25 Amazing Space Theme Rooms Giving Great Inspirations to DIY

SPACE THEME ROOMS – Everybody has their own dreams, and so do your kids. Kids are innocent creatures that have thousands of dreams and are full of imaginations. Some of them dream to be a superhero while others may dream to be an astronaut. Why don’t you make their dreams come true by refurbishing their bedrooms using space theme rooms?

Well, a space theme room might not guarantee will make their dreams come true. But by embellishing your kids’ rooms using space theme, you will enable them to explore their imagination and creativity. They will be so excited and smile exuberantly when knowing the new decoration of their room. And, eventually, it can encourage them to reach their dreams.

Space Theme Rooms

Space Theme Rooms

Throwing a party in a fast food restaurant or in a garden is prevailing. You need to make the birthday boy feel so special that he will not forget his birthday party. Why don’t you try to throw the party in the outer space? But, of course, it is not the real outer space.

Try doing some “magic” by decorating a room with hanging stars and Chinese lanterns that look like some planets. Don’t forget to paint a huge Saturn as the background of the stage.
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Fly Me to The Moon

Fly Me to The Moon

Walls are the most conspicuous parts of a room─ something you are not likely to miss. Therefore, these walls play a crucial role in making your kids’ dream come true. Repaint the walls of your kids’ room blue, but make sure to play with various kinds of blue colors ─ from the lighter one to the darker one ─ to make the space theme more lively and attractive. Don’t forget to add the pictures of a spacecraft, the sun, some planets, and stars to make it look real. And let your kids play with their imaginations.

Make Friends with Aliens

Make Friends with Aliens

Most kids believe in aliens. They believe that they want to meet an alien, they have to be an astronaut and travel to the outer space using a spacecraft. Now, you can introduce them to some friendly aliens right in their bedroom.

Decorate your kids’ room with some pictures of astronauts who are levitating in the outer space while playing around with stars planets and getting acquainted with aliens. Don’t put too many stars. Just let it be minimalist so that the astronauts and aliens will be conspicuous and the bedroom looked modern.

Dark Blue Outer Space

Dark Blue Outer Space

If painting and drawing are not your cup of tea, don’t give up hope of making your kids smile exuberantly. You can still decorate their room with space theme by using bedsheet and bedcover. They will really do in a pinch.

You can use the conventional way─ wrapping the mattress using the space theme bedsheet and lay the bedcover on it ─ or you can use a more appealing way. Try spreading out the bedsheet on the wall so that it looks like a piece of painting.

Let’s Pick Up Some Stars

Let's Pick Up Some Stars

Instead of decorating your kids’ room by yourself, you can get them involved. You’ll find them extremely excited to be involved in such a refurbishing activity. All you need to do is preparing some origami papers with vivid colors, scissors, and glue or any other adhesive things. Now, roll up your sleeves and get ready to work!

Draw some pictures of stars, planets and spacecraft on the papers, cut them out, then glue them onto the wall. It’s fun and easy peasy, isn’t it?

The Amazing Blue

The Amazing Blue

Blue has always been synonymous with sky. Paint your kids’ room blue and add some pictures of planets. I love the vortex-like picture on the ceiling. It looks so real. Adding some balls representing the planets will take the 3D theme to the next level.

Twinkle-Twinkle Little Star

Twinkle-Twinkle Little Star

This room is so simple yet impressive. Unlike many other space theme rooms that emphasize on the use of colorful things, this room only focus on simplicity in black and white. Despite being simple, the white stars look sparkling among the dark sky. Your kids will absolutely love it.

The Solar System

The Solar System

If your kids are really into outer space stuff, why don’t you teach them some basic knowledge of outer space while embellishing their room? It’s not pie in the sky nor something that you need to break a sweat for.

Paint some planets and the sun on the wall, but you need to paint them in the right order of the solar system. Not only does it improve the room’s appearance, but it also helps your kids immerse themselves in astronomical ambience.
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Meteor Shower

Meteor Shower

Even your baby will like playing in his space room if you decorate it nicely. Bring the calmness of dark blue to your baby’s room to placate him. Accentuate the blue wall with some white stars and planets. And don’t forget to paint a meteor to kick it up a notch.

Not only will your baby, but also your other kids will gladly linger in this room, playing with their baby brother.

3D outer space

3D outer space

Let your son explore the solar system and enjoy his adventure to the outer space by decorating his room using 3D space theme room.

Again, dark blue has always looked good when it comes to space theme. But this room is pretty unique because you will feel in space at the moment you walk into it. The ceiling is full of stars, imitating the night sky where you can find stars sparkling.

Another unique thing about this room is the solar system arrangement. The sun is right in the middle of the room in which you find the lamp. The sun is surrounded by some balls embodying some planets.


There are many ways to show your affection and make your kids happy, one of which is refurbishing their dream room. Those creative space theme rooms ideas will help you out. Your kids will be very happy when knowing that they have one of the most awesome bedrooms ever. And their precious smile will outweigh the exhaustion you feel.

Decorating your kids’ rooms and turn them into a space theme room will not burn a hole in your pocket. You might be overwhelmed with the mentioned ideas and, perhaps, have no idea what to choose. Well, you can choose one of them or combine them with your own creative ideas to turn out an ultimate space theme rooms.

7 Dreamy Space Theme Rooms

Have you ever gone out at night and just stare at the sky to marvel completely at the beauty of it? Even thinking what is beyond that feels magical! Too bad you cannot carry the dark sky, the stars, and the moon inside your bedroom to accompany you to sleep. Be a visual lullaby.

But you know what can be your visual lullaby? It’s space theme rooms! What’s even better is that you get to choose what to accessorize your bedroom with. It does not matter if you are a boy or a girl, a man or a woman, a kid or an adult. It works for everyone!

You can go as crazy or as simple as you want. You can bring the whole solar system into your bedroom, or you can just bring the stars. Either way, that’s going to be your visual lullaby.

Space Themed Bedroom Ideas

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To be flooded with ideas, you first must be aware of what space is and what it contains. Planets, there were originally nine planets: Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto. But then Pluto is considered too small to be a planet and then categorized as a Dwarf Planet along with Ceres and Eris.

There are also comets, asteroids, and meteors. These are things that float and move around in space. Meteoroids can even surpass our atmosphere! When it surpasses the Earth’s atmosphere, it’s going to burn and glow, and that is what you call a shooting star. It is a beautiful piece to accessorize your bedroom with.

Space Theme Rooms Decor for Kids

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Kids have a wondrous imagination. It is unfortunate to let it go to waste. Let them enjoy their time being kids and get them the best bedroom theme ever! And one of the best bedroom themes for kids is space-themed room. It helps them learn and be imaginative at the same time!

A trick to doing this is to paint and stuff the bedroom with blue. The sky is blue; it just gets darker at night. So, it is applicable for both day and night. For kids, it is best to bring more into the bedroom decor. Go all out and even buy space-themed bed cover. Paint the ceiling with galaxies and hang some planets above.

Who knows that one day your kid will be an astronaut and bring back selfie of him with a moon?

Space Themed Bedroom for Adults

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Adults can also get imaginative or even obsessed. Some people find fascination in outer space and a great way to express it is through decorating your room with a space-themed room. For adults, you may not go as crazy as the kids. Or you may. It is your choice.

Choose a designated wall in your bedroom, preferably the one that is the emptiest, and start deciding on what to decor it with. You can put a wallpaper of a whole solar system, the orbit of the planets and even include the sun in the middle.

Galaxy Themed Bedroom

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Galaxy is a part of the outer space. The accumulation of stars creates galaxy; it can contain anywhere from a few million to more than a trillion stars. There are over one hundred billion galaxies in the universe. All you have to do is find out which one is your favorite and start decorating your bedroom into a galaxy theme.

There are a few types of galaxies out there, let’s see which one suits your bedroom the best. There are spiral galaxies; this includes the Milky Way, the galaxy that we are in. There are also elliptical galaxies and irregular galaxies.

Choose yours and start decorating!

Outer Space Wall Murals

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Now if you want to put effort or pay someone expert in painting, you can always do that with your outer space murals for your bedroom.

Of course, to the mural, an outer space into your wall is not easy. But it sure is satisfying!

Galaxy Bedroom Ceiling

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If you are all about star gazing and laying on your back while staring out at the night sky, then a galaxy bedroom ceiling is meant to be for you.

When the night comes, and you are ready to be under your blankets and shake off the tiredness of the day, your galaxy bedroom ceiling is ready to massage your soul visually.

Galaxy Room Projector

Galaxy Room Projector


A great way to decorate your bedroom into a space-themed room is with a projector. It is flexible, beautiful, and satisfying. It is perfect for the people who are not committed to paint or decorate so much.

Whenever you feel like being in the outer space, turn on your galaxy room projector. And whenever you do not feel like it, just turn it off. It is that easy, that practical, and that flexible! What a great option!

It is time to decide which space theme rooms idea you want to take into your bedroom! It is time to enjoy the shimmering night sky right from your bedroom.



Space Theme Rooms

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