4 Kitchen Island Ideas to Enjoy The Kitchen With Your Friends

At some points, you will realize that your kitchen might not only good as a place for cooking, but also as a sanctuary in your house, a place where you can sit, eat, and drink a cup of coffee in your free time. To make these activities run well, you need some good kitchen island ideas.

The kitchen island is very useful. You can do everything there, from chopping and mix the ingredients, to just relaxing and reading the magazine. These are some kitchen island ideas that will make your kitchen a good place to do anything besides cooking.

1. Minimalist Marble Island

small kitchen island ideas

Do you want a kitchen island that looks like a small and exclusive bar? This all-marble kitchen island idea is a good choice for you. The island is slim and has a chic style that can be a good element in your small kitchen ideas.

Also, marble is the material with the cool surface, so, it can make your kitchen fresher. Put the slim bar chairs to complete the modernity of this kitchen island. To make the kitchen looks classy, use the dark wood for the flooring.

2. Black and Glossy

kitchen island ideas with seating

If you want a very bold kitchen, then black is the best choice you can get. You can see that in this elegant kitchen idea. The black cabinets that surround the kitchen are made from ebonized-oaks, and this makes the kitchen looks more lavish yet minimalist.

The center of attention in this kitchen is absolutely the black kitchen island made from wood and steel. It enhances the elegance and so edgy. It also makes this kitchen a good place to do many activities.

Not only cooking, you can enjoy your meals calmly or do the overnight works or just chatting with your friend.

3. The Old Style Kitchen Island

kitchen island ideas diy

To accentuate the old and classic nuance from your kitchen, you must first put the antique or the old style kitchen island in the center of your kitchen.

Like you can see on the picture, the kitchen island is made from the repurposed wood. Thus, it makes your kitchen like coming back to the middle age.

This slim and repurposed kitchen island also has some drawers so that you can save many pieces of equipment there. This is such a useful kitchen island.

Never mind to put it in your modern kitchen. Because, as long as there is not too much pattern in your kitchen, this antique-modern combination will fit in.

4. A Minimalist Bookworm Kitchen Island

kitchen island ideas designs

For a bookworm, all places can be the great spaces for reading some books, including the kitchen. So, instead of bringing the books to the kitchen every time you want to read, why don’t you put the book on the kitchen island?

The kitchen island is integrated with the simple bookshelves. So, not only can be used for storing some bottles or other heating equipment, you can also put your favorite books there.

With these kitchen island ideas, your kitchen will be more functional. The other good news is you have one more interesting spot in your home to enjoy the time with your beloved friends and family.

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