20+ Quonset Hut Homes Design, Great Idea for a Tiny House

Quonset Hut Homes – The Quonset hut homes are increasingly becoming popular among the retirees and also other people who appreciate affordable housing. The homes are characterized by their arc-like and semi-cylindrical features. Since World War II most people have opted for these unique structures not only because of their features but also because of they are inexpensive.

The Quonset hut homes are incredibly versatile in design and shape, and you need to take your time in choosing the right option for you. The huts are available in a Q-model design that is curved, the P-model, and the S-model. The floor plans for the huts are simple, but you need to be creative with the space to avoid crowded space.

The traditional Quonset hut homes

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Some call them the old designs. They are simple in design and very spacious. When you take a glimpse of these old structures, you won’t see the beauty as the exterior part of the home is unkempt. However, the structures are made from very durable materials, and it would be a worthwhile design. You can choose to polish the body of the hut with bright colors to make it presentable.
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The modern Quonset hut homes

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Everything about this design is modern. The exterior part of the house comes with high-quality material that makes the huts warm enough. The big wide windows let in natural light and promote circulation of fresh air. Owning these homes is costly, but you will receive value for your money.

Desert themes huts

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The hut’s design is suitable for the desert and other hot regions. However, you can still design to fit your needs regardless of the region you live in. You can choose any hut design that you want.

Nature-like hut homes

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There are different hut designs that you can choose in this category, but the swamp-themed homes are a perfect option. The huts are designed to blend in with nature. Due to the design of the hut, you will need to invest in a good lighting system. You can also customize the exterior to add a little personality to the appearance. Focusing on the interior part of the hut will help you create an appealing environment.

Backyard Quonset homes

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If you have a spacious backyard, you can install classy Quonset huts for your kids. These kids-themed huts are smaller in size and shape.

Go military

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The military-themed huts are simple in design. The exterior part of the house is simple and unpolished. However, your primary focus should be the interiors. Choosing the best lighting system will go a long in ensuring that the hut is appealing enough. The windows and the doors also add flair to the hut, so it is essential to choose elegant designs.

Quonset huts with stairs

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Even though the design of the house is standard, adding stairs and other embellishments will create a modern look. You can choose to elevate the hut and therefore install simple stairs at the entrance of the house. You can also choose to design a porch at the entrance of the house.

Wood-based huts

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Most of the Quonset huts are made from metal. But, you can also choose to use the high-quality wood to design the huts. Take caution though as wood tends to decrease in quality as the years go by and that can affect the stability of your home.

The bachelor Quonset Huts

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The numerous designs are suitable for both single and families. As a bachelor, you can choose the simple and basic designs to suit your designs. You can make your home more appealing by painting the exterior and adding windows.

Color the exterior

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Most of the Quonset huts maintain the color of the material that has been used. However, you don’t have to comply with the set designs. Choosing a suitable color for your home is essential. Green is a great color for the house as it is bold and elegant at the same time. Combining different colors is also a great option.

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Grey and red-brown with a touch of white have are a rare combination, and yet they look elegant in Quonset huts.

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Blue is a sweet and simple color that will make the hut to standout from the rest of the designs.

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Camouflage will add a touch of elegance to the hut’s appearance. Despite it being a camouflage, the color shines a lot and makes the hut visible. The color is suitable for the bachelor huts.
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The interior of the hut


Taking the time to decorate the interior part of the house will make all the difference in the appearance of the house. White is a calm color for the walls. You can complement the color with a shade of yellow or cream. The lighting of the house is essential. Choose a suitable lighting system to complement the interiors.

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4 people can quickly put together a Quonset hut home in an issue of days; the devices called for are relatively standard; as well as the prep work needed is not comprehensive. Once assembled, upkeep is marginal.

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