25 Amazing Room Divider Ideas to Maximize Your Space

Room Divider Ideas | Do you have a really spacious one room that sometimes it’s bothering because it’s too big? A large house usually comes with a really big spacious room.

However, the case like this may not suitable for everyone. Some people would like to have a lot of small room rather than the large house that provides not so many a good amount of rooms.

The problem like this can be solved with a room divider in your house. There are so many varieties of room divider to help your interior design looks stand out. To get inspirations for your room divider, you may take a look at this 25 ideas list below.

Room Divider Ideas

1. Walls that stand alone

Walls that stand alone
Walls that stand alone | Room Divider Ideas

It may sound awkward to hear “a wall that stands alone” since it does not attach to the other, however, the result can be amazing as well! You just need to be more creative to decorate the “stands alone wall”. Other than painting them in the same colour as the rest, why don’t just gives extra attention and a little touch to it? Gives the stands alone wall with patterns or textures that different from the rest, like concrete or wood tiles to give an eye-catching look in the room.

2. Open Shelves for Plants Room Divider

Open Shelves for Plants Room Divider
Room Divider Ideas | Open Shelves for Plants Room Divider

A house without greenery is sometimes feeling empty and blank. If you love to planting and consider to put your indoor plant inside your house but there is no space anymore and you also need to have a divider room at the same time? Well, why not just solve the problem with this open shelf with plants as the decoration. Be creative with the shelf shapes as the eye-catching in the room.

3. Wooden Pallet Divider

Wooden Pallet Divider
Room Divider Ideas | Wooden Pallet Divider

To have a room divider does not have to be expensive right? A cheap material like wooden pallets that you can find in the store is a useful material. A wooden pallet can be used for so many things, including the room divider. The old used wood pallet is also a great idea to achieve the rustic or vintage looks. Also, the space on the wooden pallet is available for your creativity! Put decoration on the blank space to make it looks so much better.

4. Ropes as Divider

Ropes as Divider
Room Divider Ideas | Ropes as Divider

Some people do not like to have complicated looking interior design. If you are one of them who loves the simple design, you may choose this design of room divider with ropes. Room divider with ropes like this is very suitable for every single design interior in your house and it gives the modern looks as well. Choose floor to ceil room divider style to get the modern style for your home.

5. Dowels Divider

Dowels Divider
Room Divider Ideas | Dowels Divider

Dowels are very easy to find in the local store, why not just use it as a room divider? The creative and easy ways for your DIY project room divider is using the cheap materials called dowels. The only step you need to do is arrange them like a ladder. The room divider like this is also safe for children and suitable as a children play divider room.

6. Sliding Barn Door

PVC Pipe Divider
Room Divider Ideas | PVC Pipe Divider

If you love farmhouse style for your lovely home, you may take this idea as your room divider. The inspiration from the barn door is a good idea to achieve the rustic or farmhouse design. A barn door with colour is also a great idea to make it looks so much better and fun.

7. PVC Pipe Divider

PVC Pipe Divider
PVC Pipe Divider | Room Divider Ideas

If you want to give more attention to your home with a touch of a pattern but also want to save your money is using PVC pipe as the material. To solve this you can make your own DIY project with this unique divider room using only PVC pipes. This also really easy to make! All you need is PVC pipes with different size and cut them in short same size and stick them together with strong glue. That’s it! There you have your own unique room divider that brings pattern to your plain room design.

8. Glass Divider

Glass Divider
Glass Divider

A glass is always succeeded to bring the modern atmosphere to the area. You can also use this glass as your room divider as well. Choose the tempered glass to make the blur effects as the privacy screen to another room, this way make another person and yourself more comfortable. Also, the floor to ceiling tempered glass room divider makes the room looks more stylish!

9. Book Shelves Divider

Book Shelves Divider
Book Shelves Divider | Room Divider Ideas

Some people love to read and they may have lots of books collection in their house. To turn your spacious living room into two different rooms, you may need to move your bookshelf to the centre and make it as the living room with reading area to the other side of the shelf. The simplest easy way like this does not need efforts!

10. Floor to Ceiling Room Divider

Floor to Ceiling Room Divider
Floor to Ceiling Room Divider

Another room divider style with modern looks, yup this floor to ceiling room divider also gives the luxury atmosphere. Consider having huge room divider with woods that movable, since you may also need a spacious living room for gathering with your big family some days.

11. DIY Chicken Wire Divider

DIY Chicken Wire Divider
Room Divider Ideas | DIY Chicken Wire Divider

Rather than spending so much money for your room divider, why not just save it and get the low budget ones? Just like this room divider with wire chicken. To make this room divider with wire chicken all you need is the wire and the frame. You can also buy the frame in the thrift store. Just attach the chicken wire inside the gaps, there you have your room divider made by yourself!

12. Recycle Doors as Screen Divider

Recycle Doors as Screen Divider
Recycle Doors as Screen Divider

There are so many cute doors that thrown away because they are broke or just old. If you can find the good quality old doors, just made them into your room divider. The old used doors as the room divider give literally a good vintage look. Think about a colourful room divider made of used doors to give a little cuteness to the old vintage stuff like this.

13. DIY Divider with Fabric

DIY Divider with Fabric
Room Divider Ideas | DIY Divider with Fabric

There are so many stores that sell the room divider or privacy screen, however, it is not easy to find the cute ones that fit perfectly into your design. To make that happen, you can always just make it by yourself. Find a good fabric that you want to make it as the screen and find the privacy screen frame, all you need is just to stick the edge of the fabric to the frame.

14. Curtain Room Divider

Curtain Room Divider
Curtain Room Divider

This idea might be the easiest one of them all. The materials are the curtain itself and the hangers on the ceiling. The idea like this gives the modern and stylish looks to your home. Choose a good quality curtain with bold colours like black to gives the atmosphere feel so much better.

15. Tree Branches or Plant Divider

Tree Branches or Plant Divider
Tree Branches or Plant Divider | Room Divider Ideas

Take a look at the outside of your house, what kind of materials that you can get for your room divider? Yup, tree branches is a good idea for you who loves to be close to nature. This is very easy to make since you can always find branches outside of your house and does not take a long time to build one. All you need is branches and a surface to stick them with standing position.

16. Corrugated Metal Divider

Corrugated Metal Divider
Corrugated Metal Divider

Corrugated metal is a cheap material that can give a good result to your interior design. It may look too modest for your modern taste but if you can get the right position for your design you can also make it looks modern. There are so many designers that use cheap material like corrugated metal for their modern design as well. Also, the colourful corrugated metal is so much better than no colour ones.

17. Concrete Room Divider

Concrete Room Divider
Room Divider Ideas | Concrete Room Divider

Concrete is the best materials for your interior design to achieve modern looks. The concrete material is suitable for every single style in interior design. You can get the chic to manly with concrete materials. That’s why I would like to show you the room divider using this material. You do not have to get cement to get the looks just simply choose tiles that looks like it is literally all you need!

18. Rustic Hanging Room Divider

Rustic Hanging Room Divider
Rustic Hanging Room Divider | Room Divider Ideas

Rustic design never goes away in the interior design worlds. They are very natural and close to earth tones. The rustic style is suitable for you who admire the atmosphere of wood and earth tones, including this room divider idea. The room divider that attaches the floor might be boring so why not just make it floated? The idea of attaching to the ceiling is brilliant to achieve the modern rustic looks. Take advantage of the old used woods to get the vintage style as well. It looks really mesmerizing, right?

19. Unique Room Divider

Unique Room Divider
Unique Room Divider

Have you ever consider to have a really unique mesmerizing thing that you can have in your house? To have a modern house is not always feel like it is already complete without the unique furniture. Why not make your room divider with this glass with the water bubble effect? This room divider can contrast the whole room with a very cool atmosphere.

20. Bamboo Room Divider

Bamboo Room Divider
Bamboo Room Divider | Room Divider Ideas

Bamboo is very popular as the durability and the shape. If you love the design that closer to the village style, you may love to get this idea as your room divider. Just get plenty of bamboos and stick to the concrete or wood as the base. Choose the skinny ones rather than the thick ones, it helps you to arrange the bamboo and get the right amount to cover the room as the privacy stand.

21. Wooden Room Divider

Wooden Room Divider
Wooden Room Divider

Another idea of room divider using wood for your inspiration. Get the floor to a ceiling room divider to get a modern rustic look. You can make this wooden room divider by yourself as well! Get a huge cut wood that fits perfectly to the size of your floor to ceiling room. Let the original colour of the wood to make it looks natural and rustic.

22. Japanese Style Room Divider

Japanese Style Room Divider
Room Divider Ideas | Japanese Style Room Divider


There are so many characteristics for each country with a unique pattern or shape including Japanese style. Many traditional houses in Japan have the same unique characteristic if you adore the style you may want to get this pretty room divider with Japanese style. To make a style like this is actually not that difficult, also the characteristic itself brings the traditional Japanese atmosphere.

23. Room Divider with Morrocan Style

Room Divider with Morrocan Style
Room Divider with Morrocan Style | Room Divider Ideas

Morrocan is a new popular style in the interior design worlds, the style like this influence two countries in one which makes it a good choice for your home design. If you consider having a room divider with the Morrocan style, you may take a look at the pattern and the design since their pattern are gorgeous with complicated looks which makes it difficult for you to make it by yourself as your DIY project.

24. Room Divider with 3D wallpaper

Room Divider with 3D wallpaper
Room Divider with 3D wallpaper

Well, it is really great to have a room divider made of stone but at the same time, you just want to make it movable as well. There is literally an answer to that problem! Use 3D stickers that can attach perfectly on your wood room divider. They actually look the same as the real stone, if you spot it from a far distance.

25. Mirror Room Divider

Mirror Room Divider
Mirror Room Divider

Mirror use as the reflection of ourselves to check whether we look presentable or not. The use of a mirror can be also for interior design, it literally can make the room looks so much bigger. Imagine having a movable huge mirror like room divider! It can be used in both ways.


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