30+ Best Small Deck Ideas: Decorating, Remodel & Photos

The small deck ideas are ideal for houses with small backyards or apartments with small balconies. If you are thinking of doing something with that small space out there, you should consider the following small deck ideas that will transform your space into something lovely and worth to die for. Most people do not have the clue of how to set up the best small deck idea that will suit their houses since they were designed with small spaced decks. However, you can bring in the big ideas and incorporate them to fit your small space.

Never feel limited with space because there is a small deck idea for every house, be it a townhouse, apartment, or any outdoor backyard. Needless say, they are budget conscious and you can make the best deck with small furniture and a few decors here and there.


Small Deck Ideas

Small Deck Ideas

This small deck idea has a bright appearance that blends in well with nature. It is simple but has a luxurious taste that makes it ideal for a small house that’s surrounded with trees and warm temperatures. The sun gives the dining table set a glow over its antique design. If you have some antique furniture hidden in your basement, try this small deck idea for your house to give it that warm feeling and natural look.
Shadow Box Ideas

The trelis with woven furniture

deck rail ideas

If you have a small apartment with a small deck, this is one of the many deck ideas you should consider. The woven furniture gives it a natural look and perfectly fits in with the design of the building. Most urban apartments have been designed in this manner where part of the building is on the outside and is not covered up. It gives the owner a multifunctional deck where they can experiment with various furniture designs and decors. However, you don’t have to go out of your way to make it appealing, as the design is more than enough. As you can see, the woven furniture is in perfect alignment with this deck.

The African design

deck skirting ideas

This is an ideal hotel settings located in the savannah or at the suburbs. It is subtle, classic with an incorporation of a modern taste with the pillows. Similarly, you can think of integrating this design with your home if you have a spacious enough backyard that cannot accommodate deck ideas meant for bigger backyards. Try this new look and give your house an African touch, moreover, you can try several deck ideas on it as the space can accommodate a number of people. It is ideal for a family with more members for everyone to fit in.

Open Small Deck Ideas for Modern Designs

hot tub deck ideas nice

If you are living in an area that is surrounded by layers and layers of trees, it is advisable to settle on a plain color, like white and you can mix it with some wooden designs to give it a classy look. The space is small but it can carry a lot of things that you can imagine. Clearly, you shouldn’t let space get in your way of implementing your big deck ideas and molding it to fit in a small space.

The Simple Open Deck Idea

small deck ideas 2

This is one of the many floating small deck ideas you should give a try. It is simple and does not require a lot of decors. Nonetheless, it is ideal for areas open to a natural landscape with more of a grassland, a forest at the horizon and a plain view. Therefore, if you have built a house in the outskirts close to the forest, then this is great for your backyard if you don’t feel like lavishing it up. Moreover, you do not have to make a dent in your wallet as the simplicity of the idea is meant to save you some money.

Nude Colors Gazebo for Small Deck Ideas

Small Deck Ideas

This is another outdoor small deck idea that is ideal for a house built near the woods. Nature in itself is bright and encompasses its own beauty and vibrant colors. Since you do not want to overshadow the amazing natural background, the less shouting colors are ideal for the set up. To bring more life to your design ideas, try combining two or more colors to have a modern look in a subtle arena and add some flowers to brighten up the dull colors.

Small Deck Decor Ideas

Backyard Decking Designs

Living in a neighborhood where the houses have been condensed in one lane, it can be hard to have some privacy with your backyard. Consider putting some wood around your property and you can include a nice floating small deck idea and still embrace nature’s gift of green in your home compound. This small deck idea is simple, cool and doesn’t require much furniture and décor. For a raw look, do not paint the wooden fence and deck, rather leave it with the woods natural color to allow you to play around with as many ideas as possible.

High-rise Small Deck Ideas

creative deck ideas balcony

If you live in one of those neighborhoods with high-rise buildings that were built centuries ago, then consider adding a modern look to your exterior view. The natural background of the area is more of an antique and olden based designed so you should liven up your space. Think of bright colored pillow and carpet to add some glow to this small deck idea. In addition to that, you can use some old wooden pieces to add some trees or flowers.

White-earthy Color Small. Deck Designs

creative deck ideas white

Building on a sloppy region might be the best decision you could have ever made. With the closeness to the tall trees, there are plenty of ideas you can accommodate. However, remember that such a setting requires more earthy colors that do not attract much attention. This idea is a nice way of saving cash since you add your own resting place while building and you don’t need to buy much furniture. A nice wooden table and a dirty brown like used in this small deck idea would be ideal for your build.
Fireplace Tile Ideas

Compact Condominium Deck Ideas

creative deck ideas

Condominiums have become common in the building industry, but they don’t offer much space for big beck ideas. Depending with the size of the back of your room, you can try this look with a hanging chair and a pillow or two on the floor. It is a nice place to have a good read as you enjoy the landscape from an aerial view. It’s more of a one man deck but it is spacious for one more person. Enjoy nice afternoons while doing what you love and enjoy the superficial outside world from the glass window.

One way Balcony Small Deck Ideas

creative small balcony

Apartments are the greatest places to adopt a small deck idea as the compact size gives you less to work with which is better some times. The one way small deck can be used to harbor nice designs with ease as all you need are a few flower pots, a table for two and small rectangular rug to fit the floor. You can also add a puffed up cushion where you can comfortably enjoy some quality time with a couple of friends over. To make such a place work with small deck ideas, think greatly of plants and flowers.

Wood Deck Ideas

creative small deck ideas

A floating deck is a hub of great small deck ideas which you can put in place. Consider some privacy with a good wooden fence and give your yard a nice glow with a flowerbed. Flowers are the best for decoration and you can choose from a wide range of roses, tulips, daisies and other nice flowers. In place of flowers, you can use herb plants or other bushy plants that are ideal for any home yard. Look for something that warms your heart and cool furniture for a finished look of this spacious deck. One tip though, do not over decorate as the yard may lose its natural feel.

Bold Colored Townhouse Small Deck Ideas

deck furniture ideas

Urban settlement houses are ideal for small deck ideas as they offer you a small space to work with. Incorporate new trends and bold colors to add color to your space. With neutral colors, you can implement vibrant colors to make the place livelier and modernize your home with few unique pieces. It is ideal for a nice sun bath and hang out with close friends. With a floating deck for a working space, you can decorate it with minimal pieces or you can be daring and think of great ideas.

Open-nature runway small deck idea

deck paint ideas a

You can never go wrong with nature. The setup of homes built on raised grounds are the best to work with in a nature setup. One thing you need to consider and keep in mind, find earthly colored furniture to blend in with nature. In addition to that, you can place some flower pots strategically to add more color to the setup, after all, at the end of the day, you do not want a plain yard, despite the natural setting.

Countryhouse small deck ideas

deck roof ideas new

If you have a huge piece of land, there is no need to occupy most of it with a huge deck that you may not manage. A raised deck is a perfect idea for a nice, compact and comfortable place to rewind at the end of the day or spend quality time with family. With a family, this small deck idea will be great and as you can see, there is still enough space left for the kids to play and hold barbecues with friends.

By the pond small deck ideas

modern deck ideas

A nice small deck idea for a beautiful place by the pond. If you have more of a vast green yard, you should try a shade of different nude colors that work well with nature. To make the setup look modern and stylish, have a round table at the heart of the deck and complement it with some nice woven chairs, and add some pillows for a more casual look. In addition to that, you can have some bright colored flowers by the deck to add some color to the setup.

High raised composite small deck ideas

Small Backyard Decks ideas

Raised decks are the best for any townhouse meant for quality family time. There are various small deck ideas for such a household and you can do marvelous things with the vast land in the yard. Do not limit yourself to one idea but try out several decors for the final outcomes. However, be considerate on the kind of colors you choose as you wouldn’t want everything to clash and end up with something you had not longed for.

All Wooden Small Deck Ideas

Small Backyard Decks

Another raised deck idea that you can experiment as many small deck ideas as possible. The smooth finishing of the deck may limit you to the color of designs and furniture you incorporate but you don’t have to feel like you cannot take bold steps. To make it easier, use the same wood material for the floors to make benches and ideal furniture for the yard and enjoy the natural look and feel of the material used.

Small Spaced Deck Ideas

small deck balcony

A small apartment deck that is ideal for someone who enjoys their own company or at least a company of a small group of people. Ideal for antiques products and unique lamps / candle stands to add to the classic style the area displays. It may not be the biggest deck to work with for a small deck idea, but you can place a few things here and there to occupy space. When you think of it, with raw wooden floors that are not painted or polishes, it is ideal to take on a crude look.

High raised semi-open small deck ideas

Small Deck Designs

For a house built in the countryside, a raised deck is ideal because of various reasons. Raise your home with pillar stands and concentrate on the patio for a warm welcoming home vies. Make it as spacious as possible but keep it small to ensure that you can manage it well. The best thing with such a small deck ideas is that you can implement any kind of décor as long as you don’t overdo. However, your hands may be tied a bit because of the natural setup that is manifested by a natural look.

Double deal small deck ideas

small deck new

If you have several ideas to implement but you don’t want to bombard one area with all the small deck ideas, try this two-way raised deck to accomplish your dream deck. It is spacious enough to play around with and at the same time make good use of the garden surrounding your home. Think of classic designs and add some flowers for color. You can also shape your garden to your liking. Depending with the building material, earthly colors will be great for this deck.

Two-way raised small deck ideas

small Decking Designs

Nude variations of colors are ideal for any raised small deck. They bring out the crude look of the deck offering you a variety of colors to work with. However, the choices you make will have a great impact on the final look of the place. Small deck ideas for such crafted deck can be limiting because of the polished materials as you may create a barrier to add more decors to the place. Nonetheless, this is ideal for any country house, which you wish to distinguish from the rest of the neighborhood.

Advantages of Pressure-Treated Wood Decks
Disadvantages of Pressure-Treated Wood Decks
Price Splinters as well as checking
Flexibility Discoloring
Longevity High-maintenance
Relieve of repair service Chemical dangers
Insect repellency

Advantages of Pressure-Treated Wood Decks 

  • Price: Pressure-treated wood is notably cheaper compared to cedar, redwood, and also various other sorts of timber. As well as, due to its durability, you’re much less most likely to experience a demand for pricey repairs in the future. It is a terrific choice for those operating a smaller budget plan.
  • Flexibility: Pressure-treated wood is an empty canvas, being very easy to work with and able to be tarnished or repainted any type of shade you want. This makes it a remarkable option if you are attempting to match the color of an existing function of your home, such as an interior hardwood. Be sure to paint or stain just when the wood is completely dry.
  • Longevity: Pressure-treated timber is much more long lasting compared to several various other types of timber, better-able to stand up to dents, scratches, and also put on. Pressure-treated timber’s additional toughness provides it a lengthy lifespan, making certain that it will last for years to come with proper treatment.
  • Relieve of repair service: In the event of a grilling crash or curiously devastating child, pressure-treated wood is quickly and also inexpensively fixed.
  • Insect repellency: The chemicals utilized in treating this sort of wood push back pests and bugs, keeping them far from your residence and also reducing cases of insect damage. This will certainly conserve you cash gradually that would otherwise be invested in insect-proofing options.
  • All-natural: This type of building material is made from natural wood. One of the most typically dealt with timber is yearn, an environmentally-friendly choice because of its fast growth. 

Disadvantages of Pressure-Treated Wood Decks

  • Splinters as well as checking: Because this kind of decking material is made from all-natural timber, it will inevitably splinter with time. After being outdoors for six to twelve months, treated decks may likewise experience checking, a procedure where wood starts to dry out as well as split apart as a result of exposure to alternate cycles of wetting and drying out.
  • Discoloring: Color fading will more than likely happen as the timber is exposed to ultraviolet rays from the sunlight over time.
  • High-maintenance: To secure your deck from these downsides – splintering, checking, fading, or ending up being porous and soft – you need to tarnish as well as use a penetrating sealer to the wood every year. Without correct treatment, the timber will retain discolorations as well as imperfections from fallen leaves and also debris.
  • Chemical dangers: Since this sort of wood decking is treated with chemicals for protection, it could be dangerous when not managed correctly. If the timber is burned, trimmed, or cut, it can launch unsafe toxins right into the air. Pressure-treated wood must not be utilized for gardens or be available in frequent contact with food as well as water.

Mahogany-white small deck ideas

Stunning Decks to Inspire

Our finals but not the least small deck idea is the mahogany raised deck. Mahogany works well with a wide variety of furniture and colors and its attractive from afar. However, plain colors may not be the best with such a design and you may require to step out of your zone if you are a conceded person. Add some natural feel to your home with flowers and plants around your small deck and blend in with different modern looks for the complete version.

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small deck ideas

small deck ideas


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This yard lanai location has a raised deck making use of weather-beaten driftwood deck tiles. Furniture pieces are constructed from grey synthetic rattan with a matching grey hemp carpet.

Small Deck Ideas

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