Must-Haves for Your Primary Bedroom

The primary suite is one of the most important rooms in the home, yet many of us don’t pay enough attention to it in our decorating. We need rooms that comfort and relax us so we can sleep and rest easier and have happier lives in turn. A picture containing indoor, floor, room, window Description automatically generated

It’s also vital to have a quality bedroom set up if you want to sell your property and help potential homebuyers imagine themselves living in it.

If you’re ready to re-do your main bedroom in the coming months, here are some must-haves to concentrate on.

Quality Bed and Bedding

A crucial factor in a bedroom is a comfortable, supportive bed. Ensure your room has a quality mattress that will help you sleep deeply and that’s kind to your neck, back, shoulders, hips, etc. If you’re currently sleeping on a mattress you’ve had for a long time or one that never really suited your body size, shape, or sleeping style (whether you’re a back, side, stomach, or combination sleeper), it’s time to upgrade.

You want your mattress to rest on a good base, too, that will help to keep it nicely level over time, so it doesn’t warp or bend or get too lumpy. In addition, top your mattress with soft-to-the-touch, breathable bedding you want to snuggle down into. It’s helpful to have different sheets for different seasons, so you don’t get too hot or cold, along with a quilt or blanket for times when it’s chillier or a quality men’s queen comforter set or related product that can take you through multiple months of the year.

You also need a good pillow to rest your head on. Purchase one the right size so you don’t end up with your neck and shoulders at an awkward angle when you’re lying down or with a lack of support that can lead to tightness and pain. Many people keep their pillows for way too long, too, when they should be replaced at least every couple of years.

Plentiful Storage Facilities

A primary suite also needs to have plenty of storage. It’s hard to relax, rest, and sleep deeply when you go to bed staring at a heap of “stuff” that you can’t fit properly in the room and therefore have to leave in piles around the space. Help yourself to switch off each night and have less stress by incorporating enough storage area into your bedroom.

You may be able to get a wardrobe built into the room if you don’t currently have one or need an extra one or install shelving along the walls. Utilize the space under your bed, under windows, and above doorways, and consider purchasing a bed base with built-in drawers so you can store more things there.

Proper Lighting

Like other rooms in the home, your main bedroom requires decent lighting. This isn’t about just one powerful light but about incorporating layered illumination into the room. Having different types of lighting in different places aligns with the variety of things we tend to do in our bedrooms.

For example, you’ll want softer mood lighting when you want to amp up the romance or when you’re getting ready to go to sleep, and brighter lights when you’re getting dressed, reading, applying makeup, or otherwise needing to see clearer and in more detail.

In a primary bedroom, it pays to have lighting options such as an elegant chandelier for overall illumination, bedside lamps and downlights to provide targeted lighting, and perhaps a floor lamp for reading or spotlights over a particular piece of art or anything else you want to draw attention to.

A Point of Focus

A stylish bedroom boasts a point of focus to draw the eye. You might like to create this effect by painting a feature wall on one side of the space or adding impressive artwork to the room. If you choose this feature or piece first, you can use it for color and style inspiration before you select your bedding, accessories, and the like.

Remember, though, that it’s usually best to make the focal point of the room above or behind your bed rather than somewhere that might distract your attention when trying to shut your brain down and sleep.

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Other must-haves for your primary bedroom are helpful HVAC units to keep the space temperate, a floor-length mirror to help you see whole outfits when you’re getting ready, and quality blackout drapes or curtains to block light when you’re sleeping.

Including all of the above elements in your bedroom will help the room come together and provide a restful, inviting space to enjoy both night and day.


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