6 Tips to Keep Your Dorm Room Clean & Tidy

The dormitory takes time to adjust to. That is a place where you need to sleep, have a rest, complete your school assignments, prepare for exams, relax, and sometimes, have fun. So, your room should be multifunctional and suitable for all these activities. However, first of all, it should be as tidy and neat as possible.

It is hard to focus on important tasks in a gloomy room covered with dust or full of dirty cups you struggle to wash because you lack time for it. It is equally hard to relax in such a place. So, here are the 6 tips for you to simplify your life in the dormitory and keep your room clean.

Let’s dive in!

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Dedicate Ten Minutes to Cleaning Every Day

It is nearly impossible for a student to have a proper cleanup that takes up to an hour or two. Even on weekends, one may be busy writing research papers and essays, so there is no time for tidying up. As an alternative, one can send a pay for essay at Essaypro service request to a writing service to free up a day and have some rest and do all the chores.

However, there is also an option to have mini-cleanups every day. Change your sheets on Monday. Wipe the working place and arrange items there on Tuesday. Vacuum the floor on Wednesday. Wash your clothes and linens on Thursday, and so on. Such small tasks do not take a lot of your energy but do help keep your place neat.

Get Organizers

In any apartment, there are hot spots where clutter gets accumulated all the time. Such places need to be equipped with baskets or organizers one can clean up once a month or so. That way, you don’t have to get rid of flyers, papers, and other little things immediately or put them in the right place for them not to get scattered around the apartment. Only the most patient and organized people with a lot of time manage to do the latter instantly, but anyway, that is not as effective.

Organizers are equally useful for storing small items or grouping them to be able to move them whenever it’s possible. They prevent the items from getting dusty and make it easier and faster to clean up the room.

Cooperate With Your Roommate

Just as any other student, you will not always have time, motivation, or energy to tidy up. Yet, it is hard to get anything done or concentrate while sitting in a dusty and cluttered room with dirty windows or piled up with clothes. That is why it is important that you and your roommate have each other’s backs. There are several ways of doing it:

  • joining forces to tidy the room faster
  • creating a cleaning schedule
  • splitting the responsibilities
  • asking your roommate to put everything in order when you have no opportunity to do that yourself (and being ready to return the favor)

Have Coasters

Yes, this sounds boring. However, a cup coaster helps you to keep your working place and other surfaces free of water (as well as coffee, tea, and juice) rings. You don’t want your laptop or important papers to get spoiled, do you? The same goes for using a breakfast tray if you tend to eat in your bed. It’s much easier to clean the small tray than change the bedclothes or, worse still, try to wash it with wet wipes.

Open Windows From Time to Time

First of all, you need to air the room regularly. When it’s stuffy or smelly there, the use of cleaning products will not improve the situation. You’ll mainly have to breathe in chemicals instead of oxygen. Normally, airing the room removes extra dust and allergens that accumulate in the room. Moreover, it helps to get rid of condensation and prevent mold growth.

Second, with little daylight in the room, you may not even notice how dusty or dirty it is. That’s why opening the curtains at least for an hour and letting the sunshine in is a must.

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Reduce the Number of Items on Surfaces

The more items you have scattered around the horizontal surfaces, the more problematic it is to keep your room clean. All the jars, candles, cups, books, and headphones lying around get dusty soon enough, so you may consider it not feasible to wipe them, move them somewhere, wipe the table or window sill underneath them, and then place all the stuff back there.

Well, this makes sense for any busy person who’d rather spend 3 minutes of their time dusting the room and getting back to their tasks and chores. That is why keep within easy reach only the essentials and store the rest in an organizer or a simple box.

However, don’t just hide all the things in organizers, drawers, and cupboards. Go through all the items before putting them somewhere. There are high chances you don’t need them anymore, and it would make more sense to:

  • throw them away
  • recycle/upcycle
  • donate
  • sell them

Besides, decluttering your space is important in general. You may not even be aware of how many useful (or useless) things you keep, so make it a habit to make a revision of the stuff you have hidden.


One of the keys to keeping any apartment tidy is to have fewer items you will need to move around and clean. However, even if you follow the minimalistic approach, there is the main rule to consider: you won’t have to clean up the place if you keep it neat after every meal, study session, and so on. That way, you will have to spend no more than 10 minutes per day arranging some items, washing dishes, dusting the room, or mopping the floor.


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