosing a bed is the space that you have in your house.

A spacious room gives more freedom to choose a comfortable bed frame, while a small room requires more creativity and put function above everything else. These frame materials to hold the beds, each can be crafted by simply order costume design. If you are a handy person, making your own DIY bed frame accustomed to your preference can be very deliberate.

1. DIY Platform Bed

DIY Platform Bed
 DIY Platform Bed | 
All bed frame has a platform that comes with a base that consists of a raised, and a level horizontal solid frame. The bed frame has rows of detachable or permanent wooden slats or latticed structure as a support to the mattress. This type of platform provides a sufficient, adequate, and flexible support for a mattress and the person sleeping on it.

Therefore, tp make your own DIY platform bed require some amount of solid wood such as Oaks of Pines that are both strong and sturdy. The proper calculation also needed, especially when calculating the size of the room and the size of the bed.

2. DIY Queen Bed Frame

DIY Queen Bed Frame
 DIY Queen Bed Frame | 
This is the most ideal bed frame to support couples that consists of two people on the same bed. The size of an average Queen Bed Frame is about 60 x 80 which is the most popular size for an adult. This kind of bed also perfect for singles who need more space all for themselves. Therefore, you can be certain that the frame consists of a wider platform with more wooden slats. It is the standard bed size that most households have in their house.

3. DIY King Bed Frame

DIY King Bed Frame
 DIY King Bed Frame | 
The biggest bed size from all the rest. There are additional 16 inches of wide to a King size bed if you compared it to a Queen size bed frame. With the measurement of 72 x 84, room measurement is very crucial. You need to make sure the bed fit the room by leaving extra space to move around.

The size of an average King size bed can cater to any tall people sleeping arrangement. Moreover, this kind of bed goes well with a big family that often had their kids with them all the way to the bed.

4. DIY Twin Bed Frame

DIY Twin Bed Frame
 DIY Twin Bed Frame | 
Having kids old enough to sleep on their own meaning you need a smaller bed fits for one. This type of bed also goes well for dormitory of for universities students. Therefore, with a size of 39 x 75 of a twin bed frame fit perfectly into small space. With the little material needed and the not so abundance of items to work with. Making DIY twin bed frame is doable to any first timer woodworker. You can get any design inspiration online that even gives detail measurements and step by step process to guide you through the process.  Usually, the design itself is quite simple and the frame itself can be made lighter.

5. DIY Bed Frame with Storage

DIY Bed Frame with Storage
 DIY Bed Frame with Storage | 
Storage bed frame can be the right solution to a minimalism petite bedroom. There is a spacious room under the bed frame that works wonder for placing items that you need in the reaching distance when you are in bed. You can make four even more drawers depending on your preference and bed frame.

Also, additional storage can be an additional feature that you can make by yourself. First, you need to have the right measurement and the storage size accordance to fit the open compartment. The storage option can be side drawers or several boxes under the bed. The simplest option is purchase boxes or makes your own wooden storage a fit small project to enhance your bedroom.

6. Pallet Bed Frame DIY

Pallet Bed Frame DIY
 Pallet Bed Frame DIY | 
People are familiar with pallet as a wooden structure that is firm and durable to hold precious wines. These heavy-duty characteristics of palletmake it a great base structure as a bed frame. It comes with sets of reliable wood frame and also enough ventilation to make sure there is enough air to go around. Moreover, making this type of frame yourself does not require a lot of work or time. You need to gather as much pallet as possible and organized them in your bedroom. For sturdy and long lasting usage, make sure add just enough nails and handle to make sure the pallets do not shift. There is no need for the hassle, no complicated carpentry tools, and no tiring preparation.

7. DIY Bed Frame Plans

DIY Bed Frame Plans
 DIY Bed Frame Plans | 
The virtually important factor out in building a bed is the structure of its frame that holds the mattress or spring bed. It needs to have the right measurement and enough long-lasting material to support the body weight several people with the additional mattress. Bedding factories will hire people to observe the support of their bed. This is something you need to do by yourself when making your own DIY bed frame plans.

8. DIY King Size Bed Frame

DIY King Size Bed Frame
 DIY King Size Bed Frame | 
Is the largest side that any spring bed are designed to support. Some factors urge people to make their own DIY custom King size bed frame such as, a family with a large number of kids, a restless sleeper that need more space, or if you have abnormal body figure that no store come in your size.

Those things will contribute on how you re going to make your frame. If you think there are more people in bed then the structure needs to be firmer and stronger. If you most likely to go overboard then panels are great additional safety measures. Things to consider that play a very crucial importance are materials, measurement, and spaces.

9. DIY Wood Bed Frame

DIY Wood Bed Frame
 DIY Wood Bed Frame | 
Wood is the most common and versatile material for any bed frame and any DIY projects. You just need little woodworking tools and a browser to find a various DIY inspired wood base bed. This is actually something that you can do by yourself. Wood also a very strong support material that can build a great support structure with various fame sets.

Actually, there is more than 40 design model to inspire on your making bed project. There is also a various wood available to make furnitures such as redwood, oaks and many more. Get familiar with the local wood that is oftentimes cheaper.

10. Simple DIY Bed Frame

Simple DIY Bed Frame
 Simple DIY Bed Frame | 
When you are just a newcomer in the DIY furniture, it is important to keep thing simple when deciding on a design bed frame. The more material that you have the harder each component relate to another component to makes all structure form well. Therefore, choose a simple yet almost guaranteed to build up nicely structure as your first project.

11. DIY Floating Bed Frame

DIY Floating Bed Frame
 DIY Floating Bed Frame | 
The expression “sleeping in the sky” is the basic inspiration to this type of bed structure. It may seem complicated but it holds simple principles of making sure the feet position, not on the corner of the bed. Moreover, you can add light underneath the bed frame to enhance the floating feature.

12. Easy DIY Bed Frame

Easy DIY Bed Frame
Easy DIY Bed Frame

A simple bed is considered one of minimalism set of furniture that is not taken for granted at all. Therefore, creating a simple bed frame just highlighting all the essential is the easiest way to make a DIY Bed Frame. If you take out any panels, canopy or unnecessary decoration the process actually pretty easy to execute. You just need to make sure it has enough support weight to be used.

13. Bed Gas Spring Frame

Bed Gas Spring Frame
 Bed Gas Spring Frame | 
If you need more space and quite handy to manage this complicated bed frame structures then this is a perfect DIY project for advanced carpentry work. It involves not only a strong frame to hold support but also the proper working spring that can go up and down. This feature brings variety to the common typical bed. Moreover, it provides hidden storage that concealed even better than typical side drawer bed.

14. Wall bed Frame

Wall bed Frame
 Wall bed Frame | 
The current trend of furniture highlight simplicity and also multifunction. You become more accustomed to limited space where furniture choice becomes more crucial. A wall bed where you can just turn your bed into the wall and miraculously clears up and add more room. The frame of this type of bed differs than the rest of its kind. As the result, is not only the support structure is important, but also the springs and another support system to keep the bed in place at the wall.

15. Metal Bed Frame

Metal Bed Frame
 Metal Bed Frame | 
Another common material for a bed frame other than wood. It has many advantages to the frame itself. Its light feature makes it easier to move around or when you are cleaning your bedroom. It is easier to clean due to its durable texture. Moreover, Metal creates a different modern convention approach that gives diversity to the common wooden frame.

16. Canopy bed Frame

Canopy bed Frame
 Canopy bed Frame | 
This kind of bed gives a grand atmosphere that features not only the bedding but also enhances the sleeping quality. This type of bed frame has poles at each of the four corners extending far above the mattress. It has additional decorative ornament fabric draped across the upper space between the pole creating its own canopy as a cover above the bed. This type of bed goes back in time when originally people use the drapes to avoid themselves from mosquitos and other disturbing bugs.

17. Bunk bed Frame

Bunk bed Frame
 Bunk bed Frame | 
Obvious this special feature of bedding is not a custom for adults and more appropriate for children or teens, often time if you share a room with your siblings when there is more that one child in the house. It is a great space-saving piece of furniture to share. Moreover, It has numerous variants such as L shape bunk bed, loft-style, bund bed with stairs or taking inspiration from their favorite princess characters.

18. Panel Bed Frame

Panel Bed Frame
 Panel Bed Frame | 
A common bed will be just a simple wooden frame in a square shape with wooden slits align from one side to another to create support. A panel bed frame has an additional feature that according with a modern set of bed. It has a headboard and footboard that commonly made out of wood.

These panels are either framed with molding or grooves that mimic traditional wood paneling, or it comes with detachable frames that you can remove. This additional piece creates support for your back if you like sitting on your bed.

19. Trundle Bed Panel

Trundle Bed Panel
 Trundle Bed Panel |
Another variety of combining two bed into one by minimalizing space in a bedroom. There are two beds with different bed frame. One applies to the single frame with longer sets of feet. It has enough room to apply another bed in a form of casters so that it may be stored beneath the upper bed. This design allows for an extra bed to be available when necessary. You can simply pull it out to create another bed set, and pull it back in for more space.

20. Daybed frame

Daybed frame
  Daybed frame | 
It takes home decor feature for simplicity that highlight functions. Daybed fame can be a sofa but has a bigger room that fits for sleeping compared to the common size sofa. Often time you see this kind of bed frame not in the bedroom but in the living room or family room. The common material is either wood or metal with a decorative pillow or cushion to add a comfortable mattress to sit on.

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