25 Office Decorating Ideas for Your Working Space

Office Decorating Ideas | Are you planning to have working space for your business?

If you do, then you are on the right path! Before you plan to build one, you should know the things about what you should have for your office.

There are so many designs of the office that you can get inspired from this article, not only that there are also the decorations to make your office looks more comfortable and bring the good atmosphere for your employees and yourself! To know more about it, take a look at this list below.

Office Decorating Ideas

1. Funky Design for Office

Funky Office Decoration Ideas
Funky Office Decoration Ideas | ytimg.com

Although a funky design is related to the fun and joyful vibe for playing, however, to have a funky design to your office is also a really good choice! The atmosphere of the funky design brings joy and energy. Choose the funky design with the vibrant colour and shapes to achieve the funky vibes to your office. A vibrant colourful decoration definitely looks really good against the white or white plain office.

2. Modern Design for Office

Office Decoration Ideas
Modern Office Decoration Ideas

A good working space usually provides a contemporary design like this. The contemporary design brings the professional and stylish looks to your office. Choose the black and white style for this design and do not forget to design the ceiling as well. A good-looking ceiling absolutely brings the vibe to different levels.

3. Rustic Design for Office

Rustic Office Decoration Ideas
Rustic Office Decoration Ideas : hawkcreeklab.com

Who says that the office should look modern? If you love rustic that basically bring the earthy tones, choose it why not? Since the rustic style brings the homey feels and cozy atmosphere. Gives a little touch of a modern look for the furniture to enhance the professional looks of your office. Also, you may need to have good lighting like a hanging lamp with contemporary style as the additional decoration.

4. On Budget Design for Office

On Budget Office Decoration Ideas
On Budget Office Decoration Ideas

You do not need to build a modern look for your office, if there is a way to have an on-budget design then why not? You can turn your small space into modern looks as well, by choosing the dark colour like grey and white to get the professional looks. For the furniture, you can just choose the wood furniture for the desk table and chair. The wood colour looks completely fine to combine with every colour you like. It is like a contemporary design mix with the rustic style!

5. Minimalist Design for Office

minimalist Office Decoration Ideas
minimalist Office Decor Ideas

The minimalist looks give the clean and simple look yet modern at the same time. If you are interested in the minimalist looks, you can also get creative to space like adding the faux plant as the wall decoration and accent. Get a clean white for the wall and choose the furniture with woods since the natural colour from wood looks good for every colour and design to the area. The brilliant idea of making the work desk with a square shape is also a good choice to have the divider at the same time.

6. Sitting Area in The Office

sitting area Office Decoration Ideas
sitting area Office Decoration Ideas | arkadiaworks.com

It is really nice to have a sitting area for the break time. Consider building the small space as the sitting area to have a relaxing conversation with other staff while drinking a cup of coffee. For the sitting area design, you can get a cool pretend garden like this! Definitely bring the good conversation vibe area.

7. Mirror Office Decoration Ideas

Mirror Office Decoration Ideas
Mirror Office Decor Ideas

The mirror can make the area looks bigger two times, why not just bring it to the office? Use your creativity for the mirror shape as the wall decoration as well. The mirror with cool shapes brings the modern look to your working space. The unique shape of the mirror is necessary to have to enhance the mood!

8. Chair Office Decoration Ideas

Mirror Office Decoration Ideas
Chair Office Decor Ideas

Of course, a chair for each table is very important! Choose a comfortable office chair to get the extra comfort while working with the computer for hours. Some tips that you need to know before buying the office chair are the backrest needs to be comfortable to prevent from the back tension, the height adjustment is also what you need, get the chair with wheels to prevent the back tension for reaching the far object, the good fabric with cushion helps to support your sitting position.

9. Table Office with Divider

Table Office Decoration Ideas | mergeworks.com
Table Office Decoration Ideas

A table for each of the employees in the spacious space of the workplace is necessary.

There are two types of table for your office. The regular table and the L shaped. Consider to buy the table that suitable for the area, usually, the L shaped is the best choice since it is suitable for the corner. A good office table has drawers as their private storage and files, that’s why you do need to notice the table structure. To offer a private space for each employee you may need to give any attention to their table. All you need is the table divider on the table like this! It is necessary to make them comfortable while working, right?

10. Wall and Floor Decoration

Wall Office Decoration Ideas | apartment-meikarta.com
Wall Office Decor Ideas

Plain wall and floor can be boring sometimes, it may bother you to see literally nothing on the wall and floor, right? To solve this, you can get a wall decoration like frame art or just a statue on the wall. Gives an accent colour to your wall to get an eye-catching look.

You may also get rugs or matt in the front door for the floor decoration. A rug can bring the comforts and enhance your mood. The pattern rugs for the floor office makes it looks so much better!

11. Colours Supplies


A work supplies are a very important thing to have! Since that, consider making your work supplies as the decoration as well. Choose the adorable and cool holder of your work supplies that suitable for your table, this way it helps to enhance your mood as well.

12. Drawers office decorating Ideas

Drawers Office Decoration Ideas
Drawers Office Decorating Ideas

To keep all of the files, you need plenty of storage, right? Well, the drawer is another thing that very important for the office. A drawer like this is also a good choice to keep all of your files. Since the drawer equipped with a tire, you may also easily move the drawer to any location at any time. For the files inside, you might also have the need to name the files by putting the paper sticker in the front of each drawer. This way is easier to find the files that you need!

13. Window Design (lighting)

Window Office Decoration Ideas

Window in the office is very important, good office design always provides good lighting like windows. The good lighting helps to enhance your energy! You may also need a blind curtain to adjust the window brightness. Sunlight is necessary as well to help to get the natural lighting.

14. Snack Display

Snack Display Office Decoration Ideas
Snack Display Office Decorating Ideas

The food display is the best thing to have in the office. One of the essential things to have in the office is this! Consider to at least have a small area for the snack display or canteen to boost the staffs’ mood in their break time. Put the food display near the sitting area to get the double comfort! Remember, giving the staff some enjoyment could enforce their motivation which in cause making a better output on their work.

15. Book Shelf and Breather Space

book shelf Office Decoration Ideas
Book Shelf in | Office Decorating Ideas

Well, providing a good workplace for your staff to make them feel comfortable and enjoy working also to make them loyal to your company. Like the little library for the books that related to the business and breather space that provides games like billiard or chest. You may need a decoration on the wall like art to enhance the fun and enjoyable look.

16. Your Personal Desk Decoration

L Shape Office Decoration Ideas
L Shape Office Decorating Ideas

The table area for each staff also needs decoration. You can consider putting some decoration for each table. Providing the office supplies and divider decoration so that they have their own pretty cozy space for themselves. Try to play with vibrant colour to contrast the work desk looks. This way can their own personal space can also work as a creative space for themselves.

17. Office Fragrance

Fragrance Office Decoration Ideas
Fragrance Office Decoration Ideas

There are so many things to get in order to make the workplace feels cozy and relaxing. One of them is the room fragrance! It may sound simple and not important; however, this fragrance helps the staff to enhance their mood as well! Get a relaxing smell for your workplace, you may need to not to pick the strong scent. Use this fragrance room in every side of the room and the toilet as well.

18. File Storage

Storage Office Decoration Ideas
Storage Office Decorating Ideas

There may be so many stuffs on the staff’s table, however, you should consider having a good amount of file storages as well. Having file storage cabinet could be useful to keep more space in the office. The file storage cabinet also works well to keep work supplies because of the space it provides. You could also have just only one storage cabinet at the core of your office room and work desk to help your staff to get the thing that they need easily.

19. Calendar Board

Calendar Board Office Decoration Ideas
Calendar Board Office Decorating Ideas

The other essential thing that you should not forget is this calendar. You may have a paper calendar; however, it is necessary to have at least one calendar board as a reminder for the whole entire month. A big calendar board like this helps the staff to see the important thing from far away. You could also put a notice, so every staff could see, if there is any important things to do in the future days. Also, a calendar board like this can last for a while instead of the calendar that made of paper which cause a waste to a lot of papers. It saves you trouble of any trash, usually caused by paper calendar.

20. Coffee Station

Coffee station Office Decoration Ideas
Coffee station Office Decorating Ideas

There are lots of benefits of coffee, one of them is to help people to stay awake and energize. Some people may not need coffee but your workers need it! Make a coffee station in the office to help them to boost their energy and prevent a sleepy feel. All you need to provide the coffee station is, of course, the coffee powder, coffee maker, glass, and sink. Let them enjoy their coffee in the break time!

21. Office Quotes Wall Decoration

Quotes Wall Office Decorating Ideas
Quotes Wall Office Decorating Ideas

Quotes can help people to get inspired and stand up from sadness. The motivation quote for office is necessary to boost the mood. Consider putting motivational quotes for the wall instead of arts. That way you can achieve the modern, fun, and simply looks for the office. Try to just give words against the plain wall colour to contrast the words so that your staff can see it as the eye-catching in the area.

22. Whiteboard for The Office

Office Decorating Ideas
Office Decorating Ideas

Whiteboard is a necessary thing to have in the office. Consider having a giant long whiteboard to helps the staff to at least have their own reminder in the wall. Whiteboard helps to think better and very helpful for the platform for presentation.

23. Entry Way Design

Entry Way office decorating ideas
Entry Way office decorating ideas | maris-interiors.co.uk

To have a professional entryway for your office, consider having a giant symbol of your company. Provides some chairs as the living room and the front desk area. You also need to give attention to a good design for this area as the good representation of your company. Give it the best look!

24. Meeting Area

Meeting Area office decorating ideas
Meeting Area office decorating ideas

A comfortable meeting area is important as well. A good meeting room has plenty of comfortable chairs and a big long table in the middle. Consider to put up some team photos on the wall to decorate the wall also as the appreciation of the team. decorate the wall with a quote as well to makes the room feels energize with a good mood for your staff.

25. Another Design for Sitting Area


The good sitting area is necessary for your staff’s break time. The good sitting area with good detail of decoration on the wall and the ceiling is definitely brilliant! Try to plan a good comfortable area for your staff!

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