10 Gender Reveal Party Food Ideas for Family

Gender Reveal Party Food Ideas – The emotion of revealing the gender of the baby in your belly cannot be explained in words. And what better ways to make it happen that at a gender reveal party. Well, the concept is not new to folks, but what’s new is how you organize the party and what the unique ways in which you can reveal the gender. And the party becomes more exciting when no one, I mean no one in the family has a clue about what’s happening!

The best part about a gender reveal party is not just the revealing part but being surrounded by all your family and friends.

Gender Reveal Party Ideas

Gender reveal is not just special for the soon to be parents but also for the myriad aunts, uncles and grandparents. And keep in mind, the true success of a gender reveal party is when the news finally dawns on the parents! So, whether you are a partner planning the party for your spouse or if you are a friend, relative or colleague, here are a few tips and tricks that will help spruce up the party.

Best Gender Reveal Party Ideas
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Let The Balloons Surprise You

Gender Reveal Party balon ideas

As common as it is, pink and blue balloons are a time-tested way to go. The individual responsible for organizing the party must know the gender of the baby and then all you need to do is place the pink or blue balloons in a box. Keep that huge box in your backyard, lawn or garden and open the box at the countdown of 3. And that’s it! The color of balloons will say it all! One cannot even express that feeling just a second before the box opens! It’s spectacular and scary at the same time!
Cape Cod House

And if you are planning this party and want to keep the gender as a surprise for you too, then all you must do is have a word with doctor who will slide an envelope to you with the gender printed inside. Just slide that envelope to your trusted friend or party organizer and everything will be taken care of!

Blue and Pink must be your food

blue and pink food gender reveal ideas

All you need is a passion to bake, a little food coloring and a great backyard and you can create a magical gender reveal in minutes. Organize the dining table with a giant cake and other delectable food! Use a pink or blue food die to color the cake and cover it in white frosting. In the end, you will only be able to see the white frosting and not the color within.

When the soon-to-be parents cut the cake, the joy on their faces will be the perfect reward. Plus, you get to enjoy some delicious cupcakes while you’re at it!

Family Matters

Gender Reveal Party team

Why not get the spectators involved by handing out pink or blue color t-shirts to your guests? You can either use apparel accessories like: pink or blue caps, hand bands, tattoos or just pins. If your party has kids in it, do not forget to get them some fun accessories too.

But before you plan such an idea, make sure that each member in the family (especially the kids) are kept from divulging the secret. And then, when the time is right, let all the members of the party give a surprise to the would-be parents and revel in their priceless reactions.

Post it on Social Media

gender reveal surprise

If you cannot gather your family around, you can still surprise them on social media. There are several ways you can post a gender reveal on social media. All you need to do is when you know the gender of your baby, fill your palm with pink or blue ink and leave a print on a plain white t-shirt and post it on social media profile. Another idea is to leave the imprint of that specific color on the belly of the would-be mother! This is an amazing way to surprise the mother as well. Best of all, you get to share the joy with your friends and family from around the world.

Baby Outfits

Baby Outfits gender reveal ideas

How about opening a present with the outfit of the baby! If it’s a girl, you might want to buy a little princess pink dress and a probably a blue suit if it’s a boy! But who will prepare this present if everyone wants to be surprised? Well, all you need to do is tell your doctor to write the gender inside an envelope and go to a baby apparel shop. Choose outfits for both genders and slide the envelope to the shop assistant! And they will take care of the rest and pack the right one inside a sealed bag. And you get to walk away not knowing what is inside the bag.

Get Silly with Silly String

Silly String gender reveal

This creative idea is most enjoyed by the kids in the party. So, all you have to do is hand over the silly string spray of a specific color (pink/blue) and let the kids reveal the gender. And why only kids! Hand over silly string spray to everyone at the party and they will enjoy the revealing too. 

And if you want, you can enjoy a gender reveal party with every technique listed above. You can have box of balloons in the garden. When the box opens, all your guests can spray silly string wearing pink/blue caps. And your husband can surprise you with baby t shirts. And all the fun can continue to the colored theme desserts and cupcakes in the garden.

Watch Video Silly String Gender Reveal

And yes, don’t forget to record the priceless expression of the soon-to-be parents and each member in the family. You might want to use that video in future to tell your kid how special he/she was for the entire family and how everyone reacted during the surprising reveal! Gender reveal parties are a great way to enjoy time with your family and friends and revel in the bundle of joy you are soon about to have.

Gender Reveal Party Food Ideas

Gender Reveal Party Ideas Food

This picture captures perfectly, the beauty of gender reveal party that you can achieve with a little patience and creativity. A feather cake with blue and pink stripes on the side and those little pink/blue shoes on top! By the time the would-be parents realize what their baby’s gender will be, all the treats would be gone and their reactions will be priceless.

gender reveal-cake-pops

Those little pink and blue marshmallows will have the mom-to-be anxiously waiting. That anxiety will finally resolve into delight when the gender is revealed. This photograph gives you an idea about how to organize the detailing on food while planning a gender reveal party.
Basement laundry room

Suprise Confetti Gender Reveal: SnapChat Geofilter from etsy

Baking With Love

Gender Reveal Party Ideas Food

These little popsicle and cupcakes are always a treat with kids. And what better idea than to reveal the gender of your baby with a little bit (or a lot) of sweetness! To realize this theme, all you have to do is talk to your caterer and give them the envelope with the gender inside and they will help serve you with the color accordingly. These little lollipops are enjoyable too! Just open the box of happiness and share the priceless news of reveal with your friends and family!

Decorate your dining with staging and dining

Decorate your dining with staging and dining

It is always exciting to come home to a table full of delicious cakes and it is even more special when the cake reveals the gender of your baby. And if you want to be specific with the gender of your baby, pick the pink or blue color folk and make the would-be mother surprised! But yes, it is important to feed the mother and all other guests with different desserts as well. That’s why you need some caramel custard, salads and nachos on the side as well. Make your dining area as a creative area with the theme of the party which reveals the gender with exciting and contrasting elements!

Ready to Brunch anyone?

Yelow gender reveal party theme

A great way to throw your gender reveal party is to combine it with a brunch! Do not let the browns and mustard colors lead you astray. Those plain colors are hiding delicious treats. Take a whiff of the little yellow and brown cupcakes and taste a bite of those little scones. This colorful dining area will help your reveal party more exciting by adding on different colors other than blue and green. Yellow and brown is a soothing combination on the dining after all!

Chocolate Frosted Strawberries

Chocolate Frosted Strawberries gender reveal food

If it’s a gender reveal party, it needs to be a pink and blue color theme. Unfortunately, if you are a health-nut, there are not a lot of options available for your gender reveal party. But this strawberry is a wonderful exception. Strawberries are loved by everyone, then why not use them for your party. Coating your favorite strawberries with pink and blue frosting will not only leave your guests with delicious treats but also less calories to burn.

Quirky Cakes

Simple Quirky Cakes gender reveal party ideas

Well, we all know what it means here in the picture! Each member of your family and your group of friends are as excited as the mother of the baby. But that’s no reason to let the fun stop. Add a little scandalous text on the cake so your relatives can join in on the fun. Besides, that’s what everyone is at the party for. To know the gender! But do make sure that the cake is as delicious as it looks. With chocolates and blueberries you can never go wrong!

Funny and Elaborate Themes

Funny and Elaborate Themes gender reveal food ideas

Hilarious cake, isn’t it? Well, this cake is a perfect image of all the hard work you have invited for yourself. The sleepless nights and the endless crying is what you are going to experience for at least the next few years. Babies are known as hoot because they will make your life miserable and beautiful as the same time. So be ready with all your napkin and diapers, because you will need them every second once your baby is born. And the coating of the cake with blue and pink icing and frosting just makes it a perfect piece of dessert!

A picture-perfect reveal

A picture-perfect reveal pink

Decorating your entire dining area with the pinch of blue and pink combination is just amazing. It makes the mother and the entire family happy on knowing that they are about to have a baby in their life. Decorating the area with pink and blue flowers and lollipops is sweet! Your entire family was waiting for this day and this party. And now, when you have the chance, this image is a perfect illustration of that emotion on your dining area. So, make the most of it, because you will cherish this day for a long time to come!

Because Mommy Loves You

Gender Reveal food Because Mommy Loves You

This intimate dining room arrangement reflects the love and care a baby will bring to the family. It is a chance to show the baby and yourself that it will be surrounded by caring people who will love him/her unconditionally. All you need is a little cake, some home cooked food and fruit. An exciting and happy day for mommy is also felt by the baby in her belly. So why not justify that happiness with exciting food options on the table with the perfect combination of blue/pink! Grab your favorite piece on the table before you regret.

Fancy Outdoors

Fancy Outdoors gender reveal party ideas

A fancy outdoors gender reveal does not have to cost several hundred dollars. Just buy a little cake and surround it with fresh fruit, some doughnuts, candy and voila the perfect outdoor gender reveal is ready in a matter of hours. And the best part? If you are patient enough, you can do quill all the decorations yourself. Talk about a DIY gender reveal. All supplies required to make this gender reveal a reality is available at your local party store. You can easily prepare these decors at a cheap and inexpensive budget while enjoying the delicious food on the side.

More Picture Ideas


So how is it done? A lot of mother and fathers have their ultrasound specialist write the child’s sex on a slip of paper that is put in an envelope. It’s then handed over at a pastry shop where a cake is baked in the ideal shade and iced to conceal the information. When the parents-to-be cut into the pleasant treat, they learn more about their future.

Image for Gender Reveal Party Food Ideas

Gender Reveal Party Food Ideas

The timeless infant shower loaded with blue balloons or pink showers are a distant memory. Gender expose parties are popular. The idea is easy: Have your doctor compose the sex of your child on a paper and also place it in an envelope. Commend the person doing the shower baking as well as await that peek of pink or blue as you take your very first slice or bite.


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On the pink side of things, you could make a cosmopolitan, pour increased wine, or make spritzers with pink food coloring. Coolers and also wine colders are also preferred alternatives for pink beverages.

Whether you're disclosing your child's sex through food, or you're just seeking the best foods for your gender expose party, the pointers noted above will assist you get going.

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