20 Small Bedroom Ideas to Make Your Bedroom Looks Roomier

Having a small bedroom can give you many benefits. You don’t need a long time cleaning your room. It is less expensive than a wider room. Also, some people find it a lot cozier to live in a smaller space than in a wider bedroom.

But, although it seems pretty much simpler to live in a small room, some people might struggle to organize their stuff because they don’t have enough space in their bedroom. Small bedroom needs creativity and perfect decoration to make it cozier. With a little perfect touch, you can make your small room looks roomier.

The secrets are how you manage your stuff, lighting, and interior design. You might also want to choose the colors wisely, because the perfect color palette will make a perfect room for you. Not only that, you also need to consider what kind of furniture that will fit in your room, for example furniture that maximize wall space.

Do you have problems in organizing your stuff because you have got a small bedroom? Well, it looks like you need to redecorate your room. Here are some ideas for small bedroom that will make your bedroom looks roomier. Check it out.

Small Bedroom Ideas

small bedroom ideas
small bedroom ideas | avantela

This bedroom idea is perfect for you if you have a studio apartment. Instead of locating your bookshelf in the corner of the room, why don’t just put it near your bedroom to minimize the space? A light color like white will be great if you already have some furniture in your room, but don’t want it looks too narrow.

Do you like this small bedroom idea?

19. Going Black and White

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Choosing a dark color like black is okay if you don’t have many furniture. Black and white will be perfect choice because these colors blend with all colors. A little monochromo touch will be good too. And if you want to choose dark color like this, you need to choose decorations that maximize your wall space.

Wanna try this small bedroom idea?

18. Get the Bed in the Spotlight

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A small bed with the perfect wall decorations will make your small room cozier. Black and white is never boring, especially if you put the right color in the right place. Just like this bed which is put just in the spotlight. Looks unique, isn’t it?

You wanna redecorate your room with this small bedroom idea?

17. Storage Bed Near the Window

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Why bother buying furniture like wardrobe and bookshelf if you can organize your belongings inside your bed by buying a storage bed? It will not take up too much space. If you have windows in your room, you can also push your bed into the corner near the window. You will get a cozier and roomier bedroom after redecorating your room like this. Some black and white painting will look perfect for your room too.

Wanna try this small bedroom idea?

16. Small Room, Big Style

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Having a small room can be frustrating if you don’t have much idea to keep your room fresh and cozy. The point is the perfect color palette. Try to design your room in a monochromatic palette. From solid black to light gray, for example. Also, don’t forget to push your bed into the corner and place your furniture like table and drawer in the perfect places.

What do you think of this small bedroom idea?

15. Enhance Your Room with a Mirror

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Your bedroom will look much more attractive if you put a mirror inside it. Not only that, a big mirror will also make your bedroom looks roomier, although you only have a small room. A nice patterned carpet will also look great for your room.

How do you think?

14. Set Everything Near the Wall (master bedroom)

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You have many belongings yet you only got a small room? This design will be perfect for you. Make sure your room has a good lighting, and try to set everything near the wall to make space. Setting your room in the same color palette will be great too.

Looks really cozy, isn’t it?

13. You Don’t Need Any Wardrobe

(Image by My Best Home Design, link to http://mybesthomedesign.com/bedroom-shelf-designs/)

Who needs wardrobe or bookshelf if you can organize your clothes inside the storage bed and your books in the wall shelves? This bedroom design can be a perfect idea if you love simplicity and want to keep your room neat without too much decoration. This small bedroom idea doesn’t take up too much space, don’t you think so?

12. White Can be Your Color

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White makes your room looks brighter and roomier. Set your white bed in the corner of the room near the window, and set your drawer and the other furniture close to the wall. Some ceiling decorations will be great and don’t forget to get a light colored carpet for your floor.

Do you like a white look for your room?

11. Make It Colorful

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With white wall paint and colorful stuff, you can get a cozy and stylish dream bedroom comes true. You may put some indoor plants to make your room fresh and get some wall decorations so your white wall does not look very plain. What do you think?

This small bedroom idea is perfect for a girl who wants a stylish room without giving it too much cute ornaments.

10. The Luxury Look

(Image by Pinterest, link to https://id.pinterest.com/pin/410672059767996747/)

Who says a small room can not look luxurious? All you need is just the perfect decoration. Get a luxury ceiling chandelier and stuff with luxurious colors, like gold. A wallpaper in one side of the room will be perfect too. To avoid taking up too much space, you can choose a storage bed and place the other furniture close to the wall.

Do you think this small bedroom idea matches your personality?

9. Bringing All the Colors Together

(Image by Pinterest, link to https://id.pinterest.com/pin/333829391126179489/)

Sticking in one style makes you easily bored? How about bringing all the colors together? You can design one side of your wall into monochromatic style, have a rustic bed and bookshelf, with wall painted in white. Don’t forget to put a single colored carpet to make your bedroom more stylish.

This small bedroom idea is great for both boy and girl, whether he or she is teenager or adult.

8. A Cozy Reading Room

(Image by Pinterest, link to https://id.pinterest.com/pin/461830136784338846/)

Living in a studio apartment does not allow you to get a roomy bedroom? That’s okay. It won’t stop you from getting a cozy bedroom. You can have a bedroom and also a reading room with this platform bed. You can also blend all the colors together without making it boring, as long as you get the good lighting.

Do you like reading boks in your bed? This small bedroom idea is perfect for you.

7. Pastel Color Without Too Much Decorations

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Do you want to keep your room simple? You can design it in pastel colors like gray and khaki color. Maximize your wall space by setting a little bookshelf on it. A white curtain will also be perfect for your room because it will make your room bright in the morning. A decorative lamp and a simple colored carpet will also make your room feel cozier.

You have a super wide window and want to make your room simple? This small bedroom idea is perfect for you.

6. The Perfect Mattress Size Matters

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The key to make your small room roomier is to choose the perfect mattress size. What kind of mattress do you need and will it fit perfectly in your room? A fit-to-one-person small bed will be perfect for your small bedroom. Choose the colors wisely, and don’t paint the wall with too much detailed pattern or put too much wallpapers. Instead, you can hang some photographs and make your wall more decorative.

Do you like to put your decorations in a symmetrical way? Well, this small bedroom idea is for you.

5. The Soft Colors

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Do you want to put a wallpaper without making your room too narrow? All you need is to choose the perfect pattern and make sure it will blend with all the stuff in the room, like the bed sheet, pillow, or the other decorations. A wallpaper also will look great if your room has enough lights and there is no furniture with bold colors.

If you like a girly touch in your room, this small bedroom idea will be perfect for you.

4. Going with One Color

(Image by Boone Coargen, link to http://www.boonecoargen.com/luxury-girls-bedding/vintage-girls-bedroom-pink-striped-wallpaper-pattern-pink-color-crystal-chandelier-light-fixture-light-purple-pink-floral-pattern-girls-bedding-sets-pink/

Having your bedroom in one color, like pink for example, can be comfortable. It will also make you deal with the room space and make your small room looks roomier. Let the floor rustic and shows its natural beauty. Set your bedroom near the window and close to the wall. You might want to put a pink patterned carpet on the floor to make it blend with the wallpaper. A decorative lamp will also make your room looks more artistic.

Do you want to try this small bedroom idea?

3. Gray and White With a Little Rustic Touch

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Gray and white always blend perfectly with wooden colors. You can get your wall painted in gray, and your bed covered in a white sheet and white pillows. A little touch of something natural, like green plant on your wooden drawer and a flower can be great too. Don’t forget to put a big mirror to make your room looks roomier. A paterned carpet can help your floor to look artistic too, while it will look too plain if you put nothing on the floor.

What do you think about this small bedroom idea?

2. Plants Inside the White Room

Small Bedroom ideas | Plants Inside
Small Bedroom ideas | Plants Inside | pinterest.com

(Image by Pinterest, link to https://id.pinterest.com/pin/854417360532283627/)

White is never boring, if you decor your room in the right way. You can get your wall painted in white and your bed covered in white sheet and pillows. And still, it will look great and cozy. The key is the plants in the room, that will make your room looks more lively. Put a bonsai tree near the window or two. You might want a smaller plant on the little table near your bed too. To make your room less plain, you can add a paterned carpet on the floor too. This kind of bedroom is too cozy for everyone, that it might make you hardly wake up in the morning, don’t you think so?

This small bedroom idea is so perfect for winter days.

1. The Boho Style

(Image by Pinterest, link to https://id.pinterest.com/pin/863846772251994399/)

Get your stuff all white bores you? Don’t worry, you can try this small bedroom idea. You can have a rustic bed covered in white and other wooden furniture. To make your bedroom more attractive, you can paint one side of the wall in another darker color, like black for example. You can add some plants in your room to make it more fresh too if you want. And to make your small room more attractive, you can add a boho carpet on the floor.

Do you want to try this small bedroom idea?

That was the list of 20 small bedroom ideas you can try to make your small bedroom looks roomier. Some people like their room simple, while the other like to have detailed ornaments in their room. But, the most important think is to do it the right way. Don’t forget to match the style with your bedroom size and furniture you already have in your room.

So, which small bedroom idea attracts you the most? Do you want to try it later? Share your answer in the comment section.

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