Kitchen Backsplash Ideas

Kitchen area is susceptible to get dirty and oily, especially if it is often used. On the other hand, sometimes we do not enough time to clean it after cooking. It can leave stain on the floor, on the kitchen set, and even on the wall. Therefore, it is important to have right material for the kitchen backsplash ideas.

By adopting excellent kitchen backsplash ideas, hope we find solution to improve as well as to protect the kitchen wall. The materials for kitchen backsplash is usually made of ceramics which is easy to clean. However, the updated styled interior design not only concerns on the functional use, but also the artistic value as well. As a result, it changes the appearance of your kitchen to be more interesting.

Here are some suggestions for you who are looking for beautiful kitchen backsplash ideas. It gives you insights about any types of material and design to improve your kitchen interior.

Best Kitchen Backsplash Ideas

1. White Kitchen Backsplash for Narrow Space

White Kitchen Backsplash for Narrow Space
 White Kitchen Backsplash for Narrow Space – 
Kitchen backsplash ideas in white themed interior is good for small kitchen. White color gives spacious impression and makes the room brighter. Moreover, you will find the dirty spots easily. To maintains its clean look, you have to be diligent to clear it up. For the plus point, by having white kitchen backsplash, it is flexible to be combined with any design colors.

2. Pickle Green to Accentuate White Kitchen Set

Pickle Green to Accentuate White Kitchen Set
 Pickle Green to Accentuate White Kitchen Set – 
Playing with color sounds interesting for kitchen backsplash ideas. The pickle green tiles work well to give an accent in the cooking area with white furniture. Besides, simple tile pattern makes it elegant. The kitchen also reflects fresh and cool ambiance helped by good lighting and air circulation. You may add some decorative elements such as flowers and other colorful ornaments to enliven the area.

3. Fabulous Small Stone Kitchen Backsplash

Fabulous Small Stone Kitchen Backsplash
 Fabulous Small Stone Kitchen Backsplash – 
Natural stone in bright color brings luxurious impression for kitchen backsplash ideas. In this design, the stone material enriches the performance of white kitchen cabinet with half-curved model. In addition, small lamp seems directly highlight the kitchen island, so that it looks cozy. You won’t get bored to spend much time in the kitchen because this contemporary modern design is so lovable.

4. Graceful Marble for Small Luxury

Graceful Marble for Small Luxury
 Graceful Marble for Small Luxury – 
Marble kitchen backsplash never fails to present small luxury in your kitchen. It has glossy look added by various beautiful patterns from natural material. Moreover, marble backsplash has a good combination with wooden kitchen furniture. But even so, you have to be careful in cleansing the marble because it is sensitive towards acid liquids. Therefore, using special cleanser is recommended to maintain the quality of marble material.

5. Excellent Blue Tiles to Keep Cool Ambiance

Excellent Blue Tiles to Keep Cool Ambiance
 Excellent Blue Tiles to Keep Cool Ambiance – 
Picking blue tiles as your kitchen backsplash ideas is an excellent way to keep the cooking area cool. It is because the kitchen is often hot while turquoise blue is soft. On the other side, you need something to calm down the view as well. That will be even better if the kitchen has windows to flow the hot air. You may try other soft colors or monochromatic ones to have cool ambiance.

6. Outstanding Green Backsplash with Metal Furniture

Outstanding Green Backsplash with Metal Furniture
 Outstanding Green Backsplash with Metal Furniture – 
One way to make kitchen more interesting is by using some different materials for its interior design. It also happens when seaweed green backsplash is matched to marble wall frame and metal furniture. As the result, the kitchen is like re-inviting the past to the present; from the bronze age to the industrialization. It becomes outstanding design for modern kitchen backsplash ideas today!

7. Graceful Kitchen Backsplash in Flowery Blue Pattern

Graceful Kitchen Backsplash in Flowery Blue Pattern
 Graceful Kitchen Backsplash in Flowery Blue Pattern – 
It is a great idea to have this flowery blue pattern for kitchen backsplash. The color is matching with the kitchen cabinet which also has soft hoes. Similarly, flower is identical with female, but at the same time it symbolizes maturity and peace. Meanwhile, the pattern is beneficial to blur the dirty spots. Nevertheless, it is an excuse not to clean it up. Let’s keep it graceful and create healthy environment!

8. Awesome Tinted Glass Backsplash

Awesome Tinted Glass Backsplash
 Awesome Tinted Glass Backsplash – 
Tinted glass material as kitchen backsplash ideas presents something new for your interior. Its clear look makes the backsplash more shining. Besides, having this design in soft blue color gives calm nuance, just like clear blue sky in the daytime. Even you can see your shadow while cooking. However, it is difficult to add cabinets on it, but who cares? Just let the glass perform its beauty.

9. Fascinating Ceramics with Graphic Elements

Fascinating Ceramics with Graphic Elements
 Fascinating Ceramics with Graphic Elements – 
Kitchen backsplash ideas may bring spacious impression for small kitchen. Looking at this design, the backsplash made of ceramics has graphic elements in unparalleled sloping lines. It creates wave illusion which makes flat wall like rising on the surface. Moreover, the combination of monochromatic color reflects modern contemporary design which is timeless and elegant.

10. Graceful Painted Glass Backsplash

 Graceful Painted Glass Backsplash
 Graceful Painted Glass Backsplash – 
It is not impossible to have artistic touch for kitchen backsplash ideas. This contemporary modern design has proved it! Made of tinted glass, the backsplash with beautiful painting shows distinctive feature that makes everyone mesmerized. It is because of the 3D illusion that is resulted from the painting. You may choose other patterns or paintings within the same type, such as fruits, vegetables, waterfall, and so on. That will be interesting idea to improve your kitchen performance.

11. Astonishing Tuscany Styled Kitchen Backsplash

Astonishing Tuscany Styled Kitchen Backsplash
 Astonishing Tuscany Styled Kitchen Backsplash – 
Tuscany styled design for kitchen backsplash ideas try to change the assumption that stone material is all about rustic design. In today’s trend, the stones are available in mosaic floral pattern. Automatically, its natural color shows the natural beauty of stone. Hence, it becomes special attraction for your cooking area which might be little bit boring and uninteresting. Meanwhile, this kitchen backsplash has harmonious look with surrounding kitchen furniture made of metal and granite.

12. Exquisite Mosaic Pattern for Kitchen Backsplash

Exquisite Mosaic Pattern for Kitchen Backsplash
 Exquisite Mosaic Pattern for Kitchen Backsplash – 
Take this exquisite mosaic pattern for kitchen backsplash ideas to make your kitchen more interesting. The design looks elegant. Moreover, the colors that appear from pattern are in harmony with its surrounding. You may apply brighter color as well and combine it with the theme of your kitchen. For example, if the kitchen furniture is white, you can use the ceramic pattern with monochromatic color. It is an easy way to accentuate the kitchen décor.

13. Cheerful Orange on Point

Cheerful Orange on Point
 Cheerful Orange on Point – 
Orange ceramics as kitchen backsplash idea point out the small kitchen design. It is the strategy to accentuate the narrow room instead of adding aesthetic value. This color also creates cheerful nuance that makes you more energized in preparing meals for your family. Besides, this orange backsplash made of wood has pores that appear in a form of dots; you can see it on its detail.

14. Gorgeous Granite Backsplash for Simplicity

Gorgeous Granite Backsplash for Simplicity
 Gorgeous Granite Backsplash for Simplicity – 
If you want to have kitchen backsplash ideas with simple design, granite stone will be your best choice.  Its sturdy component looks gorgeous and the color is beautifully natural. On the other hand, by owning stone material for kitchen backsplash, it may decrease the budget for renovation. It is because the material is sustainable and resistant towards extreme temperature and destruction. Even though granite backsplash is more expensive than other materials, it is worth to your kitchen interior.

15. Adorable Colorful Backsplash Kitchen

Adorable Colorful Backsplash Kitchen
 Adorable Colorful Backsplash Kitchen – 
Dealing with colorful picture for kitchen backsplash ideas may satisfy your sight. The picture of fruits is so adorable and gives some fun in the cooking room. Even the children will love this design because it has attractive colors. Because this kitchen backsplash is made of acrylic, you do not need to worry if it gets broken due to oil and impurities.

16. Colorful Square Mosaic for Backsplash Accent

Colorful Square Mosaic for Backsplash Accent
 Colorful Square Mosaic for Backsplash Accent – 
Kitchen backsplash ideas not always covers whole side of the kitchen wall. In this design, the backsplash only covers the bottom part of the furniture to protect it from the water splash and the dirty. It uses ceramics with square mosaic pattern. It is successful in beautifying the kitchen, even only on the small part. The design proves that simple change has created great result.

17. Surprising Removable Kitchen Backsplash

Surprising Removable Kitchen Backsplash
 Surprising Removable Kitchen Backsplash – 
Do you easily get bored with your kitchen look? You must try one of the surprising kitchen backsplash ideas with removable model. Yes, the backsplash is from vinyl material that is attached to the wall. You can remove and change it with different color, pattern, and style just following your mood. Or, you take it off after the vinyl kitchen backsplash looks dirty because of the smoke of your cooking or oil spilling.

18. Wonderful Pebble Backsplash from Zenith

Wonderful Pebble Backsplash from Zenith
 Wonderful Pebble Backsplash from Zenith – 
Natural material never disappoints you to have wonderful kitchen backsplash ideas like this one. Pebbles from zenith looks gorgeous when you apply it for kitchen backsplash. Moreover, it has tough and sturdy structure that enables the stone resistant towards destruction such as oil, acid, and gas. When it gets dirty, just sweep it with small fabric by using special aromatic liquid or just clean water.

19. Lovely Bohemian Kitchen Backsplash

Lovely Bohemian Kitchen Backsplash
 Lovely Bohemian Kitchen Backsplash – 
It is kind of entertaining when we play with cultural motif for kitchen backsplash ideas. Bohemian theme is so lovely to give decorate elements. See the picture; using various pattern is a great idea to upgrade the kitchen performance. You must get more spirited of being here because this design also results positive energy. Additional ornament with Bohemian style is also possible in order to strengthen the theme for contemporary kitchen ideas.

20. Stunning Hexagon Tile Backsplash

Stunning Hexagon Tile Backsplash
 Stunning Hexagon Tile Backsplash – 
Modern kitchen backsplash ideas are now surprising you with stunning hexagon tile. By owning orange color, this pattern is like bee hive that gives sweet and pretty look. This design represents modern contemporary style in urban area, especially for people who like simple-but-impressive appearance. It also becomes the creative strategy to make kitchen more interesting. Similarly, you may apply the same thing with other motif which is different from other interior in your home.

21. Amazing Hexagon Tile Backsplash

Amazing Hexagon Tile Backsplash
 Amazing Hexagon Tile Backsplash – 
It is another type of hexagon pattern tile for kitchen backsplash ideas. It does not entirely cover the kitchen wall but only half of it. What makes it special is these hexagon tiles create an illusion of beautiful spot. Just try to make a distance between your spot and the kitchen backsplash; you will see amazing floral pattern as the result of hexagonal patterns. That will be wonderful view that you have in your kitchen.

22. Splendid Red Kitchen Backsplash

Splendid Red Kitchen Backsplash
 Splendid Red Kitchen Backsplash – 
Are you dare enough to deal with red-themed kitchen backsplash ideas? It sounds challenging! Red means bravery, but at the same time it can lift up your mood. Besides, having red theme for kitchen ideas may romanticize the nuance, especially for new couple living together. The combination between red and black for kitchen backsplash is a good idea. It is in line with the color of the kitchen furniture as well as balanced with the white hoes of kitchen top.

23. Appealing Rustic Kitchen Backsplash

Appealing Rustic Kitchen Backsplash
 Appealing Rustic Kitchen Backsplash – 
Let’s have distinctive feature with wooden kitchen backsplash ideas! When kitchen backsplash usually comes up with ceramics or other sturdy materials, this design offers natural material of wooden beams. The materials are arranged vertically. Moreover, the function is not merely for the backsplash. It is also for the divider between kitchen and the other space of your home. It is very appropriate for kitchen in the restaurant because this kitchen backsplash is removable and it can prevent the heat of cooking area.

24. Colorful Ceramic Kitchen Backsplash

Colorful Ceramic Kitchen Backsplash
 Colorful Ceramic Kitchen Backsplash – 
If you have some tile remnants with various color, you can create something creative as kitchen backsplash ideas. Plain ceramics that varies in color are wonderful when they are together. Moreover, playing with colors is always fun. By owning this design in your interior, it makes everyone entertained, even when they are busy to cook.

25. Dazzling Stainless Kitchen Backsplash Ideas

Dazzling Stainless Kitchen Backsplash Ideas
 Dazzling Stainless Kitchen Backsplash Ideas – 
How to make your kitchen dazzling is actually quite easy. You can apply kitchen backsplash ideas by using stainless steel material. This kind of metal can protect the backsplash well. However, when it receives too much heat, the backsplash also becomes hot. So, it is important to consider the distance between the stove and the wall in order to avoid the danger.

Kitchen Backsplash Ideas

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