20 Master Bedroom Ideas to Have a Good Night Sleep

Master bedroom ideas | Master bedroom is one of the most important rooms in your house. Some like it simple, while the other people prefer their rooms look artistic and are willing to spend much money for it. Why is the reason by the way?

After spending all the day long outside, people need to relieve their stresses out and rest in their bedroom. That is why the master bedroom has to be designed in the coziest style, which is also the reason why people are willing to spend much money to get the perfect bedroom look.

The points of having the perfect master bedroom are choosing the perfect colors, the perfect bed, and the perfect furniture. Match them with your personality and of course your budget. And you will get your master bedroom you have been dreaming of.

Do you want to have a cozy yet artistic master bedroom but are confused to choose the perfect look? Well, we got 20 master bedroom ideas for you to have a good night sleep. Here we go.

Master Bedroom Ideas

20. Make It Blue

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If you want to bring luxury through simplicity, maybe you should try this master bedroom idea. You don’t have to decorate you room with too much detail, yet your room will look luxurious and cozy. The point is to choose the right bed for your room. You may add a carpet wider than your bed to make your room cozier too.

19. Gray and Silver

White Master Bedroom Ideas
White Master Bedroom Ideas

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Silver and gray are colors which represent luxury. This color palette will make your master bed looks so classy. The key to the luxury look is the chandelier. When the light comes in from the window, when you open the curtains, it will look shiny. And when it comes to the night and you turn the lights on, it will give the room the luxury look. You can also add a simple gray carpet on the floor, to make the floor more blended with the colors.

18. Keep the Natural Look

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Some people find that the best look for master bedroom interior is the natural look. It means, they prefer to show the natural beauty of the furnitures, walls, and the other decorations. You can choose a wooden bed, wooden chairs and table. Keep the ceiling and floor without any paint, to enhance the classy look of your master bedroom.

17. Maximizing the Small Space

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Having a small room doesn’t mean you can’t have your dream master bedroom. All you need to do is maximizing the space by organizing your furnitures. First, you have to choosw the right bed. Then, the other furnitures like little sofa and drawers. You can paint your room in light color, like white and paint one side of the wall you want to put your decoration on in another color, like navy blue for example. A luxurious chandelier and symmetrical framed photographs will be perfect decorations for your master bedroom.

16. The Modern Look Master Bedroom Ideas

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Blue will make your room looks fresh and is never boring. You can mix the stripped blue and white, the solid blue color, also the paterned blue decorations for your master bedroom idea. They will blend perfectly and give your master bedroom a modern look. To make your room fresh, you can add some plants in the room too. Make sure your room have a good light if you want to try this master bedroom idea. Because if it doesn’t, your room will look gloomy.

15. Pastel Color Palette

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Pastel colors never cease to amaze our eyes. These colors will make your master bedroom looks cozier without too many ornaments. You can add a luxury chandelier and two little drawers in the left and the right side of the bed. Match the color of your sofa with the curtain, pillow, and blanket. You don’t need a wide space to make your dream master bedroom. That is all you need.

14. Don’t be Afraid of Dark

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It does not only mean you shouldn’t be afraid being in the dark bedroom after turning off the light before sleeping, but it does also mean you can paint your bedroom wall in dark colors if you want to. Like black, or navy blue for example. Match the wall color with the bed sheet or blanket. Add some sparkling wall decorations to make your wall look more stunning. To get rid of the plainness of the floor, you can put a patterned carpet too. But, you need to watch out. Avoid dark curtains if you don’t want your room to look gloomy. A light colored curtain will be perfect for your window.

13. Unusual Decoration Master Bedroom Ideas

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A luxurious chandelier is too boring for you? Maybe you should try this master bedroom idea. Instead of hanging a luxurious chandelier, you can hang DIY light bulbs in a wooden stick above your bed. It will fit perfectly especially if you prefer a room with darker walls. You can also put some plants to make your room greener and a carpet near your bed. How do you think?

12. The Gray Look

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Gray does not mean gloom. In fact, gray is a color that will make you sleepy after spending your day outside for work. It looks classy and comfy, don’t you think so? To avoid your room from getting boring, you may need some decoration lamps and other decorations like paintings, or something patterned. Don’t forget to add some plants to give another color to your room. A carpet with comfy look will also be perfect for your room.

11. Room with the High Ceiling

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If you have a room with a high ceiling, you may find some difficulties finding the perfect idea to decorate your room. But this master bedroom idea may be a perfect idea for you. You don’t need to add wallpapers to your wall, since it doesn’t match with your high ceiling. Instead, you can paint your wall in a solid color, like green. Add a lamp decoration, but don’t hang it too high. You may also want to put a bigger plant inside your room, like the cactus in the picture. Decorate your wall with a painting or something else to make it more artistic.

10. Two-colored Wall

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A one colored wall seems so boring for you? You might want to try this style. Two colored wall. Choose the perfect color palette for your room, like the green color palette in the picture. Choose the color wisely, and arrange the colors the way you like. A high but not so leafy plant will be perfect for your room, but don’t make it higher than the second color of the wall. So, do you think this master bedroom idea is worth to try?

9. Bring All the Pastels In

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You like pastel colors but are confused to choose a color palette? Why don’t just bring all the colors to your room? The key is to arrange these colors. You can paint your in pastel blue, while keep the other things in the room in the other pastel colors. Twin lamps on twin tables in the left and right side of the bed will be nice too. You can also add a little decoration on your wall, like a photograph to make your room more attractive.

8. The Old Room Look

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Who says an old room with old wall paint needs to be repainted for a better look? All you need is just arrange the perfect stuff inside your bedroom. Instead of setting your bed in the corner of the room, you can set your bed in the middle near the window, and decorate your room with a tiny furniture like a little table. Add a carpet or two on the floor to give the floor a little detail. Don’t forget to choose the pattern wisely. Some plants and a mirror will be perfect too.

7. The Comfy Look

The Comfy Look Master Bedroom Ideas
The Comfy Look | Master Bedroom Ideas

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There is no point in having an artistic and unique master bedroom without the comfy look, because that is the importance of your master bedroom. Once you get inside, you shouldn’t want to go outside and relieve your stress. This master bedroom idea will give your bedroom a comfy look. The key is your bed. A comfortable and fluffy blanket will be perfect too. You might also want to put a mirror and some other decorations like painting or plant inside the room. Don’t forget to give some details to your floor by adding a carpet.

6. The Perfect Simplicity

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There is nothing better than finding the perfection in simplicity. Something you can find in your room if you try this master bedroom idea. The key to this simple look is the wooden bed. It needs not to be high and match with the wooden floor. The white color will be a perfect color to represent the simplicity of your room. Put a little detail by adding an ethic patterned pillow and a wall decoration like a dream catcher. A white and fluffy carpet will be a good touch for your room too.

5. The Artistic Brick for Master Bedroom Ideas

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Are you bored with the plain colored wall? Why don’t try enhancing your room look with the artistic bricks look? No need many wall decorations, a realistic horse painting is great for your wall. You may also want to decorate your room with a leafless decoration plant. To match the artistic brick look, you may want to choose a rustic bed with plain colored sheet. Don’t forget to put a rustic carpet with the similar color with the wall bricks and your bed.

Do you like this master bedroom idea?

4. The Super Rustic Look

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If the previous style is not enough to show the true beauty of the things in your room, you might like this rustic look much better. You don’t need a polished bed or drawers, because without being polished, the furniture will show the natural beauty. Two large light bulbs will also be perfect to enhance the beauty of your rustic bedroom.

So, do you feel like trying this master bedroom idea?

3. Bring the Classy Look

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Black is not a bad choice. Black is classy choice. Bring the classy look to your master bedroom by painting in in black. Everything will blend perfectly with this color. Like the wall decorations you can see in the picture. To match the classy look, a wooden bed will be perfect choice for you. Keep the sheet black and add a new light shade by putting a grey pillow on the mattress. Twin little green plant in the right and left side of your bed will be great too.

2. Unique Bedroom for Unique Personality

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If you like something unique, this bedroom style is perfect for you. You don’t need a luxurious bed to put the mattress on. All you need is just a simple but artistic bamboo bed. Cover your pillows in maroon color to make it more luxurious. And you don’t need other decorations to make your room more artistic, because it already does look artistic, in a simple yet unique way.

How do you think about this master bedroom idea?

1. The Seesaw Bed

Master Bedroom Ideas
The Seesaw Bed | Master Bedroom Ideas

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What is better than sleeping on the seesaw bed with someone singing you a lullaby when you were a child back then? Well, you can also have it now. This master bedroom idea will not only give you the exceptional look but also the comfiest bed you can have in this world. You can also put some little decorations like a little table lamp and an aromatic candle to make you more relaxed. Before going to bed, make sure to turn on the lullaby song. And your journey to your dream will begin.

That was the list of 20 master bedroom ideas you can try to have your perfect bedroom. You can fix a bad day by doing something fun or just letting it passed by, but you cannot fix your bedroom style immediately if you happen to choose the wrong style. So, which idea matches your personality?

Don’t forget to share your answer with us in the comment section.

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