How to Add More Warmth to Your Home Exteriors – 6 Tips

One of the most important things to consider when building a house is how to give it the proper appeal. The exterior is one of the most important ways you can do this, and there are many ways you can do it. Here are some tips for adding more warmth and style to your home exteriors.

Curb Appeal

To add a little more warmth to your home’s exterior, there are plenty of ways to make it look more inviting. The most obvious way is to create a walkway that leads visitors up to the front door. Another way is to add a mailbox so that mail doesn’t pile up on the doorstep.

 You can also place a small patio near your door or create an attractive garden bed nearby. Fences are another great element for creating curb appeal. They help define the space and make it feel like home. If you have grassy areas around your house, consider adding some shrubbery for privacy and beauty.

Add a Touch of Whimsy

Adding whimsy to your home is the perfect way to make it stand out. The element can be as simple as a birdhouse or wind chimes, or it could be something more elaborate like an antique mailbox or doorbell. It doesn’t have to be expensive; you must add something that will enhance your already beautiful property and make your home feel like a place where people want to be.

Festive Entryway

Adding a festive entryway is easy to add warmth and whimsy to your home exterior. It’s also a great way to make a seasonal statement, like the wreath on my front door during the holidays. When decorating your entryway, it helps if you use natural materials such as twigs and branches from trees. 

These can be gathered from any forested area or purchased at a craft store. If you are using real plants, consider arranging them in clusters using different textures like pine cones and acorns. You can also add color by hanging colored glass balls or ornaments around each cluster of plants or flowers. These colors will echo throughout the rest of your holiday décor when it comes time for Christmas.

Fences and Walls

Various materials and colors can make your fence or wall look warmer. For example, if you have an old wooden fence that needs to be replaced, consider getting one in a different color than the original. You may even want to paint it black.

Fences and walls are usually made of brick or cement blocks, but they can also be constructed from vinyl siding and other synthetic materials such as aluminum or steel. Some people like the look of metal fences with their natural silver-gray finish, while others prefer something more colorful, so if you fall into the latter category, consider painting yours in bright reds, yellows, blues, or greens.

New Windows and Doors

Another way to add warmth to your home exteriors is with new windows and doors. A great-looking new front door or garage door can make a huge difference in the look of your home while also adding energy efficiency (and keeping the cold out). 

New windows can also add style and function with stylish glass patterns, tinting options, and colors, as well as thermal pane glass that helps keep heat in and cool air out during the winter.

Fire and Water Bowls

Fire and water bowls are a great way to warm your home. The heat from the fire will radiate outwards, warming the surrounding air in your home. This is especially useful if you live in an area where it gets very cold during winter – the extra heat can make all the difference!


We hope that you’ve gleaned some tips from this article on adding more warmth to your home exteriors. Remember, the key is to have fun! It doesn’t have to be perfect—feel free to experiment and make mistakes along the way. Let us know what you think.

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