DIY Vanity Mirror With Lights for Bathroom and Makeup Station

DIY VANITY MIRROR – Vanity mirrors come in countless variations: square, round, or in unusual shapes. There are small and big, some with no, others with frames. Even the frames are available in different materials, colors, and styles. If you want to make one that can blend with your room nicely, you can go for DIY vanity mirror bathroom makeup.

A mirror in the bathroom should be functional in the first place. Especially useful are mirrors with integrated lighting or hinged mirror doors. On the other hand, in the corridor, mirrors are often combined with a wardrobe, which saves space.

There are also mirror elements for decorative wall decorations, such as mirrored tiles. If several of these tiles are hung in a row or in a square, you will get an effective decoration. But mirror tiles can also be practical, for example, as a make-up check on your doorstep. Here we have some ideas of vanity mirror to help you with the project.

DIY Vanity Mirror Bathroom Makeup to Beautify Your Room

Vanity Mirror With Light Bulbs

A vanity mirror table with light bulbs is so lovable and on every girl’s shopping list. This large makeup mirror with lights is really suitable for every makeup addict. This style of vanity mirror also called Hollywood vanity mirror because the design is the same as seen on the television show.

You can install this kind of mirror anywhere you like. Furthermore, the vanity mirror with light bulbs will give your space an elegant appearance.

Hiden Vanity Mirror

Hiden Vanity Mirror

You will surely love this style of the vanity mirror. It has a lot of cabinets which allows you to place many things such as your makeup tools and product in it. It also has a hidden mirror that you can open and close. Anyone won’t expect it and amazed when they see it. Its color in white also makes it easier to blend with any paint color of your room.

Pink Vanity Mirror

Pink Vanity Mirror

This pink vanity mirror is just perfect for anyone who loves pink. The design is so elegant and girly till making every girl want to install it on their space. Adding a cabinet beside the table is also nice to place all of your makeup because the table doesn’t have it.

The shelves on the other sides of the vanity mirror also give it a nice look. You can place all of your brush in a clear sphere container and place it on a shelf. Not only giving your space looks more gorgeous, but it also helps you see the brush that you want to use easily.

Simple DIY Vanity Mirror

Simple DIY Vanity Mirror

A set of wall table and with the simple lighted vanity mirror is great to install in a small space. Nonetheless, you still can apply your makeup like a pro because the mirror has lightbulbs on each side. It can provide a great lighting when you apply your makeup.

If the two cabinets under the table aren’t enough to store all your things, you can place some of it on the table.

Simple Vanity Mirror

Simple Vanity Mirror

This idea will surely fit for anyone who wants to DIY their vanity mirror with a little budget. You can use a simple and small table to support your vanity mirror. But, you need to make sure that the table is strong enough to support the mirror.

To cut the expense, you can use a round plastic chair. That chair is pretty cheap. You can also use any chair that you already have as long as it fit the table and the vanity mirror.

Small Mirror Vanity

Small Mirror Vanity

You can go with this DIY if you want not to install the mirror on the wall. As a replacement, you can use small round standing mirror. Choose a clear box to collect all your makeup product and tools. Then, place it on the table beside the mirror. It will help you a lot to store all your things and look for it easily when needed.

If you don’t have enough budgets to do the DIY, this one will be best for you.

Small Vanity Mirror

Small Vanity Mirror

This style of vanity mirror looks so classy and elegant, isn’t it? If you don’t have a large space to put on your vanity mirror, go for this DIY. The mirror is already set under the table. So, you don’t need to think where to place it again. Although it is small, it has lights that is really essential when applying makeup at night.

Vanity Mirror With Light

Vanity Mirror With Light

Placing this vanity mirror in your room will certainly make your room looks luxurious. The design of the table seems so magnificent and flossy. But, you need to make sure that you have enough space in your room to place this table because it is large enough.

The light on the vanity mirror will either help you to apply the makeup flawlessly or create an expensive look. Perfect for anyone who has large space and enough budget.

Vanity Mirror Without Light

Vanity Mirror Without Light

If your room gets enough source of natural light, you can go with this DIY. Not only the mirror is cheap, but the installation is also easy. You can use any table at your house to support the mirror because it is not that heavy. To make it neatly, you can put your things in some plastic containers and organize it as shown.

White Vanity Mirror

White Vanity Mirror

White is the most chosen color for the vanity. That color is natural, elegant, and blend easily with another color. For you who don’t like to put many of your makeup tools and product on the table, this idea would be an ideal alternative. The design is so simple and makes your vanity looks neat.

The large vanity mirror with lights will definitely help you to apply your makeup goodly. Placing a flower vase on the table as on ornament is a good choice too.

In the past, mirrors were symbols of wealth. But today they hang in every home because mirrors are not only functional but also wonderfully decorative. Especially for anyone who like to apply makeup. They will set up a nice vanity mirror or go for DIY vanity mirror bathroom makeup.

Whether it is applying makeup or styling hair, the bedroom mirror plays an essential role in every girl’s life. It is the desire of all the ladies to own classy, elegant, and fancy vanity mirrors. These very luxurious pieces of furniture bring out the elegance of every bedroom.

It is perfectly fine to buy the already created pieces. But, making your vanity mirror will give you an opportunity to add your personality to the mirror.

The vanity mirrors are versatile when it comes to the design and the size. However, regardless of the mirror design that you choose, there are essential items that you need to possess. The items include plywood, drill, screwdriver, paintbrush, paint, screws, and mirror.

Making a vanity mirror may not be as easy as 1, 2, 3, but it is incredibly satisfying and below is few ideas that you can try.

Portable DIY vanity mirror

Image result for DIY minimalist vanity mirror

Creating the movable vanity mirror will give you a chance to carry and move the mirror from one place to the next. The minimalist mirror fits perfectly in this category although you will have to install stands for the mirror. If you are looking for quality on value, then this is the perfect option. It is important to note that the mirrors are fragile.

Lighted DIY vanity mirror

Image result for DIY vanity mirror light bulbs

The lighted DIY mirrors will give your bedroom an elegant appearance. These mirrors are designed with lighted bulbs. The vanity mirrors are easy to fix, and you can install them anywhere you want. When installing the lighted vanity mirror, you need to consider the mirror table. It is essential to buy or design a durable table to support the mirror.

DIY Hat Rack

The lighted frame DIY mirror

DIY Vanity Mirror with Lighted Frame

If you are tired of the old vanity mirror, this is the perfect option for you. The frame will add flair to the mirrors and create an expensive look. You need to exercise caution when installing the mirror frame on the mirror. It is also important for you to choose the correct lighting system as a bright one can ruin the look altogether. You can also consider adding multiple colors. The mirrors are very fragile and can be hard to install.

The Vanity bathroom mirror

DIY Bathroom Vanity Mirror

You can opt for the idea of having the mirror in your bathroom. The bathroom design will determine the size of the mirror. To make the mirror elegant, you can install a wood-like frame all around.

Hollywood DIY vanity mirror

Image result for long hollywood vanity mirror

This type of mirror is characterized by the length of the mirror. It is usually very long compared to other designs. The mirrors are also surrounded by bulbs around the frame making them unique. The mirror is suitable for larger rooms because of its length. It is a little pricey to design compared to the other types, but with its features, you will get the value for your money.

Cemented DIY vanity mirror

DIY Cement Vanity Mirror

You don’t have to install the mirror on the wall; creating a fancy cement mirror holder is a great option. Take cement and add it to the bottom of the mirror and let it dry for the mirror to stick firmly. The mirror is portable. The cemented vanity mirror is an inexpensive design that is unique and durable.

DIY Computer Desk

Art vanity mirror

Related image

Creating an art-inspired vanity mirror frame will make the mirror classy and elegant. Wood is a perfect option as it can be easily curved. Gluing art-like projects on the mirror frame is an ideal option for you. Use random art objects that you can find to create the mirror design.

Roped vanity mirror

Related image

Take the design a little bit higher with the roped vanity mirror. The ropes can be added on any mirror design that you choose. However, the ropes tend to look elegant in the circular vanity mirrors. The ropes give the mirror a traditional look with a contemporary touch. The mirrors are durable compared to the other designs.

DIY Jewelry Box

Mosaic vanity mirror

Image result for mosaic tiled diy vanity mirror

Adding mosaic tiles in the vanity mirror creates a luxurious appearance. Mosaic tiles differ when it comes to the design and shapes and choosing one won’t be a problem. You can glue them tiles together with great caution not to destroy the design. The finished look is very attractive and classy. The mirrors will require great care and maintenance.

The Sunburst vanity mirror

Image result for sunburst diy vanity mirror

The sunburst design creates a unique appearance. The sunburst mirrors are versatile in design, and you can choose a design that complements your room. The mirror is easy to make and creates space in your bedroom. If you are looking for a small-sized mirror, the sunburst mirror is perfect as it is small in size and shape.

Foldable vanity mirror

Image result for tri-fold diy vanity mirror

You can design a tri-fold mirror for your room. The mirror provides you with high visuals. Because of its design, the mirror can’t be moved around.

5 Ways on How to Build Your Own DIY Vanity Mirror

Who has not dreamt of having a vanity mirror in their bedroom? As a woman, it is a craving, a want, even a need! Vanity mirrors are used as a makeup spot in a room. The vanity itself means the centerpiece that is equipped with drawers for storage.

There are vanities out in the market without mirrors, but it would not complete your makeup spot dream. Tons of vanity mirror styles are available for you to copy and bring to your room. Aside from being pretty and useful, it would also definitely be a convenient way for you to do your makeup in a glamorous way.

It does not stop there, a vanity mirror will, without a doubt, take your decor to a whole new level of sophistication. Dull looking bedroom? Say goodbye to that because this vanity mirrors you are bringing into your bedroom is going to be an accent piece, a classic makeup spot, and a glamorous decor all at the same time!

Let’s jump straight into the DIY vanity mirror ideas!

Vanity Mirror LED

A screen shot of a computer desk Description generated with high confidence

A vanity mirror did not always have to look and designed super glamorous or expensive. You can, in fact, use any table with drawers that you have and complete it with a lighted mirror above. The mirror does not have to come in a set but look at the simplicity of it, causing a timeless beauty to the vanity mirror.

You can now enjoy the comfort of a movie star makeup spot right from your bedroom! Especially that is supported by the LED lights that provide such a bright piece, making it easier for you to put on your makeup without the slightest flaw in the morning.

Vanity Mirror with Drawers

A picture containing floor, indoor, wall, table Description generated with very high confidence

Sometimes you just have too much stuff. Sometimes your storage just is not enough. A great way to deal with that when it comes to a vanity mirror is to choose a vanity with drawers. It is the trick to making your vanity mirror space always looking tidy and not cluttered. You can hide and store it all inside of the drawers!

Choose vertical drawers on the right and the left side of the vanity for easy access and gorgeous looking vanity. Make sure to top it off with the same width vanity mirror to create an elegant look.

If these drawers from the vanity are still not enough storage for your stuff, you can always add storage pieces that are similar in style and color to the tabletop. This will lessen the cluttered look immediately.

Try it now and thank me later!

Flip Top Vanity Table Plans

A wooden table Description generated with very high confidence

A flip top vanity table is dual function. Open it up; it’s your magical makeup DIY vanity mirror. Close it, it is a multipurpose table; you can get your homework done, you can journal, you can draw, you can use it to whatever purpose you need it to be.

When you flip up this vanity’s top, it reveals a mirror and three desk compartments, working as a storage for your stuff. The elegant touch to this vanity table is the steel hairpins material of the table’s legs.

Enjoy your multipurpose vanity table!

Homemade Vanity Mirror

A lamp that is sitting on a table Description generated with very high confidence

As we all know, vanity mirrors come in many shapes: square, rounds, and sometimes in an unusual shape. If you want one that blends easily and nicely with your room, you can go with a homemade vanity mirror adjusting to your space.

But most importantly, it must be functional. Choose a mirror that is big enough for you and add lights to the surrounding of the mirror. If you have enough space, you can even add a standing mirror next to your vanity mirror.

To achieve that polished and put together-look of a vanity mirror, even a homemade one, make sure the colors blend. Like the picture above, both the mirror and the tabletop have the same paint color, making it look like one set piece of the vanity mirror.

Vanity Mirror for Makeup

A view of a kitchen Description generated with very high confidence

A vanity mirror is known for its use of makeup application. The vanity mirror area is usually stuffed with everything it needs to beautify oneself: hair dryer, hair straightener, nail polish, makeup, and other skin products.

Sometimes the vanity mirror for makeup just won’t be big enough. Therefore, you can add additional makeup storage. Make sure that it is reachable from your vanity mirror seat. And for a makeup vanity mirror, it is best to have a small width table, making it easier for you to come as close as possible to the mirror, checking your makeup.

And those are some DIY vanity mirror ideas for your private space. Your bedroom, your workspace at home, and to your bathroom.

Looking put together and being well groomed is now super easy, even in the hectic mornings.


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