20 Best Guest Bedroom Ideas for You

Decorating a guest bedroom is not a piece of cake. Since you don’t know who is going to be your guest, you have to make a neutral bedroom which will make anyone who stays in your place feels comfortable. That is why some people find it difficult in decorating their guest bedrooms.

Worry not. You maybe cannot match your guest bedroom with your guest’s personality, but you can match it with your personality and make them feel comfortable by providing them all they need in the room.

You may need to provide some furniture like drawer to put their clothes, consider which bed will be good for your guest bedroom, whether it is a single bed, double bed, or twin bed, and many other considerations. Everything needs to be considered in order to make your guest feel comfy at your place.

Are you confused in making your guest bedroom? Well, we have 20 guest bedroom ideas for you. Check this out.

Guest Bedroom Ideas

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20. The Fresh Look

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You don’t need a huge wardrobe for your guest bedroom, instead you can put two drawers with some decorative plants to make the room fresh and green. A simple decoration like a tea pot with two tea cups will be a sweet welcome decoration too.

Do you think your guest is going to like it?

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19. A Sweet Message

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Ever considered giving a welcome message and make your guest feels accepted in an unusual way? Well, you can deliver the message through the pillow, by using a printed pillowcase. Set a decoration on the bed, whether it is a flower or anything else. To make your guest room fits for anyone despite their genders and ages, you can keep the bed covered in white sheet with a knitted blanket.

Do you think this guest bedroom idea is worth a try?

18. The Classic Look

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White is never boring. At least if you are not staying there for a long time. Welcome your guest with a welcome flower on the bed. You can set the drawer near the bed and put some decorations like mirror or watch. If you think it is necessary, you can also cover the floor with a carpet in the same color.

It looks simple but classy right?

17. Hang a Painting

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Try to make your guest bedroom as neutral as you can, so anyone can feel comfortable sleeping inside it. Welcome your guest with a pot of tea and flower. Set a little table near the bed with a little decoration like table lamp. To save the wall from the plainness, you can also hang a painting that matches the color palette of the room.

Do you think your guest will be pleased by this guest bedroom idea?

16. A Little Yellow Touch

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Although you better keep the room in a neutral color, like white, it does not mean you shouldn’t use the other colors too. In fact, a little yellow touch in this guest bedroom idea is really powerful. But, still, don’t use it too much. This yellow flower, yellow pillow, and golden stuffs in the room blend perfectly with the gray and white color. Make sure the room gets a good light too.

15. The Farmhouse Style

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Decorating a room in farmhouse style will give your guest a cozy, warm, and relaxing feeling. This style offers you luxury in simplicity. You will need a rattan box, and a farmhouse carpet that will represent the style. A classic chandelier will be a perfect decoration too. Since you will not need much furniture in the room, you better set the bed in the middle of the room, with a drawer in the left and right side of the bed.

Looks so simple but cozy right?

14. The Rustic Look

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Providing a guest bedroom in a rustic style will make your guest feel appreciated, welcome, and accepted. You don’t need too many furniture like wardrobe or bookshelf. All you needs are just a comfy rustic bed and two little drawers to put the guest’s belongings. Decorate the room with a welcome message on the wall.

Your guest will feel comfortable sleeping in a bedroom like this.

13. Keep It Simple but Elegant (for teen)

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Design the room in white and decorate the wall with welcome message. Contrast to the white wall and white bed sheet, you may add a patterned carpet on the floor and decorate the room with flowers, plants, and dolls. Why not? Children and adult like dolls anyway.

Enhance the simple but elegant look with a good light. Your guest will definitely like this bedroom style.

12. The Cozier, The Better

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Twin lamps, twin tables, twin flowers. These are perfect decorations for your cozy guest bedroom. Don’t forget to cover the floor with a dark carpet, contrast to the white wall and bed sheet. You might also want to provide a bucket for your guest’s dirty clothes. Don’t forget to set your bed near the window to get the best light, enhancing the elegance of the room.

Do you think your guest will like this style?

11. The Light Blue Palette

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Keeping your guest bedroom white does not mean you should keep it away from the other colors. A light color like light blue can be a perfect blend too. You can cover the bed with a stripped blue blanket and decorate the room with two porcelain vase if you want to. A simple but elegant chandelier will be a perfect match too. Enhance the light in the room by adding a mirror in the room. Don’t forget to put the welcome flower on the bed.

Do you think this style worth a try?

10. The Twin Bed for boys and girls

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You should consider twin bed over a double or single bed if you are expecting more than one guest. For some people, it will be awkward to sleep on the same bed, that is why you probably need to consider twin bed for your guest room. Design the bed in the same style, with the same bed sheet and blanket. Put the drawer or table in the middle of the beds, a mirror will be a good and useful decoration too.

9. You Don’t Have to Paint It White

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Although white is considered as the perfect color for guest bedroom, it doesn’t mean that you can’t paint the wall in the other colors too. The key is to make it neutral and make anyone feels cozy, for example this brown pastel color palette. You may keep the bed and drawer white, but you may match the color of the sheet and the lamp with the wall paint. Don’t forget to put some decorations like flowers and watch.

Do you think your guest will like it?

8. The Symmetrical Style

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Designing your guest bedroom like a 5 starred hotel? Why not? All you need is just follow these tips. Keep your twin bed simple, by covering the bed with white sheet and single colored blanket, for example navy blue. Add a classic rustic table in the middle, and decorate the table with flowers, accessories, and aromatherapy candle. You can also put some simple painting or drawing, and arrange it symmetrically above the beds.

Have your hotel-like guest bedroom inside your own house. Your guest will definitely like it.

7. Green and Fresh

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How does it like to bring nature into your guest bedroom? If this style matches your interior concept, why don’t you give it a try? You can decorate the room with unusual plants like the banana trees or other big leaved plants, setting them in the right and left side of the bed. You can also decorate the room with two un-identical decorating lamps too. Don’t forget to put a comfy carpet on the floor.

This guest bedroom idea is not only bringing the fresh air and green vibes into the room, but also so unique, don’t you think so?

6. The Modern Look

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Having a small space does not mean you cannot give the best for your guest. In fact, you still can add a single bed with a little wardrobe, drawer, and chair. All you need is consider the perfect size of your furniture. You can match the color of the bed with the color of the chair, while keeping the drawer matches with the little wardrobe. Add a plain colored carpet on the floor, and decorate your windows with the patterned curtains.

This guest bedroom will match anyone’s style. Do you think your guest is gonna like it?

5. The Bohemian Look

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The other styles are too boring for you? Why don’t you try this bohemian look? Add some plants to make the room greener, put it in the corner of the room, or anywhere you like. Just like usual, you better keep the bed in white sheet. Add some furniture you think your guest is going to need, like a drawer, chair, and table. If you want to decorate the room in bohemian style, you are going to need some unusual decoration, like the table light bulb decoration you can see in the picture. Don’t forget to put an ethnic carpet on the floor to emphasize the boho style.

4. Classic Twin Bed

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This guest bedroom idea will be a great idea if you like classic style. You can decorate the wall with some embroidered paintings, arranged symmetrically above the beds. Below it, you set a drawer in the same color, with some decorations like decoration lamp, flowers, or other accessories. On the left and right side of the drawer, you can set the beds, covered in the same colored sheets and blankets. Don’t forget to cover the floor with a carpet, matches with the color palette of the room.

Classic never gets old, isn’t it? Do you think your guest will like it?

3. Beauty in Simplicity

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Simple is the best. If you want to give the best to your guest, you only need to provide everything they will need, like the cozy bed to sleep and a drawer to put their belongings. Enhance the beauty of the room’s simplicity by adding a mirror above the drawer. A decorative lamp will be a good decoration too.

Do you like this guest bedroom idea?

2. Another Classic Look

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Classic ornaments like you can see in the picture does not make a room looks boring. Instead it gives us the classy look. You can add some decorations made from rattan and choose khaki color palette to get the best look. If pictures and paintings are way too main stream for you, you can add an unusual frame decoration on the wall right above the bed. Don’t forget to put some plants to make the room looks more lively and fresh.

1. Make the Guest Feels Like A King

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This guest bedroom idea is perfect enough for a master bedroom. The difference is the furniture you provide inside the room. You don’t need the big furniture like a huge wardrobe because it is not necessary. Set two little cupboard and two little decoration lamp on the right and left side of the bed. You can also hang some pictures right above the bed symmetrically, make your guest feel so appreciated and welcome. Don’t forget to provide their needs like towel and soap too.

Well, that was the list of 20 guest bedroom ideas that will make your guest feels comfy to stay in your place. Which idea matches your style? Do you want to redecorate your current guest bedroom according to one of these bedroom ideas?

Do share your answer with us in the comment section.

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