DIY Pencil Case: How to Make a Pencil Case

DIY Pencil Case – A pencil case is a simple yet very essential school item. With children, a pencil pouch is what makes the difference between a chaotic and disruptive day at school and stress-free one. There are of course countless pencil cases designs that you can choose to buy for your child. However, taking the time to make the pouches (which is so easy) will give you something to work on with your kids.

Below are great ideas that you can get work on this weekend.

Transparent DIY pencil case

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This is an easy design to make. It is important to start off by measuring the fabric that you will need. Using an A5 sized paper to measure the fabric will help cut enough fabric for the pouch. The fabric can be any color based on your interest. You will need a zipper, vinyl that will form the front part of the pouch, a sewing kit, and a decorative lace (optional).

Knotted zipper DIY Pencil pouch

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This classy pencil pouch comes with a bow design either at the top or bottom. The detail on this pencil case is what makes it stand out. It might be complicated to design especially for beginners. However, to make things easy, you can start by making a basic pencil case. To make the knotted design, you will need a lot of fabric.

Patched large DIY pencil pouch

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You start off by collecting small pieces of fabric that you have. The fabric can be of any design, color or shape. For this design, you don’t need to make a box pouch; you can buy a plain box case and stitched the fabrics up if you so desire. A white box pouch is perfect for this project.

Crochet DIY pencil pouch

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If you love to crochet, this is the perfect project for you. These vintage pencil pouches give you an opportunity to add a touch of personality on every piece. The sturdiness of the pencil pouch will be determined by the size of the yarn that you use. When it comes to the color of the pouch, you can choose a basic color, or kick things up by mixing bold and bright colors. To make the pencil case, you will need a cardboard tube (the paper towel tube is perfect), worsted weight yarn, scissors, crochet hook, and a button.

Felt DIY pencil case

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This simple pencil case does not require any fabric to make. All you need to make them is felt, buttons, embroidery thread and needle. Choose bright colored materials to make the case to stand out.

Cylindrical DIY pencil case

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There are many designs that you can pick for your pencil pouch, but nothing attracts attention like the cylindrical pencil case. These awesome cases are super easy to make. You will need one rectangular-cut fabric for the outer body, two circles for the bottom and top section of the case, and one zipper. For this one case, you will need to sew in a lining fabric.

Recycled plastic DIY pencil case

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Pencil cases don’t have to be fabric related; you can use the unused plastic cases to design a pencil pouch. The case is so easy to make, and you only need basic materials. You will need crystal light box, paintbrush, colorful decorative paper, and mod podge water-based sealer and glue. The case is suitable for home use but can also be carried to school or office if you cover it with a lid.

Personalized DIY pencil case

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You can design a pencil pouch with your kid’s name on it or an encouraging quote. Before you personalize the case, you can first design a basic pouch. Alternatively, buying a simple basic case will also do the trick. You will need creative tapes, your pencil case, and scissors. Glue or stick the tapes across the case in any design that you want.

Notebook pocket pencil case

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You don’t need to design an over the top pencil case; attaching one on your notebook is also an idea. All you will need for this design is an old shirt cut into pocket designs. Thread the pocket together and then glue the pocket to your notebook. You can add simple decorations too if you so wish.

Duct tape pencil case

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As crazy as it sounds, duct tape can be used to make classy pencil pouches. For this creation, you will need a storage plastic bag, ruler, duct tape, and three-hole punch. It is essential for you to cut the storage bag into the right sizes.

No sewing DIY pencil case

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If you don’t like needles, then this is the right case for you. To make this elegant design you will need craft foams, colored duct tape, hole puncher, ribbon, and Velcro tabs. You can also choose to decorate the pouch with a bowtie.

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DIY Pencil Case Permit the glue to dry for 24 humans resources. I made two kind of pencil case one is the clear one as well as another is with material backing. If you are making the material backing, permit couple of minutes for the adhesive to completely dry after that apply glue in the same way to the rear of the bag you produced and glue the fabric to it. (Only on 3 sides).

How to Make a Pencil Case

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