25+ Ideas for Decorating your Garden Fence (DIY)

Garden Fence ideas – As great as it to have a garden, there is one thing that people dread; pests, stray animals, and children playing in the garden. Having your plants and flowers ruined is not fun but, there is something that you can do about it. Installing a garden fence is one of the sure ways of protecting your plants from any external harm.

There is a wide range of garden fence ideas that you can adopt. The fun part is that you can build these fences yourself thereby saving your money.

Garden Fences Ideas

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Garden Fences Ideas

The wooden fences are the most common types of fencing used. Wood is most favored by garden owners because not only is it readily available, but the material gives the garden a natural look. Different options are available to you. There is the split fence design that comes with three wood designs. The simplicity of the fence makes it unique. For maximum benefit, it is advisable to plant along the fence.

If you want to create a country theme to your garden, then the boundary lines are the perfect option for you. The fence comes with a curved design.

The traditional slates are a classic addition to your garden. Not only do they add privacy, but they create a great contrast of color with the bright colored flowers.
Shadow Box Ideas

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Wood and brick are also a great option. Brick is used in modeling the pillars of the fence the rest of the fence comes with well-measured wood pieces.

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Oak fencing will add country appearance to the garden. The hardwood comes with a cool cream-like color and to protect it; you will need to coat the wood with oil. The natural oak color changes to silver hue after some time if left untreated.

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It is important to note that wood is not a durable material. It is prone to wear and tear, and you will need to adopt proper maintenance practices. Replacing the fence every couple of years is also important.

Cedar garden fence

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Cedar is not wood. Most of the wood fences available are usually curved from the pine trees. But cedar fences are from the cedar plant. If you are looking for a durable, decay and rot resistant, then the cedar garden fence is your best option. The cedar fences come with reddish brown and red hues. To add a touch of class and elegance, you can opt for the red-colored fences. They are durable and will maintain their color regardless of the weather season.

Bamboo garden fence

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Bamboo is inexpensive compared to other fence materials because they are available. The material is light too. Bamboo is quite durable and resistant to rotting. There are different versions of the fence that you can choose from a layered look to narrow-spaced fences.

Vinyl garden fence

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The vinyl fences were introduced as an alternative to the wood fences. Even though their popularity never advanced, the fences require low maintenance compared to wood. The vinyl fences are available in various designs. You can choose the split plastic fence. The advantage of these fences is that they have a natural shade of color and thus do not require painting. You can opt for recycled plastic instead.
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Iron garden fences

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The wrought iron fences are versatile in design and shapes. The iron metal is quite durable compared to other materials. When choosing the height and size of the iron fence, consider the design of the garden first.

Aluminum garden fencing

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Aluminum fencing is mostly used in commercial buildings. However, with its durability and versatility, the aluminum garden fencing has been come common among the garden owners. The metal is lightweight and thus makes it suitable if you are looking for temporary fence structure. Due to its flexibility, the aluminum fence can bend depending on the weather.

Steel garden fencing

stel garden fence ideas

The steel fences have been used for decades now. Most people prefer steel to wrought iron because of its rust resistant.

Stone garden fencing

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Dry stones are a great addition to your garden. The fence can be made from a wide range of materials including concrete, bricks, and metals.

Tree garden fences

Tree garden fences

Planting trees is a perfect way of protecting the garden as well as offer shade during the hot summer days. A suitable option will be the espaliered trees that can grow into a garden fence. Due to its root size, the tree occupies a small space in the garden.

Colorful garden fences

Modern fence designs come with a pop of color. You can choose bright colored or combine both traditional and contemporary design for that new look.

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Corrugated metal garden fence

The corrugated metal fences are made in combination with wood. They come with a wooden border that adds a modern touch to the look.

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Ivy garden fence

Create that rural look with these fences. You can choose from vine plants or ivy.

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More Garden Fence Ideas

More Picture Ideas

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Garden Fence ideas

The Ski Fence

The Ski Fence

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The Carved Character Fence

Character garden fence ideas

The Bicycle Fence

Bicycle Fence

The Piano Key Fence

Piano Key Fence

The Shutter Door Fence

Shutter Door Fence

The Pencil Crayon Fence

Pencil Crayon Fence

The Marble Fence

Marble Fence

The Mural Fence

Mural Fence

The Bamboo Fence

Bamboo Fence

The Chalkboard Fence

Chalkboard Fence

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The Stone Barrier Fence

Stone Barrier Fence

The Reversed Direction Fence

Reversed Direction Fence

The Bottle Fence

Bottle Fence

The Surfboard Fence

Surfboard Fence

The Old Road Sign Fence

Old Road Sign Fence

Modern garden fence panels for privacy

Modern garden fence panels for privacy
beautiful garden fence panels
simple decorative garden fence with a touch of nature


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wooden decorative garden fencing


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fantastic decorative garden fencing

fantastic decorative garden fencing
Garden Fence Ideas
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Lastly we wish to explain only one alternative to the garden fencing concepts, a wall of environment-friendly plants, which serves as a screen and also separation – the hedge. Additionally we will but instead record in one of our upcoming posts. Till after that, we wish you a pleasurable time and a great deal of fun in your garden fencing panels.

garden fence ideas

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