DIY Computer Desk Ideas Space Saving (Awesome Picture)

DIY Computer Desk – Whether you work from home or from office, wherever you work, chances are that you use a computer there, if not for your business or job, you use it to conduct your various social business on various platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and so on. The influence of your furniture as regards your productivity cannot be over emphasized. Also, the desk plays a very big role in your office space. As a result of this, we welcome computer desks into our homes and offices. The question is, if you are going to get a computer desk, why not get one that suits your style, comfort and functionality.

There is no better way for you to meet your requirement that for you to build your desk yourself. There are various DIY plans available, surely, one will suit your style, and the good thing about this desks is that you don’t have to start from scratch. You can use some of the elements and items you have such as cabinets drawers to build it. The best thing about them is that unlike the normal and conventional desk you get every here and there, this desks offers you the exact desk that suits your space and your individual need best.

Having a customized desk that is built to your taste and specifications may be very expensive, but the good thing is that there are many available DIY computer desks which you can choose from. They range from corner desk to closet desks, and they are in different sizes depending on your choice. Here are some DIY computer desk idea that will help you to maximize your working space

DIY Computer Desk

You may either blame or be grateful with the development of computer and internet. Because of that, we have more and more people spending more time at the keyboard. Perhaps they also own their laptops. Still, that does not mean that they do not need any proper DIY computer desk.

From simple tabletop surfaces to large parts of furniture with storage and shelves for computer accessories, they choices are there. Perhaps some of these options for a DIY computer desk will suit your preferences:

1. The Pink Computer Desk

The Pink Computer Desk

Pink is an interesting option, especially if you have a teenage daughter who needs to use a computer for her homework and social media activities.

For this DIY computer desk, all you need is the good quality wood, simple woodworking, sandpapering, and painting. Setting three to four storage drawers to store computer accessories here is enough.

2. DIY Computer Desk Idea Design: Secondhand Crates or Other Wood Boxes

DIY Computer Desk Idea Design: Secondhand Crates or Other Wood Boxes

Not only creative, this DIY computer desk also helps you save more money. You can find used or secondhand crates (or wood boxes) in old warehouses or stores that sell construction materials.

Make sure that the secondhand crates or wood boxes that you would like to use are still in good condition. For a much smoother surface, you can sandpaper and paint the wood materials before you set and glue them together as a computer desk. (Use a special glue to hold the wood materials together if necessary.)

3. A Shanty, Chic DIY Computer Desk

A Shanty, Chic DIY Computer Desk

Also made of wood, this DIY computer desk has a shanty, chic design. As long as you have the right craftsmanship or woodworking skills, you do not need so much effort to create this desk.

This desk does not have any storage drawers. However, that also means more leg room underneath. For a smoother surface, just sandpaper it before you use it as a desk. This product from Shanty Chic offers you a natural, earth-tone look.

4. A DIY Computer Desk With Vanity

A DIY Computer Desk With Vanity

This is a multi-functional DIY computer desk. Made simple with basic white, the desk does not only consist of two storage drawers, one on each side. There is more leg room underneath and also a vanity in the middle.

How does that work? Put your computer or laptop aside after work. Open the middle desktop. There, you can find a mirror right in front of you and more storage under it. You can store your laptop there and other accessories too.

5. A DIY Computer Desk Made of Wood

A DIY Computer Desk Made of Wood

If your room is small, this DIY computer desk is probably more suitable for you. Instead of a regular desk with four legs (or more), this one is built-in to the wall. That way, you will have more leg room underneath.

To stick the desk to the wall, you can use old wooden crates or other wood boxes (or box lids. You will also need strong metal bars to attach the desk to the wall. However, make sure you do not put too heavy things on your desk or the metal will not hold.

6. A DIY Computer Desk Made of Wood With Wooden Frames for Legs

A DIY Computer Desk Made of Wood With Wooden Frames for Legs

This is another DIY computer desk made of wood. This time, it has wooden frames for its legs. This desk also stands strong enough. It is also large and wide, with two big storage drawers under it.

For this desk, choose the best quality wood. Teak or oak are the best options, because their thickness will make this desk last longer. As usual, do not forget to sandpaper it for a smooth surface. Then you can use the desk more comfortably.

7. A DIY Display Case Storage for Your Computer Desk

A DIY Display Case Storage for Your Computer Desk

A DIY computer desk is not always complete without a proper, DIY display case storage. If you want something unique and simple, use an old storage drawer as a display case storage. Just take one from your old cupboard or desk. With strong nails and a sledgehammer, build it into the wall.

If you would like your case storage to have shelves, use wooden pallets as partitions. Of course, you need to know about woodwork, although this seems simple.

8. Another DIY Computer Desk Inspiration from Wood

Another DIY Computer Desk Inspiration from Wood

A DIY computer desk design made of old or used wood crates or boxes is not only a few. This is also another one of many that you may consider. With two rectangular crate lids on each side and a wooden board set up in the middle, you get yourself a computer desk.

If you feel like wanting more leg room, create this desk wihout drawers.

9. A DIY Computer Desk for Small Rooms

A DIY Computer Desk for Small Rooms

This is a DIY computer desk for you who live in small rooms. Whether it is a small house or an apartment, you will still need a plenty of room to move around. A big computer desk is definitely not the answer.

With a decent-sized, rectangular wooden board, metal bars for support underneath, and nails, you can create a built-in, DIY computer desk against the wall. You can also set up a shelf for your printer underneath. You can even saw some decent holes for your computer and a portable speaker cables. That way, the cables will not pile up on your desk.

10. A Floating, DIY Computer Desk

A Floating, DIY Computer Desk

Okay, we are not talking about a DIY computer desk floating on water. The support for the desk is only the one against the wall and not the left and the right side of it. This gives the impression that the desk seems to be floating.

The best thing about this desk is also more leg room for you underneath. However, it is better not to leave too much clutter on the desk.

11. A DIY Red Computer Desk

This is also another wood inspiration for your DIY computer desk. Not only painting the wood red, a glass frame for the desktop will close the missing gaps between pallets underneath. Now you can work there without a fuss.

There are many choices for your DIY computer desk and they are all unique. Which one suits your style best?

12. Wall Mounted Desk

Wall Mounted Desk

When it comes to saving space in your home office or office in a small apartment. One of the best ways to do it is by mounting your desk on the wall. DIY desks mounted on the wall have no legs to occupy space, makes the room look neat, fresh and classy cute. They preserve space that would have been consumed by the normal and conventional desks. You can make your wall mounted desk look even stylish by introducing one or two wooden desks or drawer. The drawer and the desk could be painted with the same colour. Personally I think white or pink will be great. The only shortcoming of the wall mounted desks is that they cannot be moved around.

13. DIY Standing Desk

DIY Standing Desk

Made from the IKEA cooking area bench, it is also known as space-saving standing desks; these desks are quite expensive. If you chose to opt for this one, be informed that you might have to spend a little more than what you might have spent, but is it worth it, I will say it is worth it. Another very good thing about this desk is that it conceals all the HDDs and cords.

14. Simple DIY Desk

Simple DIY Desk

This is also another innovative desk produced by manufacture office. Is perfect for offices or apartment with small space. This DIY desk is all that you need for your small office. The features of this desk which include the additionally hidden keyboard tray and wire monitoring makes it so cute. This desk can serve as a work desk as well a storage space. This is the best way of replacing enormous desks in your office.

15. DIY Computer Case Desk

I Shaped DIY Computer Desk

One thing that is peculiar to this incredibly gorgeous desk is that it is foldable. They are made by joining a chunky wood residue and then attaching some cords to the edges. Care should be taken to ensure that the weight restriction is explored to ensure that the optimum support system is selected. Once the materials that will be on put on the wall surface have been obtained, then the desk has been made.

16. I Shaped DIY Computer Desk

I Shaped DIY Computer Desk

The I shaped desk is an innovative and tough task but very doable with the right preparation and the appropriate tools and structures. Constructing this desk from scratch is very straight forward though not the easiest. Made from a solid timber door, the finished desk is nothing but fantastic. The sawhorse legs glued to each other and the hole within the leg makes it possible to power and web cable to pass through.

17. Birch and Aluminum Desk

Birch and Aluminum Desk

This desk was specifically made to meet some needs. Example of those need includes size. This is an option for you if you need a fairly large desk, large enough for you to spread out your textbook, notebook computer or writing notes. It is highly durable and would consume some space but looks very stylish with modern and sleek lines. Made from plywood, acrylic sheet, aluminium and stainless steel and so on. Despite the plenty materials required to make this desk, it is still very not difficult to make them, the major thing is that care and attention is required.

18. Mini Laptop Desk

Mini Laptop Desk

Personally, I don’t really like the regular size laptops, on the contrary, I prefer the smaller ones mainly because they can be easily carried about. Now, if you have a mini laptop then you can consider this kind of desk. The good thing about this DIY computer desk is that they are as easy to make as they look simple. You can easily make your own by cutting the wood into your desired size after which you will cut the angle edges after which it is assembled with screws and glue and lastly you can brighten it up with some paint.

19. Small DIY Computer Desk

Small DIY Computer Desk

If you are tired of those tables with straight legs and lacks any form of uniqueness, this DIY desk provides you with a terrific upgrade into this beauty of desk. You can use a slim board to develop the design that suits you and the interior can be styled in such a way that you deem fit after which you can paint it and then get amazed at what a remarkable desk you have made.




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