20 Unique Girls Bedroom Ideas You Might Want to Try

Girls Bedroom Ideas | Designing a girl’s bedroom can be very difficult and easy at the same time. They tend to have unusual wants but also like to decorate their own room too. That’s why it maybe isn’t a piece of cake, but actually you don’t have to work too hard for it.

To design a girl’s bedroom, you need to know the characters of your daughter. What colors does she like, because being trapped in a room which color she doesn’t like is not something fun. What kind of bed you are going to need. Will it be bunk bed for your twin daughters, a cool hanging bed, or the other unique shaped bed.

Not only about the color palette and the bed, you also need to consider the other furniture too. If you are thinking about the room decorations, you need to consider what kind of decoration she wants you to do, and she wants herself to do.

Well, are you confused what style you should choose to decorate your little girl’s bedroom? We have 20 girl bedroom ideas you can try at home. Check this out.

Girls Bedroom Ideas

Girls Bedroom Ideas
Girls Bedroom Ideas

(Image by Pinterest, link to https://id.pinterest.com/pin/240450067591037271/)

This small bedroom idea is perfect for a girl who wants a stylish room without giving it too much cute ornament. With white wall paint and colorful stuff, your little girl can get a cozy and stylish dream bedroom comes true. You may put some indoor plants to make your room fresh and get some wall decorations so the white wall does not look very plain.

Do you think she is going to like this girl bedroom idea?

19. Black and Pink

(Image by Pinterest, link to https://id.pinterest.com/pin/384565255675143495/)

Who says black and pink should not go together? Because in this style, these colors match perfectly. Get twin storage beds covered in pink bed sheets and black blanket. You can choose pink furniture and paint the wall in gray, a darker gray and a much lighter gray. Don’t forget to cover the floor with some patterned carpet. A little touch of different color, like the yellow lamp can be very sweet too.

This girl bedroom idea is perfect for your twin daughters. Or if you don’t have twins, an older and a younger sisters. Do you think they are going to like it?

18. Soft Pink and Blue

(Image by Pinterest, link to https://id.pinterest.com/pin/463589355387615562/)

Not only black and pink, blue and pink can be a perfect color blend too. You can cover the wall with vertical stripped pink wallpaper. Set the storage bed at the corner of the room, near the window to get the best light. You can also set a table and chair for studying near the window. This style is perfect for a little girl until her late teens.

Do you want to try this girl bedroom idea?

17. The Unusual Wallpaper

(Image by Pinterest, link to https://id.pinterest.com/pin/509188301617449146/)

A full wallpaper seems pretty boring for you. Well, maybe you should try this girl bedroom idea. You can choose pink and gray combination. Polka dots can be a perfect idea too, but don’t do it too much since it’s going to be very boring. Decorate the room with several cute things, like cute pillows, mirror, and trash can! You can also set a book shelf or doll shelf on the wall put put your daughter’s book and doll collection.

If you have a feminine daughter, she is definitely going to like this girl bedroom idea.

16. The Bold Color Girls Bedroom Ideas

(Image by Pinterest, link to https://id.pinterest.com/pin/252131279111986302/)

Soft pink can be perfect for little girl, but for girls in their late teens, that color can be pretty boring too. That is why they need something bold, like pink fuchsia and black. You can paint the wall in pink and cover the pink bed in black floral patterned blanket. A black chandelier and other black furniture will be great too.

It’s going to be a very cool bedroom idea for your girl.

15. Perfect Place to Play

Girls Bedroom Ideas
Girls Bedroom Ideas

(Image by Pinterest, link to https://id.pinterest.com/pin/827606868997482819/)

Playing role playing game is the most exciting thing for girls. Your girl can have a nice role playing game with her friends with this super attractive bed. Besides, this bed can be a bunk bed too. Decorate the wall in patterned wallpaper and keep the floor plain. You can also manage the storage in this storage bed to save her toys too.

14. Black Can be Fun Too

(Image by Pinterest, link to https://id.pinterest.com/pin/548524429601990175/)

Are you afraid painting the wall black will make your little girl’s bedroom look gloomy? Worry not. Because black can be cheerful too, if you decorate it perfectly. Combine the color with cheerful light colors like yellow, blue, and pink. Add some decorations like dolls, flower, or fake flamingos to make it more attractive. Then her black walled bedroom will look like so much fun.

Do you like this girl bedroom idea?

13. Colorful Girls Bedroom Ideas

(Image by Pinterest, link to https://id.pinterest.com/pin/AdCCZQjew4sGf_Gfrh6ARoBkpA2ctGyfOw6lGi6FN8ZGaxWm9LqaUWw/)

This girl bedroom idea is perfect if your girls are below 10. This bedroom will be a nice play to sleep and play, imagining they are living in a flower garden where all the fairies live. Don’t forget to put a carpet on the floor to make it more colorful. Do you think your girls are going to like it?

12. The Girly Look

(Image by Pinterest, link to https://id.pinterest.com/pin/216243219594131760/)

If your girl is in her late teen, this bedroom will be a perfect choice for her. Instead of filling the room with pink stuffs, you can choose peach colored furniture, pillow, and curtains. A little fury chair will be great too. You can leave the wall white and wallpaper the ceiling to make your girl’s bedroom look unique.

What do you think of this girl bedroom idea? Does it match your girl perfectly?

11. Classic Black and White Girls Bedroom Ideas

(Image by Pinterest, link to https://id.pinterest.com/pin/371195194260645963/)

Black and White is never boring. In fact, black and white can be a feminine color blend too. You can paint the wall room and fill the room with black and white furniture. Don’t forget to put a floral black and white carpet to make the room look more girly. Ssst… the decoration lamps give a mysterious look too.

If your daughter like black and white combination, this girl bedroom idea is perfect for her. Don’t forget the castle painting and pillows too.

10. Another Black and Pink Idea

(Image by Pinterest, link to https://id.pinterest.com/pin/4996249556092827/)

This idea is great if your girl is a fan of everything lacy. Like those lacy curtains on the window. Some black and pink tapes on the lamp and other decorations make it cuter too. Don’t forget to put a light pink carpet on the floor. Do you think your daughter is going to like this idea?

9. Simple Bedroom for Simple Personality

(Image by Pinterest, link to https://id.pinterest.com/pin/329536897707384441/)

If your daughter does not like too much decoration, this girl bedroom idea is perfect for her. You can use a storage bed and set it near the cupboard, minimizing the space you need to use to arrange these furniture. Don’t forget to put a light colored carpet on the floor to make the room look comfier. A floral patterned curtain will be a good decoration for her room too.

So, do you want to try this girl bedroom idea?

8. The Gray Bedroom Idea

(Image by Pinterest, link to https://id.pinterest.com/pin/699324648362986804/)

Who says gray bedroom cannot be girly? Because in fact it can. Especially with that eye lashes illustration on the wall. This girl bedroom idea is a great idea for your pre-teen girl until her early teen. To make the room fresh, you can also add a green plant inside the room. How do you think? Is it something your girl would definitely like?

7. That Dreamy Grey Bedroom

(Image by Pinterest, link to https://id.pinterest.com/pin/659284832927229260/)

If your girl is in below 10, this girl bedroom idea is perfect for her. Especially if she is around 4 until 6. The design of this girl bedroom idea is so cute. There is no need for too much decoration, because the wallpaper already looks so attractive. The hanging swing chair looks so comfy too. This is something very little girl and probably boy would like.

6. The Boho Room

Panda Girls Bedroom Ideas
Panda Girls Bedroom Ideas | pinterest.com

Your girl does not like something cute and prefers something cool instead? Why don’t try decorating her room in bohemian style. Get that unique dream catcher and accessories to decorate her room and voila… her unique bedroom is ready. Don’t forget that mysterious wallpaper to make the room more attractive.

If your daughter likes this style, it looks like she has a very good taste.

5. Another Bohemian Style

(Image by Pinterest, link to https://id.pinterest.com/pin/259801472231524774/)

The previous boho room does not look too bohemian for your girl? Maybe you can try this style if your daughter is a little bit older until her college time has come. Put some green plants to make the room fresh and reduce the dark vibes. A little touch of sparkling Christmas lamps will be great too for her room. To get the absolute boho style, you need to consider using rustic bed whether it is polished or unpolished. Don’t forget to put a patterned carpet to on the floor too.

So, how do you think? Do you think your teenage daughter is going to like it?

4. The Hanging Bed

Girls Bedroom Ideas
Hanging Girls Bedroom Ideas | Pinterest.com

A usual bed is too boring for your daughter? Why don’t you try installing a floating one? The hanging bed. With the dreamy concept of the room, this bed is very perfect to deliver her to a good night sleep. To make it more dramatic, you can see the fake birds on each rope, as if they were pulling up the rope and making it fly. Set the bed in the middle of the room and the other furniture like sofa, drawer and cupboard near the wall. Make sure you have enough space if you want to try this bedroom idea.

This is a girl bedroom idea every girl will definitely like.

3. If You Only Have A Small Space

(Image by Pinterest, link to https://id.pinterest.com/pin/746260600730312105/)

You cannot make a dreamy bedroom like the previous girl bedroom idea? Don’t worry, because you can try this bedroom idea. The storage bed in black and white concept is never boring. You can put a stripped black and white floor paper and paint a black and white rain painting on the wall. Since the main idea is black and white, if you put another striking color like yellow to the room, the color will stand out, in a good way.

It looks like a super comfy bedroom, isn’t it?

2. It’s Sakura Season

Girls Bedroom Ideas
Pink Girls Bedroom Ideas | Pinterest.com

If your girl likes pink but don’t want her room to be too much pink, this sakura season idea is perfect for her. You can paint the wall white and make the floor in the same color. Then, paint a cherry blossom tree in the corner, where you will set a little bed.

Do you think your daughter is going to like it?

1. The Mermaid Style

(Image by Pinterest, link to https://id.pinterest.com/pin/335307134739026583/)

Every little girl ever dreams about being a princess or a mermaid. Or both. Why don’t try giving her the sensation of being a mermaid princess by decorating her room in mermaid style? You need to paint the wall in ombre greenish blue, which gets darker to the floor, and paint some magical sea creatures on the wall. Green curtains will be perfect for your window, while your bed sheet and blanket are better kept plain with the same color of the wall. A chandelier will bring the luxury to the room, so you better do not miss it.

That was the list of 20 girls bedroom ideas for your daughter. The most important thing before deciding a style is to discuss it with your daughter. So, are you trying to redecorate your daughter’s room? Which girl bedroom idea suits your daughter’s personality perfectly?

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