Gray Kitchen Cabinets Ideas

Gray Kitchen Cabinets | Kitchen cabinets were the center of your kitchen that takes half of the whole space and cost you the most out of other furniture. Therefore, the colors that you use for the kitchen cabinets can determine the ambiance of the entire kitchen. The most common kitchen design is either it comes with all one color spectrum or combining more two or even more color together.

One of the most popular colors in any household is gray kitchen cabinets with its austere and plain tone. It has the perfect color that blends well with most kitchen utensils and appliances. You can choose light gray to make the kitchen more spacious or dark gray color to create a smaller and lighter atmosphere.

Gray Kitchen Cabinets

1. Light Gray Kitchen Cabinets

Light Gray Kitchen Cabinets
 Light Gray Kitchen Cabinets | 
When determining color coordinate into a room, there are lightning and space to be considered. If you have a small kitchen, that light gray kitchen cabinets can absorb light and make the kitchen to have bigger illusions. While dark gray has the opposite illusion which is perfect for a bigger room.

Moreover, if you want to combine two colors into the room, make sure you use one light color dan dark color. This cold and warm feature creates a very sync atmosphere.

2. Dark Gray Kitchen Cabinets

Dark Gray Kitchen Cabinets
 Dark Gray Kitchen Cabinets | 
Minimalist is the prominent modern look that raises to give simpler home decor choices. Classical decors take various ornament and decoration that often make the room fuller and crammed. In another hand, gray color hue can make your kitchen to have that sleek and clean edges.

Therefore, dark gray kitchen cabinets can highlight another part of the kitchen that has a lighter color. Moreover, the dark tone makes a warmer and inviting feeling into the kitchen.

3. Gray Cabinets Kitchen

Gray Cabinets Kitchen
 Gray Cabinets Kitchen | 
Gray is a color hue that exists between white and black. It can come in a dark or light gray tone which both equally perfect to customize to your kitchen. Gray kitchen cabinets can promote a traditional or modern style of kitchen depending on the color combination that gray can mix well with just about any tone. It is a neutral choice of color to have first before deciding another color that goes well with it Moreover, you can’t help thinking that gray also display a more professional kitchen with all the fancy furniture and appliance.

4. Gray Stained Kitchen Cabinets

Gray Stained Kitchen Cabinets
 Gray Stained Kitchen Cabinets | 
Stainless steels are the common material that often times only available in the gray scheme. This type of material not only easy to clean but also reflect light really well and making the kitchen larger and brighter. Gray stained kitchen cabinet undoubtedly become the center point of your kitchen. Furthermore, if you want to make sure the color pop, have a bright yellow or blue on the wall to enhance to gray parts.

5. Kitchen with Gray Cabinets

Kitchen with Gray Cabinets
 Kitchen with Gray Cabinets | 
Oftentimes we want to have a matching theme in our house. If you have a modern minimalist house you tent want to have the whole room in the same theme. However, the kitchen may be slightly different. The appliance and utensil color scheme just may shift that theme a bit.

You can’t go wrong by having a kitchen with gray cabinets. The color is not too plain but not too bold either. It is the perfect color to be mix with any other color available. Moreover, it delivers a sophisticated message to your gray kitchen cabinets with a modern ambiance. The strong professional look that gray have is frequently associated with restaurants and hotel which are dominated with gray color.

6. Blue Gray Kitchen Cabinets

Blue Gray Kitchen Cabinets
 Blue Gray Kitchen Cabinets | 
Gray is such a versatile color that you can pretty much combine it with jus any other color and it will look well. The shades that gay color has such as light gray which is softer, and dark gray which is bolder. It is like you have another version of what and black, just in another different set of color.

You can have a gray table, kitchen cabinets, counter, racks, and kitchen islands. It goes well with light colors such as bright yellow and light blue, but also applicable with lime blue or navy blue. A darker blue can complement gray better without overshadowing it.

7. White and Gray Kitchen Cabinets

White and Gray Kitchen Cabinets
 White and Gray Kitchen Cabinets | 
Technically both color has a simplicity tone that people use as a decoration to avoid crashes of color coordination. Therefore, white and gray kitchen cabinets are the perfect combination to have a mild feature of kitchen cabinets on the shelves. If you want to create a balance color blend you can combine white cabinet with darker shades of gray so the white part will poop in your eyes.

8. Gray Kitchen Walls with White Cabinets

Gray Kitchen Walls with White Cabinets
 Gray Kitchen Walls with White Cabinets | 
The gray-and-white color scheme in any kitchen seems to be the most common monochrome color. Any combination using two of these color is a simple, safe and neutral choice. However, if using darker gray on the wall and white kitchen cabinets may have an opposite look with dark grey meet white scenario. It creates a blending scenario detail that leap out at you. Moreover, it gives a nice sense of balance and prevents it from going too mild with all-white cabinetry and walls.

9. Painted Kitchen Cabinets Gray

Painted Kitchen Cabinets Gray
 Painted Kitchen Cabinets Gray | 
Tile, marble, stainless steel and wood are the typical material found in the kitchen. To mix and match the whole components can have an immersing complimenting each other. However, you can totally change the atmosphere by changing just one part of the kitchen. You can have painted kitchen cabinet to twist things around. Moreover, it is something you can do yourself to have DIY kitchen cabinets. Furthermore, it is one of the kitchen parts that you can change color by painting it.

10. Gray Kitchen Cabinets with Black Counter

Gray Kitchen Cabinets with Black Counter
 Gray Kitchen Cabinets with Black Counter | 
Modern kitchen design can be monotonous with its gray monochrome colors, while plain schemes are a neutral color. It gives very clear-cut sharp edges feel into the kitchen. As a complete contrast, retro kitchen design had a vibrant, joyful quality and lively scheme. Both may seem like two different themes, but actually, you can totally combine the two together. A touch of retro quality with the modern gray stained kitchen cabinets make an interesting combination. The popular popping bright colors with checkered floors and red refrigerator add value to the kitchen.

11. Marble Counter and Gray Kitchen

Marble Counter and Gray Kitchen
 Marble Counter and Gray Kitchen | 
Cabinets and counter are inseparable parts of any household kitchen. Therefore, having a counter which matches your cabinet create an inspirational combination. Granite or marble are two of common countertop material that goes well with the gray kitchen. Marble is the best combination due to its grayish feature. A darker marble counter complements the light gray kitchen cabinets well. Marbles also come in light gray that poses a percent match to a darker shade of kitchen. However, if you want to have all light gray or all dark grey, all is totally doable. Even though, an interior designer will definitely suggest a touch of another color to make sure the abundance of gray is not to monotony.

12. Dark Shades Kitchen Cabinets

Dark Shades Kitchen Cabinets
 Dark Shades Kitchen Cabinets | 
For longlasting usage, darker color schemes in furniture can preserve its color longer and can cover any stain, dent or rush if you are not looking for details. A light wall can make those darker shades to stand out and make your kitchen warmer. Dark color tent to make the room smaller, therefore, a white wall can create a bigger illusion and makes all fit together. Moreover, you can totally use three or maybe four different shades just as long they are in the same color group.

13. Gray Cabinets And Wooden Floor

Gray Cabinets And Wooden Floor
 Gray Cabinets And Wooden Floor | 
Wood is the common material in furniture but also looks great on the floor. It has a brownish color also wood easy to mop and prevent any slippery floor. Therefore, if you have a wooden floor it does not mean your kitchen only limited to a wooden theme. Gray kitchen cabinet can give a modern clean cut ambiance that works well with the wooden floor. Moreover, some design even can be boring if you have all one color combination to the room. A hint of popping color can brighten the room.

14. Grey yellow kitchen cabinets

Grey yellow kitchen cabinets
 Grey yellow kitchen cabinets | 
Color choices in a kitchen have to match also to the furniture and the kitchen tools that you have in your kitchen. Oftentimes, people will give a splash of another color that bright to stands out and make the room bigger.

A tint of yellow just in some parts of the kitchen can compliment the gray kitchen counters really well. Moreover, yellow is a great color to add into your kitchen, if you do not get enough natural sunlight. It enhances a lighter color to the kitchen.

15. Shabby Chic Gray Kitchen Cabinet

Shabby Chic Gray Kitchen Cabinet
 Shabby Chic Gray Kitchen Cabinet | 
A soft ambiance of home decor that appears in the antique, lots of patterns and the decorative spectrum is the common sign of a shabby chic decor style. It may be overwhelming with an abundance of the appliance in your kitchen when meeting with this type of design.

However, it also needs a clean and plain furniture to calm it down. That is the more reason to match the crammed ornaments with clean gray kitchen cabinets. Therefore, the shabby chic tone does not overwhelm the room and have a balance overall scene.

16. Red Gray Kitchen Cabinet

Red Gray Kitchen Cabinet
 Red Gray Kitchen Cabinet | 
Red give a bold, daring and confident message, whereas gray is more of complementary schemes that become the background to another color. However, it all depends also on your kitchen feature. If you have a kitchen that has a great amount of sunlight, then grey, and red color which are darker color can absorb the light and tone down the bright light. Both can stand out not as opposite but more of two strong spectra.

17. Victorian gray cabinet

Victorian gray cabinet
 Victorian gray cabinet | 
A classic country house and old European household often take inspiration from the 19th centuries victorian era. The design consists of a crystal chandelier, rusty furniture, and classical wooden cabinets. The soft romantic gray ambiance creates a subtle atmosphere that is welcoming and warm. This type of od style needs a large open space to work with due to the facts the size of furniture that depicts this looks come in large sizes.

18. Rustic Gray Cabinet

Rustic Gray Cabinet
 Rustic Gray Cabinet | 
Something old and something new, it can be an interesting kitchen ambiance if you can’t decide to follow a certain theme. Rustic kitchen cabinets meet modern grey appliance meets the two different time that can influence each other.

In addition, rustic furniture will look great in any household even after it aged out. Some people even believe rustic style just keeps getting better in times. Or you can go the other way, and have rustic gray kitchen cabinets and light sleek white walls and counter. Either way, both build up a nice combination.

19. Futuristic Gray Kitchen

Futuristic Gray Kitchen
 Futuristic Gray Kitchen | 
Although millennium has passed but gray always relatable to that moment in time or go further in time and speed forward into the future. The futuristic look can be daunting with the plain light gray that just simply too much. Sadly, no other color can fit that category to create a highlighter. Therefore, make sure you have enough natural sunlight so the stained cabinets can reflect and make the room wider and larger than it is. Or you can use lamps to enhance the futuristic theme that the same influential effects.

20. Outdoor Gray Kitchen Cabinets

Outdoor Gray Kitchen Cabinets
 Outdoor Gray Kitchen Cabinets | 
Outdoor kitchen space delivers different issue when it comes to choices of furniture and appliance. They need to come with color schemes that able to stands the weather changing factors and also maintain their color under the sunlight. Darker gray kitchen cabinets combined with all gray appliance and fade into lighter tone still look decent and beautiful. To preserve their true color cleaning and coating with weather shield can be the best solution to have a nice kitchen outdoor.

Gray Kitchen Cabinet

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