Why Stainless-Steel Watertight Access Doors are Essential for Water-Related Applications

Access doors come in various types with their uses and benefits. You have fire-rated, acoustical, insulated, non-insulated, and many more. One of these variations on an access door is the stainless steel watertight access door with its capabilities in certain areas.

Stainless-Steel Watertight Access Doors

The stainless-steel watertight access door is best suited for waterproof and airtight applications due to its state-of-the-art engineering that ensures no water passes through. This type of access door consists of a fully gasketed and welded door and frame, which provide water-tightness and airtightness that stops the passage of water or air. Even tiny leakages from water and air will not come through with this impressive watertight access door.

The Need for Water-Related Applications

As mentioned above, the stainless-steel watertight access doors ensure no water will pass through with their superb engineering. These access doors are essential for water-related applications to prevent water from entering. Besides its fully welded and gasketed doors, the stainless-steel material helps with its high resistance to the deadly corrosion and rust that can spread to the entire establishment where exposure to water is imminent.

The benefit of preventing water ingress is just the tip of the iceberg regarding the need for a stainless-steel watertight access door in water-related applications. Here’s a list of those reasons:

Reason #1: For Human Health Concerns

The stainless-steel watertight access door is a barrier to shield one room from incoming water. The water may not look and sound harmful to humans, but it consists of elements that are sure to harm humans without even them knowing it. In heavy storms, the stainless-steel watertight access door shall prevent the entry of floodwater or seawater containing various bacteria, parasites, and viruses that can expose humans to many illnesses.

Reason #2: Proper Protection of the Building

The protective properties of the stainless-steel watertight access door extend to the space behind the same door and the whole establishment itself. The water-related application attracts deadly corrosion and rust, especially when the building is beside bodies of water like a lake or sea.

Dangers of Rust and Corrosion

Rust and corrosion are the top enemies of water-related applications in construction. Its destructive nature does not only affect buildings, but also their occupants to the point that they will need medical attention, and the buildings become uninhabitable. Here is a list that shows the dangers of rust and corrosion to buildings:

  • The overall value of the building will depend on its appearance. This value shall decrease if the building is full of rust and corrosion.
  • Corrosion can block the building’s pumps, valves, and plumbing system.
  • The spread of corrosion promotes danger to the environment due to the gas or liquid leakages of pipes done by decay.
  • It will affect the production of the commercial building business, mainly if the company sells industrial equipment or construction paraphernalia.
  • It affects the HVAC, therefore meddling with the air inside the building.
  • Occupants of the building can ingest rust through tap water.

Final Thoughts

With water-related applications comes protection from water-related hazards to humans, the establishment, and the environment. Install the stainless-steel watertight access doors to prevent dangers from happening. The information above states why this excellent door is essential for water-related applications, and your decision to purchase one is the only thing that needs doing.

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