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Makeup Room Ideas – As a woman, your makeup room is your one room to dream, design and to create. This room is a complete reflection of you and who you want to be. Personally, what I find unique about this space or room is the fact that this spot inspires you and make you feel comfortable as well as beautiful once you are sited and about to get started.

Decorating and styling up your vanity table or makeup room to your taste is a very fun thing to do as it doesn’t only just make your space look great, it is all about you selecting all the elements that make your space look unique and make you feel good.

10 Gorgeous Ideas for Styling Your Makeup Room and Vanity

Makeup Room Ideas

A thrilling makeup room is one of the fundamental need of every woman. Every woman wants a place where she can treat herself in such a way as to feel like a celebrity. Every woman wants to have a makeup room in their homes

The design of each makeup room differs in size and in style. The design of your makeup room may feature some shelves, a chair, a storage cabinet that has wardrobes, clothes organizers making your makeup room stylish.

Here are some interesting ideas to give your makeup room look stylish and ravishing.
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Vanity Table

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The most hectic time of the days are the mornings. You want to spend a peaceful morning to ensure you have a perfect day. As a woman, the vanity table plays a very big role in ensuring that. Putting on your makeup in a crowded place or one corner of your bathroom may not just ruin your makeup but also your perfect day.

On the other hand, making use of a few vanity table ideas will not just brighten up your morning but improves your entire day. Fitting a vanity table into a small bedroom shouldn’t be an issue as you can keep it close to the bed so that it can also serve as a nightstand and the drawer hides the makeup.


makeup room ideas circle Mirrors

Mirrors are also an essential part of the vanity set. Mounting a full-length wall mirror to the wall against the vanity table in your makeup room will go a long way in showcasing glamour and excitement in your quest to make your room stylish.

Mirror play a very important role and they can even play a double-duty role for you if your vanity table is sited in the bathroom as they can contain hidden cabinets behind them which can serve as storage space for your makeup and some other items and accessories.

Chair or Bench

Makeup room ideas Chair or Bench

To add comfort to a vanity table and makeup process, a comfortable sitting arrangement is all that is needed. You can also infuse color and comfort into your makeup room by introducing a chair to make your makeup process a lot more comfortable.

A cushioned chair or an ottoman will not only allow you to sit comfortably but also prepare you for a peaceful and colorful day without stress or hassle. When setting up the vanity table, ensure that the arrangement leaves enough room for you to rest your leg while putting on your makeup.

Storage Space

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Not everyone is lucky enough to own an extra room to spare as a makeup room, but that is not to say you can’t have an epic beauty closet with what you have. Setting up your perfect spot for your vanity in a small makeup room or in your bedroom, you can find yourself running out of storage space.

The good thing is that you have the wall to commit to. The wall provides enough space to store your shoes, clothes and other accessories.
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Glamorous Trays

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If you are the type of person that likes to see your makeup laid out, then a stylish tray will introduce balance and style to your vanity. A pretty golden tray is all you need to keep everything in a confined space. These trays don’t necessarily need to be something excessively expensive or extravagant, you can obtain them from antique stores. You can also make an old one look new just by merely spraying it.

Small Bowls and Old Dinnerware

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Making your vintage bowls and plates your precious makeup and jewel holder is the best way to show off your vintage plates and bowls. Transforming these bowls and plates into jewel holder for catching your daily jewelry makes it easy to keep them in separate groups either by style or by their applications and leaves your makeup vanity and room on point.

Glass Top

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By introducing a glass top makes it possible for you to easily see all your makeup. This doesn’t just save you time and make the process of putting on your make up, but it also makes your makeup room look stylish and your vanity table always shinning.

Another good thing about this is that you don’t necessarily have to spend a fortune to get this, as you can easily figure out a way to make a glass top out of almost any vanity table.

Art Collection

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It is safe to say that people believe that art is for the wall but in real life, it is not so, you can add flair and glamour to your makeup room by styling up your makeup vanity. Having a piece art that will inspire or a unique piece personally collected by you every time you see it will go a long way in ensuring you are at your best anytime you go out. Your vanity table is the best spot for you to display your personality and items that get you inspired.

The most important thing about setting up your beautiful makeup room and vanity table is that every single item and idea you choose to style it up must be the ones you love as they should make you feel good and inspire you every single day.

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makeup room ideas

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