15+ Unique Stylish CD and DVD Storage Ideas

Hello, movie lovers. Do you have any difficulties in organizing your DVD? Well, each movie lover has their own way to organize their DVD collection. Some people like to organize their collection in a hidden storage, while some prefer to show their collection in unique way.

If you have enough space to show your collection, you can buy a DVD rack to store your large DVD collection. But, if you don’t, you can also maximize your wall space by using wall storage. Whatever your choice is, a movie lover will consider to keep the collection in good conditions.

Do you feel confused how to organize your too-much-DVD collection in order and keep them in good conditions? Don’t worry. We have 20 unique DVD storage ideas to follow, which are not only creative, but also space saving and easy to apply.


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DVD Storage Ideas

So, let’s check it out. Here is the list of 20 unique DVD storage for you. Don’t forget to tell us which DVD storage idea is your favorite.

20. Neat and Tidy DVD Storage

Cube Dvd Storage
Cube Dvd Storage | Pinterest.com

(Image by Pinterest, link to https://id.pinterest.com/pin/538320961690335560/)

If you want to keep your collection neat and tidy, but also want to organize your collection in an artistic way, this wall rack idea will be perfect for you. You can manage your collection based on the movie genre, title, or color. Using wall rack, this DVD storage idea will be a good wall decoration for your room without taking up too much space.

What do you think about this neat and tidy style? Do you think it is perfect idea for you?

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19. Built-in Wall DVD Storage

Built-in Wall Dvd Storage Ideas
Built-in Wall Dvd Storage Ideas | Pinterest.com

(Image by Pinterest, link to https://id.pinterest.com/pin/700661654502650453/)

Rustic style lovers would definitely like this DVD storage idea. Simple, without consuming too much space, this built-in DVD storage will not only keep your collection in good conditions, but also will give your room an elegant look. This is perfect for you who have too many DVD to store but don’t have to much space to set some racks.

So, do you feel like trying to apply this DVD storage idea?

18. The Simple Display DVD Storage

(Image by Pinterest, link to https://id.pinterest.com/pin/397372367116378163/)

Don’t hide your DVD collection. Show your collection with this simple wall shelf. This wall shelf can be a perfect substitution for wall decoration. You can find your favorite movie easily and be proud of your DVD collection. But beware, this DVD storage idea might not be safe for your collection since your DVD can be easily stolen.

What do you think? Does a simple DVD storage idea match your personality?

17. Another Simple Display

(Image by Pinterest, link to https://id.pinterest.com/pin/684969424553204511/)

Here is another simple DVD storage idea for your simple personality. This storage idea is cheap, does not take up too much space, and so easy to apply. All you need is just to maximize the space of your wall, which means you need a spacy wall to store your DVD collection. Well, what do you think about this storage idea? Do you prefer the previous idea? Or this one?

16. The Circular DVD Storage Ideas

(Image by Pinterest, link to https://id.pinterest.com/pin/765963849100683679/

A simple DVD wall storage is too boring for you? Why don’t you try this circular DVD storage? It’s easy, useful, and looks artistic. Besides, this circular wall storage can also be used to store your books and put some decorations too. If you don’t have too many DVD collection, this circular storage can be a good idea.

This wall storage looks so unique, and is a good match for a unique personality. Do you think your personality is unique enough to have this unique DVD storage?

15. Elegance in Simplicity DVD Storage

(Image by Pinterest, link to https://id.pinterest.com/pin/212584044897030134/)

Okay, the look is maybe not simple. But, this wall storage is not too much and not too eye-striking, don’t you think so? This wall storage is perfect for your DVD collection if you don’t have too many DVD collection. It can also be used as a bookshelf too. To make your room greener, you can also put a little cactus plant as a decoration. This DVD storage idea is a good idea for a rustic syle lover.

So, what do you think about this rustic DVD storage idea? Would you like to try this unique DVD storage idea?

14. Too Many DVDs?

(Image by Pinterest, link to https://id.pinterest.com/pin/445504588109378147/)

Too many DVDs makes you confuse how to store them? Well, it’s time to upgrade your DVD storage to this huge cupboard. You can store all your collection and organize them according to the movie title or the genre. The cupboard also has an additional space to put some decorations as you can see in the picture. This is perfect for a movie addict.

Do you have too many DVDs? Tell us if you would to try this storage idea.

13. That Vintage Look DVD Storage Ideas

(Image by Pinterest, link to https://id.pinterest.com/pin/732468326869726693/)

Displaying your collection seems too much for your personality because you don’t like colorful stuffs destroying your room color palette? Well, you may need a movie collection cupboard like this wooden DVD storage. It has several drawers to organize your collection according to the movie title or genre.This storage idea will give your room a classy look and perfect for you who likes to have a room in not too much colorful style.

So, what do you think about this storage idea? Do you like to try this idea later?

12. Use Your Stairs DVD Storage

(Image by Pinterest, link to https://id.pinterest.com/pin/547750373425490268/)

Do you want to store your DVD collection in an unusual way? Why don’t try using your stairs? This multifunctional storage is perfect for you who don’t want to take too much space to store your DVD collection and also want to make your room looks more artistic. So, do you think a convenient storage idea matches your personality? You can try this DVD storage idea then.

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11. F.I.L.M DVD STorage Ideas

(Image by Pinterest, link to https://id.pinterest.com/pin/182677328612726215/)

Do you want the whole world to know that you are addicted to movie? Why don’t you show your movie collection with this unusual alphabet wall storage? This DVD storage idea will be a great idea for your wall decoration. But don’t forget to set this wall storage on theplain colored wall, otherwise your wall will look too much decorated.

What do you think about this DVD storage idea? Would you like to try this idea later?

10. The Luxury Look

(Image by Pinterest, link to https://id.pinterest.com/pin/584834701587611570/)

If you consider your self as a rustic style lover, but want to keep your room looks luxurious, this DVD storage idea will be a great idea for you. You don’t have to show your collection, because it will ruin the color palette of your room. You can store your collection inside your TV cupboard. This unpolished wooden cupboard will make your rustic room looks more elegant.

Why bother buying a DVD rack if you can store it inside your TV cupboard? Tell us if you would like to try this DVD storage idea.

9. Simple Wooden DVD Storage

(Image by Pinterest, link to https://id.pinterest.com/pin/299841287664087917/)

Need something to decorate your wall? Why don’t use your movie collection as wall decoration too? All you need is a wall storage that matches your room concept and your own personality. If you like something simple but also artistic, you can try setting this simple wooden DVD storage. Set it in rectangular order, and put a little wall decoration in the middle.

The simpler, the better. Do you agree with that?

8. DVD Storage Idea for Music Lover

(Image by Pinterest, link to https://id.pinterest.com/pin/627126316838932049/)

Do you happen to be a music lover and a movie addict? Well, this DVD storage idea will be great for you. It looks artistic and functional too. But unfortunately, you will need an additional storage if you have many DVD collections since this idea does not load many DVDs. What do you think about this DVD storage idea?

7. That Unusual DVD Rack

(Image by Pinterest, link to https://id.pinterest.com/pin/850969292060253953/)

This unique DVD rack will be a good idea for your room. It does not take up too much space, but demands your wall space. It will enhance the look of your room without setting up too much wall decoration. It will also be a perfect match for your plain colored wall or wall with wallpaper, because the design is so simple.

So, do you think this simple DVD storage will suit your room concept? Do tell us in the comment section.

6. Platform Storage Bed DVD

(Image by Pinterest, link to https://id.pinterest.com/pin/153826143492046272/)

Platform storage bed will always be people’s favorite. It’s simple, does not take up too much space, and is a convenient storage. If platform storage bed alone is not enough to store your DVDs, you can also store your DVDs on wall rack above your bed. Looks like people who choose this idea is a movie maniac, right?

So, if you are a movie maniac, this DVD storage idea will be a perfect idea for you. Would you like to have a new bed for this sophisticated DVD storage?

5. The Colorful DVD Cases

(Image by Pinterest, link to https://id.pinterest.com/pin/711639178588811698/)

If you like colorful stuffs and girly look, this unique DVD storage is a perfect idea for you. Set it in the corner of the room. You don’t have to follow the color order, instead set it randomly on your plain colored wall. Especially if your wall is painted in white.

This is perfect for people with cheerful personality. Do you think this idea will match your personality? Tell us about that in the comment section.

4. Double Layer Storage

(Image by Pinterest, link to https://id.pinterest.com/pin/271693789992259698/)

Too much DVDs makes you feel confused how to store them? Why don’t you try this convenient double layer storage idea? The first layer for those DVDs you would like to show to your friends, and the second layer for your favorite DVDs. This DVD storage idea is not only simple and can load many DVDs, it also will make your room looks more elegant. Especially if you choose the right color.

So, what do you think? You feel like trying this DVD storage idea?

3. The Rustic DVD Storage

(Image by Pinterest, link to https://id.pinterest.com/pin/107664247313175186/)

Who says DVD storage needs to have a modern and futuristic look? You can also have the classic look by setting a rustic DVD storage above your vintage sofa. The wooden wall storage will define the classic look of your room. This idea is perfect for you if you don’t need a huge storage since your DVD collection is not that much.

Looks so classy, isn’t it?

2. The Modern Look

(Image by Pinterest, link to https://id.pinterest.com/pin/516295544753203595/)

Designing your room in black and white color palette? This simple TV cupboard can be perfect for you. You can store your DVDs without making them look eye-striking and destroying the color palette of your room by storin them in the left and right side of your TV cupboard. This design will give your room a modern and neat look.

So, do you want to try this storage idea?

1. Simple Wooden Rack

(Image by Pinterest, link to https://id.pinterest.com/pin/106679084893940210/)

Having your TV room in rustic style? It’s not a bad idea. Instead of setting a sofa, you can put a rattan chair and unpolished wooden rack as your DVD storage. This DVD storage will not ruin the rustic look, instead it will make your room looks more classy. Don’t forget to paint your wooden wall in white, because it will enhance the beauty of your wooden DVD rack.

So classic, isn’t it?

That was the list of 20 unique DVD storage ideas you might never think before. Some people might like the modern look while the other might prefer the classic look. Some storage ideas above will be perfect for you who have a huge DVD collection while the other ideas can only be applied if your DVD collection is not that much.

So, which DVD storage idea do you like the most? Will you apply that storage idea for your TV room? Do share your answer with us in the comment section.

More Picture Ideas

Any person with an unmanageable DVD collection recognizes the pain of picking via chaotic drawers of movies to locate the one you remain in the mood for. Those with a much more easy-access storage solution could not have problem grabbing “Caddyshack” off the rack on a whim, yet a shelf of DVD situations is rarely an appealing addition to your living room.

Right here are 10 creative ways to arrange and also save DVDs and also Blu-rays so they’re either concealed or a sight you will not mind looking at each day.

Store discs in stacked, labeled CD books

Store discs in stacked, labeled CD books

Ditch all your bulky DVD instances as well as store the DVDs themselves in identified storage situations. These Atlantic Parade storage space dices are very easy on the eyes. (They’re likewise readily available at Target and also other stores.) The blog Cake for 2 has more suggestions for organizing your discs similar to this.

Hide them in pretty shoeboxes

Hide them in pretty shoeboxes

If you prefer to keep your DVDs in their initial cases yet still desire them hidden, cost-effective memory boxes from a craft shop could organize your collection while looking good on a shelf. The Container shop even makes boxes specifically created for DVD storage space.

dvd storage ideas File them

Submit your flicks by name or style so you could rapidly locate exactly what you’re looking for and save them discreetly. If you want to maintain the DVD jackets, use these sleeves from Atlantic. The blog Eat.Sleep.Decorate. has even more pointers for filing your discs.

Organize by color on floating shelves

Organize by color on floating shelves

For those with a huge collection, saving on shelves may be your finest option. Get innovative with a wall of drifting racks, as well as take it an action additionally by arranging your DVDs by color to give them some added visual passion.

Store them in the bathroom

Also if you stay in a little area, you could obtain your DVDs totally from your living location by keeping them on shelves in the restroom. Unique, yet why not?

Hang them on a wall

Hang them on a wall

Instead of concealing your DVDs, utilize them as art. Area the discs in clear storage containers as well as hang them on a wall surface or window.

Spell with shelves

Use your DVDs as art, sequel. This job from IKEA Hacker transforms fundamental IKEA racks into letters to hold DVDs.

Hide them in a cabinet with doors

This library card directory media cabinet from Target is the supreme old-meets-new storage remedy.

Use a cool tree-shaped bookcase

Use a cool tree-shaped bookcase

DVD Storage Ideas, Say goodbye to boring rows of upright DVD situations. A special, branch-shaped bookcase would provide your collection a make over. This set from French designer Olivier Dolle could be unattainable, yet If you come in handy, you can probably make one yourself.

movie storage ideas

Hexagonal, or honeycomb, racks are warm now, and also they ‘d quickly improve a DVD collection. Hang the shelving system on a wall, or utilize it as the base for a table. Here’s a step-by-step tutorial on the best ways to make your own.

Store your DVDs in binders

Store your DVDs in binders

Obtain a number of binders in a shade you like and add rather identifies to their spines. Put in the time to create a tabulation of every one of your DVDs to make it easy to discover the flick you intend to enjoy. This terrific tutorial includes all the steps and materials you should organize your DVD collection in binders! Each 1.5-inch binder could stand up to 120 DVDs.

Use DVD slips in a basket or a drawer

Use DVD slips in a basket or a drawer

DVD Storage Ideas, or flick sleeves, are an excellent method to keep your DVDs They’re a lot less bulky compared to DVD situations, even though they could hold two DVDs each sleeve along with cover art. This DVD organization tutorial shows you how to store as well as organize motion picture sleeves in a little basket. You might discover a really rather basket or box with lid and show it in your Television Set or cabinet as useful style.

Build a shelf case that’s designed to fit your DVDs

Build a shelf case that’s designed to fit your DVDs

dvd storage space suggestions, If you have some wall surface area to store your DVD collection, you can develop your very own DVD shelf instance. This tutorial shows you just how. So much better compared to using a common bookcase as well as losing a great deal of area on each shelf, since a lot of racks are much deeper than the width of a DVD. Fresh and Unique Interior Design Portfolio

Build a DVD shelving unit on the back of a closet door

Build a DVD shelving unit on the back of a closet door

This tutorial shows you ways to construct a DVD storage space device that could be held on a storage room door! Concealing away your DVD collection is as easy as shutting your storage room door. If you have strong timber doors, you might screw the shelving system precisely the door. For just $35 and also around 2 hrs, this is a terrific DVD company suggestion.

Invest in an attractive DVD organizer

Invest in an attractive DVD organizer

There are many products that organize DVD collections, yet not every one of them are pleasing to consider. Look for a DVD coordinator that is simple on the eyes as well as sensible to use. This nice-looking DVD organizer separates your collection by shade and also it’s truly basic to utilize. You might add labels making it even more organized.

Put floating shelves on a narrow wall between two doors

Put floating shelves on a narrow wall between two doors

Do you have a narrow wall in your residence that’s between two doors? These slim spaces are often left blank since they’re also little for a furniture or a bookcase, however you could put up DIY drifting shelves to hold your DVDs there! This tutorial hacks an IKEA Absence table to make the drifting shelves, yet any kind of floating shelf tutorial would certainly work equally as well, similar to this one.

Convert your DVDs to a digital format and store them on a portable hard drive

Store discs in stacked, labeled CD books

dvd storage concepts, The utmost method to arrange your DVD collection is to digitize it completely. In this way, the only room your DVD collection occupies is virtual area, other than a slim mobile hard disk drive. If you have plenty of memory available in your computer system, you can save it all there rather. There are plenty of tutorials online, however here’s a great one.

Phoenix home’s hidden DVD storage

Phoenix home's hidden DVD storage ideas

Phoenix az residence’s concealed media storage. A DVD collection as remarkable as this needs to be organized with treatment, yet it’s not constantly ideal to maintain it on screen. These doors take out for storage space with very easy gain access to.

Streamline DVD and CD collections

Streamline DVD and CD collections
DVD Storage Ideas

If you have a big motion picture or songs collection, conserve on your own a couple of boxes by relocating the discs right into binder sleeves as well as throwing out the instances. If you already have your music collection on your computer system, think about removing the CDs completely.

Media Centers are a fashionable feature in new homes

Media Centers are a fashionable feature in new homes

dvd storage concepts or Media Centers are a fashionable function in new homes, and a preferred remodeling task for existing residences. With open layout, the media space is frequently designed adjacent to the kitchen, and it makes great feeling to aesthetically connect these rooms with each other with coordinating cabinetry styling and coatings.

DVD storage solutions

Dura Supreme’s entertainment cabinets is designed to fit the standard sizing demands for media elements. With our entertainment devices, your stereo, audio speakers, pc gaming systems, and also film library can be maintained organized as well as easily accessible.

DVD storage books

The enjoyment center shown right here is simply one instance of the many various appearances that can be developed with Dura Supreme’s amusement cabinets. The quality building and construction you expect from Dura Supreme, with every one of our door styles, wood types as well as finishes, to create the one-of-a-kind look that completely complements your home and also your way of living.

creative ways to store DVDs

Amusement cabinets from Dura Supreme could be developed to integrate effortlessly with your living-room furniture as well as various other cabinets within the home. Dura Supreme’s Crestwood Kitchen cabinetry is revealed right here with “Montego” cupboard door design in Knotty Alder timber with the Heavy Patina “D” finish.

DVD Stand Ideas

DVD Stand Ideas

This film stand is made from recovered fir floor covering. The only way to locate this sort of timber grain anymore, is with redeemed product. The grain of the wood is absolutely sensational and would certainly be a lovely method to present any movie fans favored motion pictures. Just over one foot high and just over 2 feet long. Can stand up to 50 DVDs (relying on the density of the DVD case).

Cd Dvd Media Storage Cabinet

Cd Dvd Media Storage Cabinet

DVD Storage Ideas, These pictures are certified to Diamond Cabinetry of Master Brand name Cabinets Diamond is a semi-custom closet line that permits entry level customized cupboard alterations. They offer a broad option of wood varieties, building and construction degrees, costs finishes in spots, paints and glazes. Together with numerous door styles and interior accessories, this cabinets is fitting for all designs!

MeidMedia Room Cabinets

MeidMedia Room Cabinets

Separated, high, multidimensional paintinged MDF closets for DVD, computer game, television and video game parts storage space and company. With slide-out “racks” (drawers) behind elevated panel doors, as well as flexible shelves with back quits.

A DVD Organizer For Movies In Bed

A DVD Organizer For Movies In Bed

DVD Storage Ideas, If your favorite activity in bed is enjoying motion pictures, why keep your DVD collection in the living room? Shop ’em under your bed in a pull-out drawer the size of your bed mattress. Then put it away and unseen after you make your selection.

Media Storage Ideas

media storage ideas
Handcrafted wood media cupboard, Made of strong maple, cherry or walnet wood this functional cabinet is tidy as well as simple. Crafted manually, the Hudson supplies a lot of deep, concealed storage.

Unique Media Storage Ideas

Leaning media stand and bookcase

Leaning media stand as well as bookcase, A leaning wall system with sufficient space for publications and also present things makes a straightforward as well as spacious media storage service as well. Full with moving door cupboards, cord monitoring and also air flow ports, this is one smooth system.

Cool Media Storage Ideas

Bridged hardwood media suite Comprised of several different units, the Logan media system can be customized to fit any space. Available in three finishes and two sizes, the unit also contains cord cut-outs in the back to help with wire management.

Bridged hardwood media suite Included a number of various systems, the Logan media system could be customized to fit any room. Readily available in 3 coatings as well as two dimensions, the device likewise consists of cord cut-outs in the back in order to help with cord management.

Media Storage Solutions

Modern media collection This media storage unit is comprised of two seperate pieces: a tower and a stand with a back panel that can be adjusted to suit your needs. This collection offers two drawers for hidden storage and plenty of display space.

Modern media collection This media storage space system is included 2 seperate pieces: a tower and also a stand with a back panel that could be gotten used to match your needs. This collection supplies 2 cabinets for covert storage space and a lot of display room.

Build a DVD shelf inside of the closet

Build a DVD shelf inside of the closet

Having a comprehensive DVD collection could offer you as well as your household with hours of interesting enjoyment, but all of those discs can use up a lot of area.

DIY DVD storage

Take a look at these smart DIY CD as well as DVD storage space ideas for real estate your DVD collection but hidden. Spaces in this listing are typically disregarded, accumulating dirt, when they could be used to your benefit. Pick one of them for yourself. You will never ever select via chaotic drawers of flicks to find the one you’re in the mood for.

Colourful DVD and books Storage Cabinets

Colourful DVD and books Storage Cabinets

DVD Storage Ideas, This round cardboard rack not only provides room for your movie DVDS and also publications, however also boost your residence interior decoration.

Enjoy with colour This collection of storage boxes provides a vibrant focal point for the room, along with abundant area in which to keep as well as present items. It demonstrates remarkably that you don’t constantly need to conceal things away: a neat screen of books and also prizes could make an attractive feature in its very own right.


DVD storage ideas

Dvd Storage Shelves

DVD Storage Ideas, For the entertainment center task we wanted to update to a large display TV and also border sound components in the family members room of a 1930’s farmhouse but without modifying the character of the vintage heavily paneled area.

CD Storage Ideas

The room had a small not practical narrow as well as deep wardrobe. The closet area, when extended would create enough space for a huge TELEVISION, component closet and a series of varying size cabinets to suit CD’s, DVD’s, card games and also most notably a huge volume storage for blankets and parlor game.

Left over area above the pull out cabinets as well as behind the TV would permit a person to enter and easily make the plethora of electrical wiring links required for modern-day elements initially and also in the future.

Shelving Spaces Make Any Kid’s Room

Shelving Spaces Make Any Kid's Roo

DVD Storage Ideas. The closet space, when prolonged would certainly create adequate space for a big TV, part closet and also a series of varying dimension cabinets to suit CD’s, DVD’s, card games as well as most significantly a large quantity storage space for coverings and also board games.

Blu-ray storage ideas

Left over room over the pull out cabinets and behind the TV would permit an individual to get in as well as conveniently make the wide range of circuitry connections needed for contemporary components initially and in the future.

hidden DVD storage

Left over room above the take out drawers and also behind the TELEVISION would enable an individual to enter and also conveniently make the wide range of circuitry connections required for modern components at first and also in the future.

storage dvd  ideas

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