Shadow Box Ideas, Cute and Creative Displaying Meaningful Memories

SHADOW BOX IDEAS – Do you have mementos that you are holding on to and do not know what exactly to do with them or the right place to store them? A shadow box is a unique way for you to show off all your treasures in an artistic way. A shadow box is an enclosed container with an object or several objects in it.

It usually has a display front that is made up of glass. The objects in a shadow box are usually arranged artistically. The art used to arrange these objects mostly has a personal significance behind it. The depth and grouping of objects in shadow boxes is made in a way that it creates a visually challenging outcome.

Shadow Boxes Ideas

Shadow Boxes Ideas

The military originally used shadow boxes during their retirement. However, today they are mostly made for artistic purposes. Artifacts with historic value are mostly preserved and presented through shadow boxes created by amateurs. Many people are adjusting to the norm of owning shadow boxes to depict various moments in their lives. You could own a shadow box but have no idea what to put inside it. You do not have to buy expensive readymade shadow boxes as you can make one of your own. Self-made shadow boxes usually have personal significance since you make them from locally available materials. Here are 15 shadow box ideas that you could use to make shadow boxes of your own:

16. Military shadow box

Military shadow box

There is nothing greater to feel proud of than being in the military and serving your country. If you are a retired military official, it would be brilliant if you preserved some of your military time mementos in a shadow box. Apart from being safe, they would decorate your room and present a nice way to let your grandchildren know that you once were in the military.

In this shadow box, you can display various items such as your certificate, medals, photos, uniform and many others that you could be having. A military shadow box would be something creative to gift to a retiring military official.

The military shadow box is a great gift to retiring military officials. How can people express their gratitude to the retiring military official around them? We can also try to customize military challenge coins, such as making retiring military officials’ challenge coins with their names, images, aphorisms, and so on. Challenge coins are a symbol of honor and an excellent gift to express gratitude.

15. Vintage shadow box ideas

Vintage shadow box ideas

Do you have vintage tools that you just store in a box? They could be keys, building materials or any other kind of vintage tools. Your grandmother may have given you those old time items, or maybe you love doing vintage collections. Those ancient tools would look much better on your wall that when hidden. You could bring so much beauty into your living room by having all these vintage tools arranged in a shadow box. Look for unique patterns that will make them look much more artistic and attractive. A vintage shadow box can be made for commercial purposes as well. There are several people out there who would give anything to own one of these. You can buy vintage tools from people and use them to make shadow boxes that you can sell. This art could bring you good money.

14. Graduation shadow box ideas

Graduation shadow box ideas

It would be lovely to make a shadow box as a graduation gift for a beloved one. You can use a white lab coat as your background fabric to make shapes and colors that you want in your shadow box. Print a happy graduation quote on the fabric to make its theme even clearer. Choose to have different shapes. Star shapes are really enticing, and anyone would love them. The person being gifted this shadow box will appreciate it better than a bought item since you made it yourself. What’s even better is the fact that you get to print a quote of your choice on it. If the candidate is graduating with a medical course, you can choose to add a few medical tools such as a stethoscope, scissors or any other to spice it up.

13. Shadow box gift ideas

Shadow box gift ideas

What other present would be better than giving someone a gift of a shadow box with a theme of what they love doing? For instance, some people have a great passion for sewing. The kind that sees sewing in everything they do in life. If you do have such a person, next time they have a birthday or any other special occasion, don’t sweat yourself so much looking for a gift that you are not even sure if they will like. The best gift for such a person is a shadow box with buttons, spools, sewing trinkets and any other sewing instrument that you can get. This will be a great gesture to show that you recognize what they love doing and they will really appreciate you more for that.

12. Shadow box decorating ideas

Shadow box decorating ideas

You can simply use anything you have to decorate a shadow box. For example, for a music lover, you could decorate your shadow box with a musical theme. You can create a pretty musical shadow box using flowers, sheet music, and lace. You do not have to be creative to come up with an appealing music shadow box. Just make sure you use dried, silk or plastic flowers since the real flowers will wither in the shadow box. Cut the lace into stripes and try to make a design. Get a music sheet that is printed. You can decide to have your music sheet rolled or open. Make sure you get instruments that will fit perfectly in your shadow box.

11. Large shadow box ideas

Large shadow box ideas

Do you own a christening wedding dress that has been passed on from generation to generation? This is a family artifact, and it has to be kept safe for the future generations. You might be thinking of how best to keep that dress safe in order not to break the passing on trend. Why hide it in your wardrobe while you can use it as décor in your house. Make a shadow box of this christening dress. The initial owner of the christening dress would really get overwhelmed on seeing it in your hallway if not your living room and most of all in good shape. You can pass it on to your children or grandchildren in the form of a shadow box instead of a mere dress.

10. Baby shadow box ideas

Baby shadow box ideas

Anyone would appreciate the beauty of vintage photos. They really take us back to those old days when everything was so different. If you have a vintage picture of an old person during their childhood days, then you are one lucky person and even more fortunate if it was their first. This is a treasure that needs to be preserved well and brought out to people to see its beauty. Make a shadow box for this vintage photo. It would be more interesting if you added a bootie from their first pair they ever had. Owning a pair of shoe in the old days was something to be respected. Taking your grandmother all the way back when she was a baby would be very interesting. There would be no other better memento than a vintage baby photo shadow box.

9. Shadow box ideas for baby boy

Shadow box ideas for baby boy

There is nothing as joyous as welcoming a baby boy into the family and home. Do you have photos of your baby boy right after he came home from the hospital? Of course, most people do capture those moments. You do not have to store those photos in a photo album that you view once a year. A shadow box for a baby boy can be used to preserve some of those memories. Ensure that blue is the theme color of this shadow box. You can either choose to use a photo just before he left the hospital or one when he immediately got at home. Tag along a pair of shoes that was his first to put on. Also, you can add all the congratulation cards you got after delivering him. Hang this shadow box in a place that you, your now grown son or anybody else can see. There is nothing greater than viewing yourself when you were only a few days old. If you are a parent, this would be a great gift to give your son on his birthday.

8. Football shadow box ideas

Football shadow box ideas

Some people are football die-hard fans. You can be a player or just someone who fancies football. A football shadow box is a brilliant idea to show your love for football. If you are a football player, you can attach a photo of you playing football. You can also attach any other items related to football to make the shadow box look more football-like. If you are a fan of a specific football team, display a jazzy of that football team in the shadow box. A football shadow box would be a perfect gift to give a football fan.

Football is a sport that is loved all over the world. Football shadow box can express your love for football, and soccer medal is also a good choice. Customized football medals are also used as motivation to motivate players. Unique artworks with players’ photos and names are the most brilliant moments of football players. If your friends are football fans or far away, you will be able to light up their important days with gifts from their favorite sports, or any day you want to spoil them.Let’s go and customize now

7. Shadow box ideas for a baby girl

Shadow box ideas for a baby girl

Whenever anybody hears the word girl, the first thing that comes to mind is color pink, right? Pink is a girly color, therefore, use it as the theme for your baby girl shadow box. Get a pink fabric and use it as your background to attach other items.

Using her first baby photo would be a bright idea. Look for her first pink socks and attach them too. You can print some words such as it is a baby girl. Tiny baby gloves would spice up the look too. This whole idea would blow your daughter’s mind if she saw it. You can also gift her this shadow box on her birthday; it would be a perfect gift.

6. Shadow box ideas for boyfriend

Shadow box ideas for boyfriend

Do you wish to make your boyfriend feel appreciated? Make him a boyfriend shadow box. Look for a picture that you took having a great moment. You can add a silk flower on one side of the picture. On the other side, add a love heart to symbolize your love for him. You can also add some printed love messages to make it look attractive. Do not decorate it so much as it will look too girly for a man. Give it to him on your anniversary, Valentine’s Day or on his birthday.

5. Shadow box ideas for best friends

Shadow box ideas for best friends

Hanging a best friend’s shadow box in your room would be a good idea to show your loyalty to them. Girls especially love to hang photos of them and their best friends in their rooms. You do not have to hang these photos all over your room’s wall. Make a best friend’s shadow box and have all these photos in it. Add any other item that your best friend has ever given you. You can use photos of different scenarios and write down a jokingly stupid caption under each of them to make the shadow box interesting. You can also add printed messages like, “best friends for life” around the shadow box. The next time she comes to your room, she will know that you really value your friendship with her.

4. Shadow box ideas for couples

Shadow box ideas for couples

Couples usually have lots of memories that they have shared together. It would be wise to preserve all your memories as a couple in a shadow box. Look for a few pictures that the two of you are present. You can decide to use a wedding photo or a photo of when you first meet. You can also add an item that has a personal significance to both of you. This item could be a promise ring or a pendant or just anything. Include printed provoking messages like, “I hate that I love you.” This would be a nice shadow box to decorate your hallway. You can also make one for your better half for your anniversary or even birthday.

3. Wedding shadow box ideas

Wedding shadow box ideas

You can make a wedding anniversary shadow box to your grandparents or even parents. There is no need of killing yourself trying to come up with a wedding anniversary gift for your parents or grandparents. They are simple people and would appreciate anything that you gift to them with. If there is something they would really appreciate, it’s being reminded of when they got married. Look for one of their photos in that wedding gown.

Try to get a copy of the invitation cards they had sent out to their friends and relatives. You can also add any other pieces you think can decorate that shadow box appropriately without losing the intended theme. Having a printed message on the number of years they have been together would be a bright idea too.

2. Shadow box ideas for girlfriend

Shadow box ideas for girlfriend

Words alone are not enough for your girlfriend to know that you value her; some action is always necessary. You have been thinking all night what you could gift your girlfriend, and you just did not come up with anything. Make her a girlfriend shadow box. It is easy to make and cheap at the same time. Make sure you make it girly for her to fall in love with it. You can use a pink background or her favorite color. Put a photo of you two in it. Go for a photo that has personal memories of the two of you. You can add flowers or anything else to make it more attractive. Do not forget to include a romantic love message. Not only will she love it but she will also know that you value her.

1. Wedding invitation Shadow box ideas

Wedding invitation Shadow box ideas

Are you in the process of planning for your wedding? Have you been thinking of how best to design the invitation cards so that they look unique and classic? Worry no more. You can design a wedding invitation shadow box for each of the guests. Print a classic cards and embed them in the shadow boxes. You can add a few items that relate that to that theme. Don’t forget to put a plate with the name of the person being invited.

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As you shown in the above-given shadow boxes ideas, anything can be used to make a shadow box and still look beautiful and artistic. Shadow boxes are mostly meant to preserve your valuables as well as improve the outlook of your house. All the above ideas involve making shadow boxes out of what you already have which is a cheap way to decorate your house. All the ideas are easy to implement thus no excuse not to try and make at least one from some of the old items that you have. Grab that old item you had thought of throwing away and make a shadow box.

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