The-Ultimate Wedding Decor Checklist- Answering All The Whats And Why

Weddings are undoubtedly one of the sweetest memories that people preserve in their bosom. You will try to make it a day to remember till your last breath. The memory of weddings is like wild swans at Coole Park (W B Yeats), which can not be enchained by the bending sickle of time. The nuptial bond is strong enough to fight the almighty time. 

Designing your wedding indeed turns out to be a challenge. When you go for wedding decor, you will be amidst the sea of trouble. Things may look completely overwhelming. You will feel it more because the wedding arrangements are fast changing with time; therefore, to keep with the flow, you ought to be aware of the changing trends, especially with the decor. 

If you are searching wildly for fresh ideas and inspiration, you are in the perfect place. We are here with a complete list of wedding decor that can answer the pile of what’s and why’s in your heart. So without further adieu, let’s get started. 

Why Is Wedding Decoration Important?

A wedding is the nuptial bonding of two souls…two hemispheres to make a complete sphere. This occasion marks the bonding of two souls forever in front of society. Yes, human beings, since the onset of civilization, have lived in groups. The groups turned into society. So when two individuals vow to spend their entire life together, it calls for social acceptance. 

Decoration turns out to be an important aspect of this occasion. Flowers symbolize purity, and therefore, they are used on any occasion. Weddings are also a great place to socialize. It is an important occasion for talks and discussions. So the setting has to be perfect, and it must radiate the positive energy from it. 

Wedding decoration changes the entire feel and look of the ceremony, and therefore the hosts try their level best to deck the place. They make the event special; therefore, cultures worldwide focus on wedding decorations to mark the importance of the occasion. 

Ultimate Wedding Decor Checklist 

A wedding is not a cup of tea that you sip, and it’s done. It’s a long, exhaustive, tiresome journey of planning and execution. You must do your best to make it the frame for a lifetime. 

There is no room for errors, and you cannot leave any stone unturned to make your occasion fresh and glowing. There you have the wedding ceremony, the Cocktail decor, and many more. So, let us start with our discussion here.

1. Flower Floral Wedding Decor 

Now wedding decoration is complete without the right flowers. Yes, they are an inalienable lot, so you have to be highly choosy with the right set of flowers. The selection of the flowers must synchronize with the entire setting of the marriage hall and other decorations. 

Variety, Quality, and cost are major elements of your wedding decor. This selection demands time, and discussing things with an expert is always convenient. You will get many searches for flower delivery adelaide as they are experts, and they can deliver you the best according to your needs and convenience. Here we provide a complete list of the floral decor items you may incorporate in the ultimate day.

  • Bridesmaids bouquet.
  • Bridal Bouquet.
  • Loose Petals for sprinkling all around.
  • Floral hair accessories.
  • Ring bearer boutonniere.
  • Altar arrangement.
  • Head table to a centerpiece.
  • Car decor.
  • Welcome table arrangements. 

Yes, you got it right, the flower decor is one of the most important arrangements, and it’s highly illustrative and exhaustive, to say the least. You may have to prepare to experience the thorns of the inconvenience. So get expert help. 

You can ask the question about the need for a floral expert. In that case, you need to understand that floral experts have a comprehensive idea of the decoration patterns, and they can provide you with a much better understanding of floral design patterns.


The floral designers have the experience to transform the wedding place. They understand what it takes to make your arrangement a special one. What you need is to look for a perfect idea. You can discuss what is going on in your mind. 

Through talks, they can easily understand your needs and set thighs within the budgetary structure and your own requirements. So make a plan and discuss it with the expert. They can help you out. 

Saves Money 

floral services are experts, and they plan to make your entire arrangement within your budgetary capacity or, say, propensity. 

You know how expensive things are turning out to be now. According to a study, the expected global wedding market is $43.5 billion. Therefore, you need good planning to keep things within your budgetary requirements. Make sure that you are talking to them and working on the entire budget of it. 

Saving Energy And Time

Picking up the flowers from the supplier is a hard task, taking away much of your time. It may be difficult to arrange the flowers within the stipulated time. 

Experts can help you manage your requirements so that you can focus all your energy and time on other important areas. 


You are not an expert, so you might not know about the changing taste and trends. You may have to sit in front of your laptop to learn about trends. Even then, there is a possibility that you may not get things the way you wanted. 

Consequently, your entire arrangement might turn out to be a fiasco. Hence, you need expert assistance, and then you can set your things as you want.

Top Wedding Flowers 

Flowers are, in general, one of the most beautiful objects on earth. Human beings have always used it in different forms; the wedding is one of them. With its exquisiteness, they completely change the place’s ambiance, look, and setting. 

Flowers cut across cultures as they symbolize beauty, grace, and purity. Each flower type is unique in its own realm. We are discussing the wedding, so let us know some of the top flowers that make the marriage ceremony gorgeous and royal. 

  • Peonies.
  • Anemones.
  • Dahlias.
  • Lilacs.
  • Ranunculus.
  • Roses.
  • Orchid.
  • Carnation.
  • Tulip.
  • Calla Lily

All the flowers that are discussed above have their own grace and beauty. They are so beautiful that they can snatch the hearts of the beholder. This intrinsic quality of the flowers has made them special. 

2. Wedding Ceremony 

The wedding ceremony is a complete one-day affair, and you must remember hundreds of things while arranging it. Your guests don’t spend much time here- so arresting their impression will be your ultimate target. The point of focus has to be the chairs. Here we put in a checklist of must-haves in a wedding ceremony. 

  • Welcome Sign.
  • Seating.
  • Aisle runner. 
  • Ceremony backdrop.
  • Vow books.
  • Ceremony table.
  • Program display. 

So do your research properly and consider the budget. You have to be particular about the prices too.

3. Reception Decor 

Reception decor is nitty gritty – right from the hanging installations, lighting, floral arrangements, balloons, lanterns, and string lights to make a statement. You have heard about the monogrammed dance floors; they are indeed tending. 

You also have other fun reception decor elements to arrange, like the sweetheart table for luxury weddings and printed tent fabrics. Here we prepare a reception decor checklist to suit your needs. 

  • Draping.
  • Dance Floor.
  • Hanging decor installations like Chandeliers.
  • The backdrop for the head table.
  • Lighting.
  • A Tent.
  • Bar decor. 
  • Caker and dressing table decor and signage.
  • Cake Topper.
  • Lounge area. 

You need to focus on the entire design and arrange to make it utterly simple yet grand. So take time and have thorough research on all the elements described above. 

4. Cocktail Hour Decor 

You may think that most of the socializing occurs at the cocktail hour. You make new friends and at the same time meet your eye gazes. This is the point of utmost fun where your heart beats louder, touching the hands of an unknown individual. You see how your heartbeats resonate throughout your body.  

So cocktail decor considers the drinks and dance, so you have to focus quite a lot on the dinner table. Focus on the bar, table, and lawn games. You can follow the checklist to make your arrangement great. Letts provide a complete checklist of the cocktail hour decor.

  • Bar decor and menu design.
  • Signature drink signage.
  • Guest book table.
  • Cocktail tables.
  • Lawn games. 

 You have to work in advance to get things right and arrange them the best way possible. Of Course, be mindful of the arrangements and take note of the list of things. 

5. Wedding Dinner Table 

Consider any culture in the world, and you will find that food becomes the central point of your discussion. The diner table is the place where you get all the people to do the talking. You can make people happy and satisfied with a good quality folding arrangement. 

You need to spend most of the hour picking the right things at the right moment to get it right. Therefore it’s always better to hire a catering service for the occasion and ensure you get things at the right time. Discuss arranging everything well beforehand with them, and you can get it right.

Not only the food, but you also have to look for the entire arrangement, from the chair arrangement, the lighting, soft music, the food delivery services, and the decoration. Checkout on the list of things that you arrange for the evening. 

  • Centerpieces.
  • Table runner.
  • Table number.
  • Escort cards.
  • Menus.
  • Salad plate.
  • Dinner plate.
  • Silverware.
  • Napkins.
  • Chair back decor.
  • Table decoration.
  • Candles.
  • Water glass.
  • Wine glass

The list is endless, and you have to focus on the customizations. Therefore try your best to get all the arrangements well before the day because you have to work on many other suggestions. 

A wedding arrangement is one such arrangement where you can not make it right in one go. You must continuously work on the plus and minus to tune your wedding requirement. So get things right on track. 

6. Wedding Signage Lavel And Printable 

Wedding ceremonies are now much more organized and professionally designed. Therefore you have to work on it to better understand things. Try to make sure that the guests get the directions properly. Signs and printables reduce their inconvenience. 

You have to take the help of these signs and printables to direct the guests; therefore, it’s always better to get things the way you can. These signages determine the level of your personality and intent; therefore, it’s always better to get things right. 

Get the service of a professional who can personalize things for you. You may ask why there is a need for personalization. Weddings are the opportunity to display your taste and your care for people. Here is a list of labels and printables that you need to consider:

  • Road signs.
  • Direction markers for within the venue.
  • Wedding program. 
  • Reserved seating signs
  • Cocktail hour signs.
  • Bar menu.
  • Table numbers.
  • Place cards.
  • No cell phone signs.
  • Here comes the bride sign.
  • Seating chart.
  • Bar/drink sign.
  • Gift table sign.

So you need to get things right and ensure that you are arranging it the best way, and that too within the stipulated time. Talk to experts and understand your needs. They can help you out with the best possible expert advice. 

Putting The Discussion To A Close 

Weddings are special occasions, so one needs to be highly particular with the arrangement. You have to consider hundreds of things, which is why it’s better to take the help of experts. 

You need the floral experts, the decoration experts, and the catering services to make your entire arrangement special indeed. Therefore what you need is conscious planning. It can help you get exactly what you want. 

So don’t try things all alone, and it’s always better to take the help of expert services to get things right for you.

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