20+ Easy and Cheap Garage Storage Ideas

Garage Storage Ideas | A garage is usually for people to dump whatever tools they don’t really use in their home, beside parking a car. We usually found many households just store their equipment without organizing. Sometimes, this leads to another problem, where you need to find a certain item you stored taking much time in the urgent situation.

Making your garage storage into a useful workshop also could help you find a new hobby include of making furniture, or also help you fix things by yourself, instead of taking it to a repair workshop. All the more reason, if you are into mechanics, and like to modify many of things in your home.

You don’t have to read Marie Kondo’s book to feel good with a tidy room. For most of us, it seems inherent in our soul to feel great with nicely arranged stuff. Now if you feel the need to rearrange your garage, here we offer you some of the sweetest garage storage ideas to make yours nice and tidy. Let’s begin.

Garage Storage Ideas

1. Garage Shelves Ideas

garage shelving ideas


See the garage here? All are in their appropriate positions. Leaving much of the room for your beloved car. And yet, you still have ample room to do any of your hobby or projects.  The key to this garage’s arrangements is its shelving approaches. If you’re a carpentry enthusiast like this garage owner, it has a regular shelf for stuff like your driller, cutter, and other carpentry tools. You also have special shelves for the wood planks. The other smaller things are contained in wall shelves. Under the workbench, you still can hoard several plastic containers for any other storage place.

2. Hanging Storage Garage Ideas 

Garage Ideas simply
Source: abeautifulmess.com

Now if you love gardening and feel the need to tidy all the gardening tools and stuff in the garage, try this garage idea. Just like the previous ideas, this also centers on shelving. Tough in this idea you’ll have no wood shelving. But basket type and hanging type shelving. They hung on white wood planks. Combined with the wall, the planks themselves can serve as a nice minimalist accent. If you need space arrangement for a garage with limited space, this idea is suitable.

3. Minimalist Garage Storage

Garage Store simplyfutbol
Minimalist Garage Storage Ideas | source: onecrazyhouse.com

Don’t forget to put a hanging rack on the garage. Mainly if you have a small garage. This shelve is handy to store your stuff. In this example, the rack serves as a storage place for many stuff and containers. You even still have ample room beneath to hang any other stuff. For your hobby tools and workbench, other corners of the garage serve you well. Don’t forget to hang all your tools on the pegboard for easy reach. Put the gardening and cleaning tools on a standing rack for tidier garage space.


4. Diy Garage Floating Rack

Diy Garage
source: woodsmithplans.com

A carpentry enthusiast won’t be satisfied with the available or knockdown shelves or workbenches in the market. Not that they’re not good but the often not have the needed sizes for his/her garage space. If you feel this way, do your own garage storage system yourself.  The illustration shows you one of the examples for a small garage. And it accommodates almost all your need as a carpentry enthusiast. It has a simple but very functional design. If you a like neater design, this DIY garage design is yours.

5. Diy Overhead Garage Storage

Diy Overhead Garage Storage
DIY Garage Storage Ideas | source: garagestoragebayarea.com

For a smaller garage, try this DIY overhead garage storage.  It has a simple design, you even don’t have to do any wood workings. All you need is perforated steel racks, the planks, plus bolt and nuts. Don’t forget with the wall driller to get the tidiest result. And you’ll have overhead garage storage like the image example. Furthermore, you also still get plenty of storage area beneath this overhead racks. Use is to hang your bicycles just like the example, or any other stuff. The floor clear of any mess and you still have plenty of room for your car.

6. Tools Storage Ideas

Tool Storage Ideas

When it comes about tool storage, mainly for limited room space, try to use pegboard. Find one or two of the boards that suit based on your needs. Hang them on the wall, you have handy tool storage. All the pliers, hammers, screwdrivers, fit nicely onto it. The good thing about pegboard is that it will allow you to see and find your tools quickly. It also won’t eat much of your space. You also always put rack, or workbench below it, just like the example.

7. Concrete Garage Organizer

Garage Organizer
source: cleanandscentsible.com

Still with pegboards, if you have an unused concrete column in the garage, try this garage organizer. Line the column with pegboard. And use it as your garage organizer. The pegboard will be a practical storage place for all your tools. As you can see here in this illustration, tools like drillers, screwdriver sets, pliers, and other tools are stored tidily on the pegboards. They’re nice to see and also easy to reach.

8. Diy Storage Shelves

Diy Storage Shelves
source: kenarry.com

If you like a rustic looking storage, try these simple-looking wood shelves. The shelves’ designs themselves are simple enough for you if you have the plan to make it yourself. Upon finishing, you’ll find that these selves can store lots of your stuff. Being corner-style shelves, it also space-efficient for any of your room. It means that you will have a big storage place without having to sacrifice your precious room space

9. Garage Wall Ideas

Garage Wall Ideas
Garage Wall Ideas

You have, at least, three option in storing your stuff on your garage wall: pegboards, wood pegs, and floor racks. Here we show you the three alternatives. They’re all space-saving. They’re all also enable you to find the tools easily. Visually, they give you satisfying visual impact from the tidy arrangement. And for your car, you find the arrangements still gives you enough space for the car. Over all, these garage wall ideas are easy to make, if you like to make it yourself.

10. Garage Workshop Ideas

Garage Workshop Ideas
Workshop Garage Storage Ideas | source: popularwoodworking.com

Don’t let the wood planks lay unused on your garage. Turn them into something usable like a wall rack like this one in this illustration.  If you like to start a carpentry project, even for a beginner, this wood rack will be a better start. The design, as you see here, is simple. It only includes rows of planks strengthened by other planks at the back. For the support, you need pegs, also of woods, and some small shelves. But the options of the pegging are up to you.

11. Garage Layout Ideas

Garage Layout Ideas

For the tidier garage, try to put a fixed overhead storage place. You will have a centered storage area to put all your tools or any of your things. This storage system is suitable for you, if you want to have a clutter-free garage. The storage place even have its own cover, for even tidier look and overall integrated feels. Underneath, you still have ample room for your compact car. Nice.

12. Attic Storage Ideas

Attic Storage Ideas
Attic Garage Storage Ideas

Convert your attic, once of the most often neglected part of the house, into one of your most versatile store room. As seen on the example, you may divide the attic into a kind of mezzanine for a lot more alternative storage place. To have even more organized air, put some shelves or racks into the attic. And feel that your attic now functional. You even can put your workbench for your hobby right there, and do whatever project you’d like to do

13. Cool Garage Ideas

Cool Garage Ideas
Cool Garage Storage ideas Ideassource: thediyvillage.com

If you need a handy additional storage place, take your perforated steel that previously you’ve used as your wall-mounted racks. Now you’ll make a hanging rack with the material, plus several hooks, and metal racks. With the illustrated example design, we sure you can do the rest yourself. After finishing, put your containers or any other stuff into it. For smaller and often used tools, complete your garage with pegboards and metal chest with rollers for easy movability.

14 How to Build Garage Shelves

How to Build Garage Shelves
How to Duild Garage Storage Ideassource: remodelandolacasa.com

If you want to build your own garage shelves, divide the shelves type according to your needs. If you want to store containers or hand tools like drillers, cutters and else, use rack type shelves. For the smaller tools like pliers, wrench, or hammers, use pegboards. For an ideal storage system, you need both of the types. Pegboards are also practical for small garage. If you still need additional shelves, you can move up, for a hanging racks. Those shelves help you to make your garage neater and more organized.

15. Shop Storage Ideas

Shop Storage Ideas
Shop Garage Storage ideas | source: bethepro.com

As the need to store your tools increases, you also need bigger storage space. And here is one of the most efficient example. The corner shelves resemble your kitchen cabinets, only this one with open layout. Without doors, for you to pick the needed tools easily. The other shelves are for the wood planks. The long planks occupies the upper shelves, the shorter planks have a special shelves on the floor. See the illustration for details.  As the selves are all mounted or put next to the wall, they also makes your room feels roomier and neater.

16. Garage Organizing Ideas

Garage Organizing Ideas
source: marthastewart.com

This garage organizing idea is suitable for the lover of gardening. It consists of open wooden boxes and open shelves. It also includes peg style storage systems for the shovels, water hoses, and other stuff. The open boxes serve as shelves for your jars, containers, baskets, bottles, seeds, and other small things. As for the wooden shelves on the wall, you may use to put the potted plants, seedlings pots or any other stuff for your hobby. All are in a sweet shabby chic style.

17 Workshop Storage Ideas

Workshop Storage Ideas
source: thehandymansdaughter.com

For your workshop, set your best storage system. Only the best, because you’ll do your activities around the storage systems. It should easy to reach, and you won’t look twice to find your tools. Apart from the regular shelves, you also can choose topical shelves. For example, if you like sewing or knitting, you’ll have special shelves for your threads or fabric collections, just like the following example. And so with shelves for carpentry, you’ll need the suitable shelves for it. But, of course, this is not a rigid rule.

18. Building Garage Shelves


Building garage shelves will may present challenges for a beginner. Yes, you always can make it in a DIY style. But you need the tools and time to do it completely. Need a help? You can always ask a professional to do the job. But if you have the tools and time, it’s time to do it yourself. It will be one of your most satisfying experience. And when you can finish the job, you’ll going to love it. Since you have built it yourself. For a start, try to do the simple shelve like the one in this illustration.

19. Small Garage Ideas

Small Garage Ideas
Small Garage Storage ideas | source: startwoodworking.com

You have only a small garage. But, out of your hobby, you also need a place to unleash your creativity. If happened that carpentry is your passion, then the following workshop design will serve your needs well. It’s small, but it could accommodate almost all your needs in carpentry. You have enough wall-mounted shelves to put any of your tools neatly. You also have workbench to work your projects. All the while, you still have space for your car.

20. Quick and Cheap Garage Organizing Ideas

Quick and Cheap Garage Organizing Ideas
Cheap Garage Storage ideas | source: familyhandyman.com

Need a quick and cheap garage organizing idea? Try these shelves layout. In consists of only three parts: a workbench, 2 open shelves, and a pegboard. This quickie scheme suits well for a small garage or any part of your house. All the parts are integrated so that you have a practical storage systems within your reach as you do any projects.

21. Diy Shelf Storage Ideas

Diy Shelf Ideas
source: organizedmom.net

For the neater people, this DIY Shelves Ideas is yours. It consists of white pegboards, white open shelves, and a minimalist open cabinet, also white. You know well about the pegboards and the cabinet. In this shelf idea, you find something new, row of jars as cute containers for all small stuff. They set on the open shelves neatly, adding a neater air to your room.

DIY Garage Storage / Shelf / Workbench Solution

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