20 Rustic Bedroom Ideas for Creative People

From vintage to modern, rustic bedroom idea never cease to amaze people by its beauty. You have so many options to choose if you want to decorate your rustic bedroom. From using wooden furniture, decorating the room with classy stuff which show their nature’s beauty, and many others.

People who like rustic bedroom have unique taste and creative, since decorating a rustic bedroom needs high creativity too. You might use unusual decorations, like reusing old doors as your bed’s headboard, faux fur, or an old fashioned wall shelf. Something the other people might don’t want to use anymore.

For a rustic bedroom addict, those things are the key to a beautiful rustic bedroom. Some people like their rustic bedroom in modern look by adding luxurious chandelier, while some prefer the vintage look by adding an oversized wall mirror with frame made of woods.


rustic bedroom ideas
rustic bedroom ideas

So, do you want to try the rustic bedroom idea and don’t have any idea about it? Well, worry not. We have 20 rustic bedroom ideas for you. Check it out.

 Rustic Bedroom Ideas 

Rustic Bedroom Ideas
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Unpolished wooden furniture can give your room an elegant rustic look, if you arrange them perfectly and choose the right furniture and the right shapes. You can keep the bed in white sheet to enhance the natural beauty of your rustic furniture. A wooden floor will be perfect too. You can hang some green plants to make your room fresh and lively. This rustic bedroom is so simple yet so classy.

19. Fake Deer Head Wall Decor

(Image by Pinterest, link to https://id.pinterest.com/pin/62346776068390012/)

Adding some fake deer head wall decors can be a perfect way to enhance the look of your wooden wall. Painted in white, they are matched perfectly with the twin white lamps and your rustic bed, covered in white bed sheet and gray blanket. You can also add a simple carpet covering all the surface of your floor. A vintage fan can lead to a vintage look too.

This rustic bedroom idea is a good idea if you already have the furniture and want to decorate your bedroom in rustic idea. Wanna try this?

18. That Stunning Painting

(Image by Pinterest, link to https://id.pinterest.com/pin/121104677464062796/)

There is no more perfect wall decoration for classic wooden wall than a dead tree painting. This painting will boost the rustic look of your bedroom. Don’t forget to arrange your bedroom in brown too, like covering some area of your wooden floor by light brown carpet, adding a brown curtain to your window, and mix the look with white colored furniture, like wooden bed covered in white sheet and light brown blanket, and white dressers.

This rustic bedroom idea will make your bedroom looks so classy. Don’t you think so?

17. The Rustic Bunk Bed

(Image by Pinterest, link to https://id.pinterest.com/pin/531354456032574028/)

Who says a storage bunk bed cannot be designed in rustic style? You can have your rustic room with unpolished wooden bunk bed, with two barn lights installed to the headboards. You can keep the room in white paint and cover all the surface of the floor with light brown carpet. This unusual style will make your room look so vintage.

You wanna try this rustic bedroom idea?

16. Sleep in the Nature

(Image by Pinterest, link to https://id.pinterest.com/pin/565201821970644661/)

This idea will make your bedroom looks so natural. The wooden bunk bed, the green decorations, and little chair with buffalo’s antlers look. You can cover all the floor with light brown carpet and add one more carpet in a darker color, like black. A red flower decoration can be a perfect decoration for your wooden rattan table too. To enhance the natural beauty of your rustic room, you can cover all the mattresses in white bed sheets and white pillow cases.

It looks so cozy, isn’t it?

15. That Fake Antler

(Image by Pinterest, link to https://id.pinterest.com/pin/645774034046033418/)

Fake antler on your wall and faux fur decoration on your bed can boost the rustic look of your rustic bedroom. Of course you need to remember to set the wooden furniture and avoid shiny things too. A simple light bulb will be perfect decoration too. And if you want to make your room more classy, you can mix the rusic look with gray color.

This rustic bedroom looks so comfy, right?

14. The Vintage Look

(Image by Pinterest, link to https://id.pinterest.com/pin/391953973816414165/)

This vintage rustic bedroom is perfect for your guest bedroom. You can have a rustic bed with high headboard and an old-fashioned white chair in your room. On the left and right side of the bed, you can put two white dressers and twin white decoration lamps on them. Two fake deer head wall decorations will enhance the vintage look too. And right above the bed, you can arrange some paintings symmetrically.

Do you think your guest will be pleased with this rustic bedroom?

13. The Shiplap Wall

(Image by Pinterest, link to https://id.pinterest.com/pin/750623462863910265/?lp=true)

Your bedroom will look so boring if you only paint it in white. But, you don’t have to change the paint if you want to transform your bedroom in rustic style. You can use shiplap wall that matches your floor and wooden furniture to give your room a rustic look. Some wall decorations like framed pictures will be perfect for your wall too.

What do you think about this rustic bedroom idea?

12. The Farmhouse Look

(Image by Pinterest, link to https://id.pinterest.com/pin/154177987229957250/)

This rustic farmhouse look is perfect for your guest bedroom idea. You can add a wooden chair that matches the wooden floor, and put a flower on it. A white dresser will be perfect too since it will enhance the vintage look of your rustic farmhouse bedroom. You can put some unique wall decorations too, like shiplap canvas. Cover the floor with an eccentric light brown carpet.

This rustic bedroom idea will make your guest feel comfortable to stay at your place. You wanna try?

11.The Bamboo Bed

(Image by Pinterest, link to https://id.pinterest.com/pin/275352964687478630/)

There is a natural beauty in simplicity. You can have your simple bamboo bed and put a super fluffy mattress on it with some fluffy maroon pillows. You can keep the room in white paint without making it look so boring. Instead, you will get an elegant room. Thanks to the bamboo bed and that unusual headboard.

Do you think you should give it a try?

10. The Asian Look

(Image by Pinterest, link to https://id.pinterest.com/pin/618611698787941380/)

Bamboo bedroom gives your room a traditional asian culture vibe. You can put a fower decoration on the corner of the room and install a barn light on the wall above the headboard. Choose the color palette wisely, you can mix gray and pink to boost the traditional elegance of the room.

Do you like this vintage rustic bedroom idea?

9. Rustic in Pastel

(Image by Pinterest, link to https://id.pinterest.com/pin/806918458212742967/)

Pastel color like this tosca color can be a perfect match to your rustic bedroom. You can set the white wooden bed in the middle of the room, with twin wooden tables and twin white decoration lamps on them, on the right and left side of the bed. A rattan bucket bag will be a great decoration too. A faux shiplap wall painted in tosca will give you a good look too. This rustic bedroom idea will give a cozy bedroom to have a good night sleep.

Do you like this rustic bedroom idea?

8. The Natural Beauty

(Image by Pinterest, link to https://id.pinterest.com/pin/138978338472397190/)

Old room does not need to be total repaired to get its beuaty back. You only need to give it a little touch, and put the perfect furniture, like you can see in the picture. A simple bed covered in white sheet and gray blanket will be a great idea. You can put it in the middle of the room near the window, so you will get a fresh air everytime you wake up. A vintage table with white flower will be a perfect decoration too.

Do you want to try this rustic bedroom idea?

7. Don’t Cover Anything

(Image by Pinterest, link to https://id.pinterest.com/pin/517210338425945366/)

Not all people are gonna like this rustic bedroom idea though, but this rustic bedroom idea maybe can give the strongest rustic vibe to your room. You don’t need to cover anything, including your bed, your pillows, your floor. Enhance the natural beauty with old paintings and canvas, you don’t have to arrange them symmetrically. You can also decorate the room with some plants to make the room greener and fresh, without losing its rustic style.

Do you feel like trying this idea now?

6. The Stone Like Wall Tiles Idea

(Image by Pinterest, link to https://id.pinterest.com/pin/313844667779091708/)

The stone like wall tiles idea can boost the rustic look of your bedroom. You can combine it with the unpolished wooden floor, and wooden bed. Don’t forget to set a wooden or rattan table near the bed to put some decorations too. You may also put some green plants to make the room lively. A hanging lamp will be a good touch too.

For a rustic style dummy, this rustic bedroom idea is very recommended.

5. White Everywhere

(Image by Pinterest, link to https://id.pinterest.com/pin/198299189820572895/)

Everybody knows that white is the perfect color for rustic style, because it will boost the natural beauty of the rustic furniture in the room. Like this rustic bedroom idea, you can also paint your bedroom in white to make your rustic room more stunning. Add a classic painting on the shiplap wall to make it classier and more vintage. You can also put some decorations on the table like flower, watch, and a table lamp.

Do you likt this rustic bedroom idea?

4. The Modern Style

(Image by Pinterest, link to https://id.pinterest.com/pin/99079260531354843/)

Who says rustic bedroom has to be vintage and cannot be modern? You can have the modern look by following this bedroom idea. Arrange your books in the built-in wooden bookshelf, put your LED TV on the polished table. You may also put some details on the ceiling, so you would get a modern rustic look in your bedroom.

Do you think modern rustic bedroom is a better idea?

3. The Classy Look

(Image by Pinterest, link to https://id.pinterest.com/pin/732327589383457845/)

Again, stone look wall tiles can give you the best rustic look. Combine the tiles with the white wall. You may also want to get your floor covered in patterned wallpaper or classic tiles. Define the rustic look by adding some rustic furniture, like wooden bed and dresser. A rattan bag and carpet can be perfect combination too.

You can have your small room that is big in style. Don’t you think so?

2. Don’t Polish Anything

rustic bedroom idea

(Image by Pinterest, link to https://id.pinterest.com/pin/453456256205843088/)

Unpolished furniture are the key to perfect rustic look. Combine them with with wall and bed covered in white sheet to boost their natural beauty. You may also want to put twin table lamps on the twin tables on the right and left side of the bed. Another key for the elegance of the room is to arrange the furniture in the perfect place. A good light will be an advantage too.

Looks like this will make a great attic bedroom, isn’t it?

1. Simple Rustic Look

(Image by Pinterest, link to https://id.pinterest.com/pin/629729960373181059/)

The wall is the key to the perfect rustic look of the rustic bedroom in the picture. You don’t need to refrom you wall if you find your room in the same condition. You juts need your creativity to make the room great again. Add some rustic furniture, like wooden bed and chair to the room, and match the color with the floor and bricks on the wall, then you will get the ultimate rustic look in your bedroom.

Do you think this rustic bedroom idea is worth a try?

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rustic bedroom ideas
rustic bedroom decorating ideas

Well, that was the list of 20 rustic bedroom ideas for creative people. How do you think about these ideas? Do you want to reform your bedroom using one of these rustic bedroom ideas? Feel free to share your answer with us in the comment section.

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